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Evaluation question1

  1. 1. In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Anissia Abbott
  2. 2. Straight forward narrativeOne of Goodwin’s 6 points for music videos is Genre Conventions. The genre of ‘Just Live’ is a mixture ofballad and pop, with conventions from both of the genres. A conventional music video of the genre has anarrative about the artist that the viewers can relate to. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Challenged convention – We decided to Kelly Clarkson – ‘Because of You’ go against the convention and challenge it • Used the convention – In Kelly Clarkson’s by not having a narrative at all. This ‘Because of You’ there is a clear narrative allowed the focus for the video on the story line under the song. We see a artist and to illustrate our star persona for younger Kelly going through things as a her and who she is. child and not wanting that to happen to her child. • Narrative of shots – the shots within the • Clear narrative – Allows the audience to music video have its own story. With be able to relate to the artist more as it different locations and times of day, it has happened to them and also the song shows the story of the video. mean more to them.
  3. 3. Editing on the beatAnother genre convention of all music videos is editing on the beat. Every music video that is producedhas editing on the beat no matter what the genre. This allows the pace of the song to be mimicked in theediting Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Used the convention - We have used Rihanna – ‘Unfaithful’ editing on the beat in parts of our music • Used the convention - Where visuals have video, to keep the interest of the viewer been edited on the beat, the pace of the and to follow the convention of all music song has changed so is echoed in the videos. visuals. • Editing on the beat – It has brought some fun to our music video. The shots in the images above were edited on the beat which looks effective and makes the editing the same speed as the song.
  4. 4. Split screenEditing techniques are used in every video with certain techniques in different genres. In ballad/popvideos the editing is simple with transitions and fades. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Challenged convention - We decided to Little Mix – ‘Wings’ go against the convention of simple fades • Used the convention – In Little Mix’s and transitions and challenge it, by having video they have used split screens and on spilt screens and creating different shapes the beat of the song they move anti- with them not just 4 squares. clockwise. • Inspiration – We took inspiration from the video ‘Wings’ to make our video more interesting.
  5. 5. Change of costumesArtists of the same genre wear ‘casual’, everyday clothes that viewers would wear every day. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Used the convention – in ballad music Rihanna – ‘Rude Boy’ [pop] videos the clothing is quite clam and not & too bold and in your face. Rihanna – Unfaithful [ballad] • [Rude boy] used the convention – pop music videos the costume is very minimal and wild style. • Challenged the convention – However, we • Star persona – shows Rihanna’s star have also challenged the convention as in persona to be wild and out there. many pop videos the artist is expressed through her clothing. We have wanted to However, another song of hers ‘Unfaithful’ keep our artist low-key in clothing to go that is more of a ballad shows a with the clam lyrics of the song. completely different view of her. • Used the convention – simple costume (all black) focus is on the song and what is happening in the narrative.
  6. 6. Close ups and Extreme Close upsConvention of pop music videos are extreme close ups and close ups of the artist, this creates the look ofthe artist and the star persona of it. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Used the convention – brings across the Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande – ‘Beneath Your emotion of the artist and of the song. Beautiful’ • Used the convention – close ups of the artist have been used to show and bring across the emotion of the song.
  7. 7. Change of locationsIn the genre of ballad/pop, it is conventional to have many location changes. We have tried to follow thisconvention with different location changes. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: • Used the convention – We had many Beyonce – ‘Halo’ location changes that is conventional of the genre. • Locations – all the locations are well known places that everybody would know and be able to relate to. Used the convention – There are many location changes including, in the bedroom and the dance studio.
  8. 8. VoyeurismVoyeurism is used in music videos to make us look at the artist/band in different ways. In our musicvideo, we have tried to use different shots to express her star persona. Our music video: Mainstream music video from the same genre: Used the convention – use a range of shots to Christina Aguilera ‘Beautiful’ look at the artist and the target audience look at the artist wanting to be like her. • Used the convention – The lyrics of the song is saying ‘don’t look at me…’ but we are being made with the use of the different shots to look at them. • Mirrors – The use of mirrors and
  9. 9. Digi-PackWe have tried to keep the digi-pack conventional, with all the relevant information required. We wentwith the 6 panel pack, that allows for 2 discs. Our digi-pack: • Used the convention – with 2 discs, one with tracks and the second with special features including behind the scene footage of the making of the music video. • Colour scheme – kept with our purple colour scheme for the front and back of the digi-pack and then colour to highlight the artist in the middle sections
  10. 10. Magazine AdvertWe kept our magazine advertt as conventional as possible, and a clear link from the advert to the digi-pack. Our magazine advert: • Used the convention – Included on the advert: • Title • Artist name • Where to buy the track • OUT NOW • Reviews of the digi-pack • Facebook and Twitter pages – We put our artists Facebook and Twitter pages to promote the artist and illustrate her star persona.