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Creating an Information Resource for Students by Students via wiki


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Hodge, M., Hamilton, A., & Burwash, S. (2010). Creating an Information Resource for Students by Students via wiki. Poster presentation at University of Alberta Festival of Teaching “I teach because... I learn because...”. Edmonton, AB, Canada. February 10, 2010.

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Creating an Information Resource for Students by Students via wiki

  1. 1. Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Megan Hodge Project Aims Speech-Language To enhance the digital technology skills of students so that they can Pathology develop and disseminate healthcare resources using online tools such as a wiki (project supported by a TLEF grant)   Create a custom peer-reviewed resource based on current literature Anita Hamilton   60 first year SLP students Occupational   30 neurological conditions relevant to practice Therapy   Available for future reference Susan Burwash Occupational The assignment The wiki Therapy Create a useful, student-friendly, Develop excellent health care up-to-date resource about resources using online tools neurological conditions Select user-friendly wiki program Transformative Learning encountered in practice   Wiki identified as a “safe place” to provide peer feedback   Being able to link pages within the Provide clear written expectations Introduce the purposes of the wiki enabled students to see links about assessment purpose, research project during class between conditions process, format and grading   The simplicity of this assignment was a good fit for learning wiki “basics” + Create student partnerships using Develop wiki template before students commence   The complexity of assignments can a random yet transparent process Wiki training in computer lab increase as wiki expertise develops Emphasize to students how the project requires authentic Provide ongoing technical support collaboration to create a class throughout project Re-usable skills resource Students reported that they:   used wikis for other assignments Make grades dependent on the Invite students to focus groups to   taught others how to use a wiki quality of students’ work and provide feedback on using a wiki critique of one other pair’s work for a group project Instructor reported that she:  increased her confidence in using social media Recognize and celebrate students’ successful completion of the assignment   recommended use of wikis to others using the wiki by providing them with a “gift” of their work in compact disc format A re-usable resource for ongoing use in studies and future practice! Re-usable resource   Students given a CD to keep a copy of all resources developed on the wiki   Students reported that they used the information in a subsequent assignment   OTcolleague adapted assignment format and process for use in a course where students learned about mental health conditions