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Overcoming the digital divide


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Overcoming the digital divide

  1. 1. Overcoming the digital divide Occupational Therapists can facilitate social connections using online technologyErika Bannert, Nicole Anstey, Anita Hamilton, & Lily Ma Key MessagesSpecial Thanks to Judy Lin & Sarah Langenhoff • Computer use is an essential skill to thrive in today’s society. overcoming • Occupational therapists play a key role in ensuring that persons with a disability are given the opportunities to become skilled users of online technologies so that they are not further disadvantaged through the digital divide. Our Program Our Research Our FindingsStudents designed and Students conducted Students and supervisor in- facilitated a supervised & structured dependently analyzed 5-week pre, post, and follow-up, interviews using coded Facebook program interviews themes ∗ Signing up ∗ Social connectedness ∗ Increased connections with friends and family around the world ∗ Teaching approaches ∗ Privacy settings ∗ Some made new friends ∗ Motivation ∗ Posting on the wall ∗ Teaching approaches appropriate ∗ Skills ∗ Games are motivating ∗ Private messaging ∗ Risk ∗ Previous computer use is an asset ∗ Searching for friends ∗ Need regular use and reinforce- ment to become habit ∗ Adding photos ∗ Sharing Content For further information please contact: