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Thank you to the exhibitors at the ACS Dallas


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Thank you letter to the SCHB exhibitors

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Thank you to the exhibitors at the ACS Dallas

  1. 1. Division of Small Chemical Businesses American Chemical Society Dear Exhibitor: Thank you for a very successful ACS exhibition in Dallas. Your presence demonstrated how small businesses can not only survive but also thrive and contribute to our economy on a significant scale. I wanted to emphasize that your enterprise is an example that under the right leadership a small company may be successful despite all the inconvenience of meager funding, lack of investment and challenges from the big companies. Below are a few pictures, not in order, of your booth at the expo. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Sincerely, Anis Rahman SCBH Booth Chair Note: If I have missed your company, that is simply for the lack of time. Please send a picture and I shall update. Boron Specialties
  2. 2. Rieke Metals, Inc. UNITED SCIENCE
  3. 3. Earthly Delights Chem Lab Trends
  4. 4. eSpin Technologies, inc. Active Spectrum
  5. 5. Millifluidica LLC Division of Small Chemical Businesses
  6. 6. Sharon Vercellotti, Rita Boggs and Niteen Vaidya helped at the SCHB booth.