characteristics illness health the essence and advantages job orientation factors influencing types components principles growth development disadvantages nurse's role dimensions of health scope of nursing performance appraisal guidance & supervision promotion salary continuing education in service education induction training curriculum committee curriculum development curriculum practice session nurse child "role methods of assessment of physical and psychologica infancy" psychological devt gross motor and fine motor dev special senses renal system fluid & elect integumentary sys immunologic nervous system gi lymphatic hematological &resp syste cvs dentition body proportions mid upper arm circumference chest circumference closure of fontanelle occipito-frontal circumference length/ height weight gain moral theory spiritual theory cognitive theory psychosexual theory psychosocial theory factors affecting patterns of g and d secular trends inter-relatedness optimal tendency & terminal po cycles of behaviour individual differences sensitive periods developmental pace directional trend later childhood middle childhood early childhood prenatal development defined growth defined need to study role of nurse role of parents precautions selection of play schoolers adolescents preschoolers toddlers play in infants moral devt emotional devt intellectual devt play & physical devt importance of play diathesis- distress model biopsychosocial model psychosocial model psychological model medical model biological model statistical model moral character model spiritual model the 4 ds aetiology abnormal behaviour aetiology of mental illness mental distress maslow's hierarchy of needs health dimensions wellness wholistic psychosocial ecological biomedical concept impact on client and family stages of illness behaviiour stages of accepting illness extent of illness stages of illness types of illness audit and evaluation stipend to students salary emoluments commitments & payments budget execution budget tracking budget reconciliation budget utilisation budget allocation budget approval budget creation budget cycle budget planning finance and budget problems advantages of budgeting budget proposal preparation of budget statemen steps in budgeting planning the budget types of budget classification of budget importance and purpose budget & budgeting financial administration concept of finance & budget course evaluation benefits and methods teacher evaluation student evaluation s and a evaluation of k formative and summative principles & purpose evaluation in education affiliation clinical teaching methods teaching ambience clinical facilities techniques in teaching smart education system learner dominant teacher dominant subject dominant subject- t/l equation teaching structure & process teaching system learning teaching inadequacies writing an appraisal individual swot rating scale assessment centers cost accounting 360 degree mbo modern methods essay checklist forced distribution grading paired ranking appraisal performance monitoring characteristics & purpose revised grading system naac 3 - tier qlty sustenance activ naac accreditation for heis nabh stds for hospitals structure of qci hospital accreditation accreditation boards driving factors types of inspection the need accreditation factors to consider need curriculum revision curriculum evaluation steps of curriculum devt role of faculty clinical rotation plan master rotation plan implement curriculum plan & install facilities curriculum planning transportation records of accommodation cumulative record transcript academic records administrative records cca & eca guidance & counseling welfare health program discipline orientation eligibility selection & admission employee leave appointment order staff placement organization for approaches (theories) agencies objectives philosophy employee welfare training for special function organizational development management development steps of the program role of the program characteristics of staff devt job specification job description recruitment & selection faculty management faculty organogram req for school of nursing req for college of nursing inc norms for inst health illness continuum models of health & illness health & illness growth chart percentile chart pediatric history taking psychological anthropometry continuum maslow's hierarchy of human needs tips to learn brief intro to revised bsc nursing course of 2021 nursing institutional reports and records placement leave work shop evaluation of curriculum organizing learning experiences selection of learning experiences formation of educational objectives curriculum construction curriculum planning and development educational objectives moore harrow simpson psychomotor domain teacher's role organizing learning experiences & course schedule structure and content purpose meaning domains of educational objectives taxonomy educational objectives in the affective domain educational objectives in nursing life" reaction stressors" stressors his care" separation family manage "meaning illness" teachers "major factors parent child\'s bonding" "reaction "parent anxiety signs "warning contributing" parents anxiety" "separation "patterns" "principles"\' development" afecting "factors development"" "grwoth study" "stages" "need need for assessment of child's health' psychological tests for children growth and development in toddlerhood toddler health concerns in toddlerhood concerns "growth "health "milestones physical during "infancy"
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