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Brochure for Coalition for the Homeless

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Cf H Trifold

  1. 1. Your gift is a gift of hope for someone right here in yourhometown. Become a member of the Coalition for theHomeless today. Receive our free quarterly newsletter,including information on our largest, annual fundraiser,The Homeward Bound 5k Race/Walk. ______ $1,000 Benefactor ______ $500 Sponsor ______ $250 Friend ______ $100 Contributor ______ $50 Donor ______ Individual gift (you choose the amount)Name __________________________________________Address ________________________________________City____________________________________________State ____________________________ Zip __________Email __________________________________________Phone __________________________________________ Coalition for the Homeless Honor/Memorial (please circle) 1115 South Fourth Street, 3rd Floor Louisville, KY 40203________________________________________________ Office Hours Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Send acknowledgement to PHONE 502-589-0190________________________________________________ FAX 502-589-4187 The Coalition for the Homeless is a 501 c (3) non profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible. Funded by Kentucky Housing Corporation.
  2. 2. F cs e o e s. O r o e. H l u c a g l v s.The faces of homelessness are quite different than they We work to educate the community about homelessness You can turn homelessness into hope for children, veterans,were just a few years ago. The new poor include those who and inspire action. Through speaking engagements, single mothers, and the working poor in your ownwork full time for minimum wage and cannot afford an poverty simulations and educational materials, we reach community. If you would like to end homelessness andapartment. One child in every Jefferson County classroom out to individuals and corporations in an effort to create be part of the solution, here’s how you can help:is homeless. There are more people living in their cars than a greater awareness and understanding of the complexityever before and sadly, of homelessness. We cultivate community participationmany of the area’s in prevention activities and solutions and we welcomehomeless are men and volunteers.women who have foughtfor our country.Today, the population ofour communitiy’shomeless is comparableto the size of a small,American town. They are real people of all ages with ______I would like to learn more about how I can workvarying degrees of education and life experiences, and for with the Coalition for the Homeless.whatever reason, each day is a struggle. They should not Call or email ignored. We advocate on the local, state and federal levels for ______I would like to learn more about how my businessH p f r e o e s. system changes that will create more opportunities for or employer can help the Coalition for the Homeless. Call or email me. jobs, education and housing for the homeless. We alsoThe Coalition for the Homeless has championed the plight coordinate year-round programs that include federal funding to help build more permanent housing, gather ______I would like to participate in a Community Actionof the homeless in this community for over two decades. better data about the changing faces of homelessness, and Poverty Simulation. Call or email me.We represent the best interests of the homeless whilepromoting prevention as well as intervention. We work ensure that shelters in Metro Louisville meet and maintain a high set of operating standards. ______I represent a school or company who would likewith area service providers and all levels of government in to participate in a Community Action Povertyorder to help men, women and children who are in need Simulation. Call or email me.of a safe place to sleep, a hot meal, warm clothes, and afresh start. ______I would like to volunteer for the Coalition. Call or email me.