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Symbolism in Harry Potter

Published in: Education
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Symbolism slide share

  1. 1. Symbolism
  2. 2. definition  Symbolism: when writers use animals, elements, things, places, or colors to represent an idea.
  3. 3. For example  In western movies, who wears the white hat?  The good guy or hero  Why?  White is a symbol for good.  In western movies, who wears the black hat?  The bad guy or the villain.  Why?  Black is the symbol for evil.
  4. 4. Colors  Often colors are used to represent various characteristics or emotions.  the symbol of good or innocence  Brides and angels wear white.  Black: the symbol of evil  Villains in old time movies often wore black.  Red: the symbol of love or courage.  Red is the color of Valentine’s Day.
  5. 5. Colors  Blue: the symbol of beauty and loyalty.  Purple: the symbol of royalty.  Gold: the symbol of wealth and power.  Green: the symbol of hope, growth, new life; also the symbol of envy. In the spring, the earth turns green bringing the hope of a new season.
  6. 6. Nature Symbols The Symbol: SPRING is the symbol of new life. The Reason: Spring is when the earth comes back to life and everything blooms creating new life. The Symbol: SUMMER is the symbol of the young adult years. The Reason: During the summer, everything is growing and active just like youth. The Symbol: FALL is the symbol for middle age. The Reason: FALL is late in the year, and the growing season ends the same way middle age is a time when people slow down. The Symbol: WINTER is the symbol of old age. The Reason: In winter, nothing grows, and everything is dormant.
  7. 7. Nature Symbols The Symbol: NIGHT represents death. The Reason: Night is the end of the day just as death is the end of life. The Symbol: SUNRISE is the symbol for a new beginning. The Reason: The sunrise is the beginning of a new day, and each day offers a chance to start over.
  8. 8. Nature Symbolslements The Symbol: FIRE is the symbol of cleansing and purification. The Reason: Fire burns everything away leaving things cleared to begin again. The Symbol: WATER is the symbol of life and cleansing. The Reason: Water is necessary to live, and churches use water to wash (cleanse) away sins. The Symbol: AIR is the symbol of change. The Reason: As air sweeps in and takes the form. of wind, it sweeps away the old and brings in the new. The Symbol: STONE is the symbol of building and solidity. The Reason: STONE is natural, of the earth, and the strongest building material.
  9. 9. Animal Symbols The Symbol: BEAR If a person is described as being a, bear, they are strong or grouchy. The Symbol: DOVE the symbol of peace or love The Symbol: HAWK the symbol of war The Symbol: LION the symbol of courage, bravery, and leadership
  10. 10. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  The Philosopher’s Stone –The story revolves around the fated Philosopher’s Stone and Voldemort’s quest to gain eternal life. Like the forbidden fruit that Eve stole in the Bible, it’s a small, round and red item that symbolizes what humanity should never get their hands on; Dumbledore, a bearded, God-like figure, says as much, telling Harry that though the stone brings with it great wealth and eternal living, these are the two things that can ruin a person’s life.
  11. 11. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  Snape symbolizes the unknown or evil. He wears deathly black robes, has very pale skin, and there is the question of whether or not he ever sleeps.
  12. 12. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  Patronuses symbolize the character traits of The Wizard. For example: Hermoine’s is an otter (cleverness); Ron’s is a terrier (obedience, loyalty); Dumbledore’s is a phoenix (hope); Ginny's is a horse, and horses are thought of as spirited and free, which matches her personality; Lupin’s is a wolf which is not only a representation of himself, but his secret side as well.
  13. 13. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  Luna: The name Luna relates to the moon. She’s pale and has seen great darkness in her own life. The moon has long been associated with madness, so she has an eccentric personality. She appears in the darker films as a somewhat innocent-seeming source of lightness.
  14. 14. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  The Mirror Of Erised Reflects: The use of the Mirror of Erised is important because it shows Harry’s deepest desires which have never been shared before. This scene sets up conflict between Harry and Valdemort. (Erised spelled backwards is Desire.)
  15. 15. Symbols in the Harry Potter books (movies)  Horcruxes Are Symbols Of Voldemort’s Insecurities: Lord Voldemort split his soul into pieces, and placed these fragments into magical items. He accidentally placed a part of his soul in Harry. It was his biggest fear to be defeated; it seems that when he created his horcruxes, we saw the true colors of Voldemort’s soul.
  16. 16. Symbols  Most symbols in literature connect to things you are familiar with in life. Being aware that writers use symbols, means that you can spot them in the stories you read and make connections to the meanings these symbols have. Understanding symbols allows you to understand the story on a much deeper level.