Magazine advert analysis


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Magazine advert analysis

  1. 1. Analysing magazineadverts
  2. 2. Her star persona is slightly crazy being shown by the mise-en-scene make-up. She has heavy eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes. This shows her personality and her wildness. It also stands out as the image has been changed to a dark saturation for the darker parts of the picture and blue for the light. She also is wearing very bright lipstick, this highlights the main features of her face (lips and eyes) and Same image as the so are made to look at them. (Voyeurism-one album cover of Goodwin’s 6 points) Album name The image that has been chosen for the magazine advert is the actual album The album name is camouflaged in with the cover for the album image of Rihanna. This is not the main thing that is setting off the album and sale of it, but the image of Rihanna and the songs that are on the album that fans may have heard asSongs that are included singles.on the album Artist name The main colours of the advert is black and blue with the use of red for some text. The red text stands out from the rest of the poster which is Lighting – A light has been used to create eye catching to anyone that looks at it. a shadow effect on Rihanna’s face. The colours used are symbolic of the genre that Rihanna works with. Nothing bright and flowery like it maybe for a pop song.
  3. 3. Same image from the album Lights album: Simple imageThe lighting is bright but does have someparts of her face where there are shadows.I think that artificial lighting will have beenused at the right of Ellie, making the righthand side of her face stand out and the leftwith a shadow and not as light. Sparkle added to the image is also in the music video ‘Starry Eyed’ which is from the album. Starry Eyed music video: f2v4mLM8kthe top 2/3’s of the page is very sparkly Artist nameand bright and the bottom 1/3 dark withthe white text. The colour is not toobright and gives the image that EllieGoulding is a laid back person and has asparkle in her. Album name Ellie has very minimal makeup to What newspapers/ show her natural state and how magazines thought down to earth she is, which is also Rating out of 5 stars shown in her music videos.