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Skills Retraining Using the Holistic Habit Retraining model


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Skills Retraining Using the Holistic Habit Retraining model

  1. 1. Skills retraining using the Action Research CycleHolistic Habit Retraining Identify caregiver needs (HHR) model: • • Explore the research literature Survey caregivers A program for family • Consult with stakeholders (staff & caregiver) of Alberta, Canada , 2 Brain Care Centre, Alberta Canada • Recommendations to stakeholders members of persons with Plan the program Acquired Brain Injury • Identify issues applicable for HHR model • Identify outcomes and create logic model • Develop the program using HHR principles • Re-consult with stakeholders Implement the program • Run a pilot program with existing group Evaluate Identify • Program to be run by BCC staff • Offer at times when caregivers available (e.g. offer day and evening programs) Evaluate the program • Determine if planned outcomes were reached • Identify what can be improved Implement Plan About the Holistic Habit Retraining Model • A model of neurorehabilitation Plan (task analysis) 1University • • Practice (repetition) • Promoting attitude (psychotherapy-based) Anita Hamilton1 MOccThy, Richard Tang1, Matthew Fong1, Lily Ma2 MScOT