A RESOURCE designed to help YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS       take part in this interactive online multimedia journal   to CELEB...
INTRODUCTIONBy Sara Armstrong, PhD                                                                      21ST CENTURY SKILL...
HOW TO PARTICIPATEIN THE MY HERO PROJECTThere are three main ways for you and your students to share hero stories: essay, ...
SHORT FILMS                                                                                                         myhero...
JOIN AN IEARN/MY HEROLEARNING CIRCLE      myhero.com/circleElementary, middle, and high school classrooms aroundthe world ...
SELECTED STORIES                                                   ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT AUTHORS:                     ...
GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPATIONThe MY HERO Project has developed the following guidelines to promote thoughtful communication...
TEACHER’S ROOM RESOURCESWe highly recommend the Lesson Plans and Resources tabs in our TEACHER’S ROOM. Teachers who have s...
Above: The toolbar        The MY HERO                                                         myhero.com/organizer        ...
MORE WAYS TO CONNECT WITH MY HERO                                                                                         ...
Nobel Peace Prize Winner WangariMaathai has been celebrated on MYHERO in stories, art and films.Below are selected works t...
The MY HERO Project is a not-for-profit project. Gifts to this 501c3 organization are tax deductible. Donations fromindivi...
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  1. 1. A RESOURCE designed to help YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS take part in this interactive online multimedia journal to CELEBRATE THE BEST OF HUMANITY.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONBy Sara Armstrong, PhD 21ST CENTURY SKILLSThere are heroes all around us. Using valuable class time to While academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, sci-research and discover positive role models in your students’ ence, and social studies are vital in education, other skills suchlives, and in their world, can be a transforming experience. as collaboration, communication, problem-solving, criticalIlluminating heroic acts and deeds with essays, art, and multi- thinking, information literacy, and creativity are equally asmedia helps students articulate and understand what is good important. Beleaguered educators protest that they cannotin the world, and how simple—and epic—acts can make a dif- add one more thing to all the subjects they are expected toference in who we are, how we relate to others, and how we teach for students to do well on standardized tests. I suggestthink about ourselves and our places in the world. that academic standards, skills needed to thrive in today’s world that have been identified by such organizations as theFor many years I have had the opportunity to present The MY Partnership for 21st Century Skills (www.21stcenturyskills.org),HERO Project to teachers at educational technology confer- can be addressed when students express their understandingences across the country. When I talk in my sessions about the of academic concepts through identifying inspiring peopleease with which students and teachers can participate in the and then writing, creating short films, or developing artproject, I always get enthusiastic responses, and excitement about them.about going back to school and diving in. The positive feed-back I have received from teachers reinforces my belief that the Not only does the Partnership for 21st Century Skills recognizeproject successfully teaches and fosters key standards-based technology literacy and creativity as important parts of learn-themes and strands, including strengthening 21st Century ing and expression of understanding, but the Internationaltechnology skills, building cross-cultural relationships, and Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)’s Nationaladdressing social and emotional learning. Technology Standards (NETS) Project includes these practices in their updated NETS for StudentsThis educator’s guide was designed to help you and your stu- (http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS).dents take part in this interactive online multimedia journal, to Allowing students to use current technology to express theircreate essays, art, and short films to honor heroes and hero- understanding and knowledge of academic subjects affordsism. You will discover how easy it is to integrate MY HERO into them practice with important tools and fosters effective com-your curriculum, while deepening student understanding of munication through these media.concepts and content in social studies, English/language arts,art—even math and science—depending on the hero and CONTENT STANDARDSmedium you choose. Take a look at the website; think about National and state standards in reading and writing can beyour own heroes; and then encourage your students to cele- addressed through composing stories about heroes modeledbrate theirs and share their ideas with the world. after those at the MY HERO website in the Directory of Heroes. Communication and technology standards, as well asSara Armstrong, PhD, is a long-time educator who has promoted writing and researching, are accounted for as students createproject-based learning for many years. She is a member of the short films on their topics. And art standards, as well as com-Buck Institute for Education’s National Faculty, and is working on munication, writing, and other skills are encompassed in cre-a book for the Buck Institute on project-based learning in elemen- ating art works and developing the narratives about the pieces.tary classrooms. She conducts workshops and conference presenta- Students complete work for an authentic audience, and aretions, as well as year-long coaching, on developing and imple- motivated by the feedback they receive from their peers andmenting effective projects, including appropriate technology use. adults around the world who come across their work at the MYShe also serves as editor of OnCUE, California Computer-Using HERO website.Educators’ journal, and is an associate of the Thornburg Center forProfessional Development.
  3. 3. HOW TO PARTICIPATEIN THE MY HERO PROJECTThere are three main ways for you and your students to share hero stories: essay, art, or a short film. The following information will help you get started: ESSAYS & WRITTEN STORIES (CREATE) myhero.com/create Through the Create program, students are invited to build webpages about their heroes using text, images and links. Watch a short film demonstrating how to create a webpage MY HERO Activity Guide Teacher’s Guide to Using the MY HERO Create Program How Should We Choose Our Heroes by Charles Harper – This essay and an online forum help students explore the difference between celebrities and heroes. http://myhero.com/FORUM ART: VISUALIZE HEROISM (GALLERY) myhero.com/gallery In the Gallery, students are invited to upload their original art and digital images about their heroes, or the concept of heroism. Watch a short film about the Gallery Teacher’s Guide to Using the MY HERO Virtual Art Gallery Step through a tutorial entitled, How To Create/Upload Creating Hero Art and Engaging Students to Select Role Your Original Art To The MY HERO Virtual Art Gallery Models with Life Forming Values Family Hero : Joneice illustration for story by Doug Miller (Professional) Happy MotherChief Joseph Mother brings joy and security in the family. No War Zone My Hero BeginsRobert Shetterly (Professional), When she is happy all the family is happy. By Tormusa Koroma (Middle School), by St. George Thompson from LagunaAmericans Who Tell the Truth When she is not the family is miserable. Sierra Leone College of Art & Design By Assiatou Ngom (Middle School) Senegal
  4. 4. SHORT FILMS myhero.com/shortfilms Students, teachers, and other artists are invited to view and submit documentary, experimental, animated, or narrative short films, 10 minutes and under, about those making a positive difference in our world.Media Arts Resources to Get You Started Please note that short films must be mailedIncludes production, cinematography, working with images and sound, and on DVD to the MY HERO office. For details,post production lesson plans, toolkits, guides, reading lists, and more contact media@myheroproject.orghttp://myhero.com/MediaArts by OKC Abrasevic Produced and Nicholas Franczyk, Produced by Seth Warren h Produced by Fatou Jup iter Toure and Aicha by Rahul Brown, Oil and Water Trut : Law of Love Produced ne, Awadi: Messenger of and Sarah Noone Left to right, top to bottom Jose, Guillermo and Arle duced by Oscar Loreto Produced by Katherine, Heroes of the Season Pro Katie Ham pton and Anina Sator, Sam , Gone Fishing Produced by Chris Jones, Produced by Soo Hee Han Thiam, First Memories,
  5. 5. JOIN AN IEARN/MY HEROLEARNING CIRCLE myhero.com/circleElementary, middle, and high school classrooms aroundthe world collaborate on the subject of heroism.The MY HERO Learning Circles program is a joint venturebetween the International Education Resource Network(iEARN.org) and The MY HERO Project. The MY HERO LearningCircles provide a unique forum for students and teachers whoare interested in collaborating with other schools from aroundthe world on the topic of heroes and heroism through writing,creating digital art, and filmmaking. Elementary, middle andsecondary schools from across the USA, Pakistan, Israel, Russia,Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Peru and more share their essays, art, and shortfilms in the MY HERO Learning Circles.A Learning Circle is created when a team of 6 – 8 teachers andtheir classes join together in the virtual space of an electronicclassroom. The groups remain together over a 3 – 4 month period, Bertha Kennedyworking on projects drawn from the curriculum of each of the Community Schoolclassrooms organized around a selected theme. At the end of student from Alberta, Canadathe term the group collects and publishes its work. Then, just asany class of students does, the Learning Circle comes to an end.Each session begins with new groupings of classes into newLearning Circles.iEARN is the world’s largest non-profit global network thatenables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other tech-nologies to collaborate on projects that enhance learning and T SHIRT prize winnersmake a difference in the world. Membership in iEARN is Maddy, Kyle & Matthewrequired to take part in the Learning Circles. To join, click here.Once you become a member, complete the placement form to beplaced in a circle for the next session. How to Become a Participant Learning Circle Lesson Plan A semester timeline for this collaborative project Learning Circle Teacher Debbie Senger’s Class CLASSROOM WEBPAGE Watch Teacher Debbie Sengers Class Project on GLOBAL TV myhero.com/globalTV
  6. 6. SELECTED STORIES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT AUTHORS: Angel Hero: Sadako Sasaki by Amanda E. myhero.com/Sadako Peacemaker Hero: Martin Luther King, Jr. by Nick Campbell myhero.com/MLK Writer Hero: Elizabeth Jane Cochrane by Penelope myhero.com/Cochrane MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT AUTHORS: AIDS Hero: Austin Gutwein by Lindsey myhero.com/Gutwein Earthkeeper Hero: Jean-Michel Cousteau by Slater myhero.com/Cousteau Peacemaker Hero: Peace Pilgrim by Shiloh .myhero.com/PeacePilgrim HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT AUTHORS: Rachel Carson as a Young Girl Artist Hero: Jim Henson by Joe by Maia Desjardins myhero.com/henson Child Hero: Ruby Nell Bridges by Madison myhero.com/Ruby_Bridges Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih by Kelly Frost myhero.com/Iqbal UNIVERSITY STUDENT AUTHORS: Peacemaker Hero: The 14th Dalai Lama by Catherine myhero.com/Dalai_Lama Family Hero: Dick Hoyt by Jay myhero.com/Hoyt Faith Hero: Immaculee Ilibagiza by Molly myhero.com/Ilibagiza TEACHER AUTHORS: Literary Hero: Charlotte A. Cavatica by Amy Mack myhero.com/charlotte Artist Hero: Mamadou Tall Diedhiou by Cheikh Darou Seck myhero.com/Diedhiou PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE WRITERS: Lifesaver Hero: Ryan Hreljac by Wendy Jewell myhero.com/Hreljac Artist Hero: Rembrandt Van Rijn by Rebecca Miller myhero.comRembrandt Freedom Hero: Chief Joseph by Jennifer Beck myhero.com/Chief_Joseph Student Reporter and Mentor: Slater Jewell-KemkerGlobal Exchange Artistic Director Skip Blumbergand teacher Cheikh Seck from Senegal MY HERO provides an interactive and dynamic program to nurture aspiring young writers, artists and filmmakers. myhero.com/Slater
  7. 7. GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPATIONThe MY HERO Project has developed the following guidelines to promote thoughtful communication, fairness, and concernfor each other. We believe that the world is a better place when everyone can feel safe, respected, and honored for who they are.Your guidance is essential to help ensure that children have a safe and rewarding online experience.NO HATRED, VIOLENCE OR PREJUDICE – we are looking for heroes whoinspire us with the best in humanity.NO PLAGIARISM OR COPYING – work must be written in the student’sown words, not copied or copy/pasted.Artwork should be original. All sources must be credited and cited fully. Text from other sources should appear within quotation marks and include a reference to the original source. All online sources for information should be cited and linked. Resources such as the Citation Machine (http://citationmachine.net/?resize=1) make it easy for students to give credit where credit is due. Examples: Olaf, Michael. “The Montessori Method.” http://www.michaelolaf.net/. 01 May 2009. Michael Olaf Montessori. 11 May 2009 The My Hero Project, My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them. New York: Free Press, 2005. Print. Be very specific. Do not credit a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Cite the particular source that was used. Include all online educational resources used to research the essay, artwork, or short film. Sources should be included as live links within the MY HERO Related Links template. Example: The Library of Congress http://www.loc.govDakar Hero Fest 2008 Media arts educator Wendy Milette with students
  8. 8. TEACHER’S ROOM RESOURCESWe highly recommend the Lesson Plans and Resources tabs in our TEACHER’S ROOM. Teachers who have successfullyintegrated MY HERO into their classrooms have contributed lesson plans to this growing online resource. Please consideradding your lesson plans to this area of the website. Lesson Plans, activity guides, handouts Resources: Downloadable PDF flyers, DVDs, current newsletter myhero.com/lessonplans myhero.com/resources MY HERO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS) ? The FAQs tab gives quick answers to questions you may have about the MY HERO Project, and how to use it in your classroom. http://myhero.com/FAQTHE DAILY CALENDAR lists the birthdays of many heroes, some with links to stories in the MY HERO database, and somewhose stories need to be told by your students! http://myhero.com/calendarTHE THEMATIC CALENDAR can be helpful for developing lessons about global and multicultural events throughout the year. HUMAN RIGHTS HEROES EARTH DAY HEROES SPACE EXPLORATION HEROES (EDUTOPIA.ORG ON MY HERO) NECC HIGHLIGHTS: TOP WEB RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS http://www.edutopia.org/necc-highlights-top-web-resources-teachers By Peggy Benton 7/12/06 If you want a standards-aligned project-based-learning community that uses technology and writing, you will like The My Hero Project. It offers lessons in creating your own hero essay, including images about a person who has been a hero to you. These become a Web page. You can also submit a short video about your hero to the film festival and have the opportunity to read stories of remarkable individuals submitted by others in the library, or view images in the gallery. A great site for social awareness and character education, too.
  9. 9. Above: The toolbar The MY HERO myhero.com/organizer Creating your Please note: When students log on to use MY HERO web authoring programs, i.e. Create or Gallery- their registration form will ask for the name of school or organization and teacher. When using the ORGANIZER, these details will help you search MY HERO’s vast database for Log in your students’ completed MY HERO work. Artwork: Film: At the bottom of the page.(Remember changes can be made later by Text:selecting Page Details on the toolbar Title: Example: classroom photo, school logo, or an image that represents your theme Divider: Caption Show, Add Submit! Story: Link:
  10. 10. MORE WAYS TO CONNECT WITH MY HERO MY HERO GUESTBOOK GUESTBOOK Who is your hero? MAINZA LIBELEKI from GABORONE, AFRICA BOTSWANA writes: myhero.com/guestbook Sign in to honor and celebrate heroes from all My hero is Ben Carson...one of the best doctors in the world. From the bottom of the class to the best. He brings hope to kids who walks of life in this online journal. believe there is no hope. FORUM myhero.com/forum Exchange opinions and ideas with peers around the world on a variety of topics on this Forum. LIBRARY myhero.com/library View a reading list of biographies about heroes featured on the website. HEROES IN THE NEWS myhero.com/newswire Bring current events into the classroom with AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam a focus on ordinary people who have made an extraordinary difference. AP Photo/John Parkin/file MI HEROE Children from the Andile School choir sing miheroe.org during World AIDS Day, in Cape Town, South Africa, Monday, Dec. 1, 2008 Read and submit stories in Spanish about heroes around the world on the Spanish version of MY HERO. In this Feb. 26, 1990 file photo veteran anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman, left, holds hands with Nelson Mandela. REMINDERS 1. Students register, log in, build, save, and/or submit 3. Teachers can organize activated classroom essays, art, essays (Create) and art (Gallery), and short films on one index page by accessing 2. Mail copies of short films on DVD to MY HERO: http://myhero.com/Organizer The MY HERO Project We look forward to viewing your students’ artwork and short 1278 Glenneyre #286 films, and reading their stories about their heroes! Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA For questions, please contact: myhero@myheroproject.org
  11. 11. Nobel Peace Prize Winner WangariMaathai has been celebrated on MYHERO in stories, art and films.Below are selected works that can be used as a modelfor using MY HERO multi-media in the classroomHERO’S HERO: HEROIC WOMENby Wangari MaathaiFrom My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them MY HERO Short Film Festival 1st Place Student Winner WANGARI MAATHAI by Will Levitt (age 15) 2006 Wangari Maathai VIDEO (part 1) VIDEO (part 2)“We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind.” –WANGARI MAATHAI HERO’S HERO: WANGARI MAATHAI by Frances Moore Lappe From My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them Frances Moore Lappe cares deeply about the “roots of suffering in the world.” A pioneering woman, she has dedicated her life to the causes she cares most about — hunger and poverty, and social and democratic reform. She believes, “Hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food, but by a scarcity of democracy.”Convinced that the problem of hunger will not be solved from the top down, with governments shippingfood to those countries in need, Frances advocates starting from the ground up by giving people a baseto create their own ways of nourishing themselves. At a crossroads in her life, Frances Moore Lappe, likeWangari Maathai, chose to follow the pounding beat of her heart to create a healthier planet for us all.For more information about this courageous and tireless activist and author, visit http://myhero.com/lappe Art Miles Mural, Tribute to a Hero - Wangari Maathai - Kenya by Linda Gallagher
  12. 12. The MY HERO Project is a not-for-profit project. Gifts to this 501c3 organization are tax deductible. Donations fromindividuals, foundations, and organizations keep this award-winning, nonprofit, educational project freely accessible to students and individuals of all ages. http://myhero.com/Donate Thanks so much for being part of The MY HERO Project.