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Framed film review


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Framed film review

  1. 1. ‘FRAMED’ determination to find who killed his daughter.British 2012Director: Mary SeagulCertificate: 12AAfter her earlier film release, MarySeagulis is back with a psychologicalthriller, Framed, which gets all parentsthinking what would happen if they wereframed for their child’s murder, wouldthey stay or run?Leon (Chris Abbott) has been framed forhis daughter Emily’s (Freya Appley)murder. All he wants to do is get awayfrom everyone and his own mind byrunning awayAs Leon finds his peace haven in a quietlocation on his own, he confides in himselfand turns to the bottle. With lots of falsepaths and enigmas brought to theaudience, you can’t take your eyes off thescreen.But with the scenes of drinking in publicplaces this could lead to teenagers to badbehaviour with the BBFC certificate at a12A.With clear and crisp cinematography ofboth the location and Leon this contrastswith the dull, low tone soundtrack.The strong storyline of family and what’smost important in a family life is clearlyshown in this meaningful thriller. With thestrong emotions of how much childrenmean to their parents and if anythinghappens they got to extremes to get themback.Overall this film is a must see withwonderful scenes of love betweenchildren and their parents and