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02 santa maria - government


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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02 santa maria - government

  1. 1. SANTA MARIA SPACESHIP GovernmentDon Mihovil Pavlinović Primary School, Podgora, Croatia
  2. 2. Our conclusions• Everyone older than 16 will have the right to vote. We expect that children on the ship will be more mature at that age, than other children on Earth.• Majority will decide. Majority means 50% + 1 vote of the voters.• Only decisions for the benefit of the ship will be taken.
  3. 3. • Elections will be held every 5 years.• Voting will be entirely computerised.• There will be one person (the captain) in charge of the ship. He will act as the representative of the parliament. Parliament will consist of 50 members.
  4. 4. • Political parties will not be forbid den. In principle, forbidding something will not be acceptable. We will be tolerant. People need to have their own opinion on politics.
  5. 5. • There should be a way to remove the leader from office in case he does something illegal or if he gets seriously ill. There will be democracy.
  6. 6. • There should not be sensitive, restricted or top secret information on board the ship. However, some info about the ship safety should be accessible to the leading group only.
  7. 7. • There should be maximum press freedom. However, journalists should write about daily things, not personal and intimate details of the crew members. Slander will be punished. Rasistic and porno pieces will not be allowed.
  8. 8. • Communication with Earth will take place once a week as a routine task. Weekly sitreps will be exchanged.• In case of some unexpected events (riot, mutiny, enemy attack, extraordinary discovery, and the like) unscheduled communication will be recommended.
  9. 9. This has been a production of Anita Lasic’s class from don Mihovil Pavlinovic Primary School.