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How to cut costs at your next fundraising event: Secrets your vendors don't want you to know


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With the state of the economy, so many non profit organizations are looking for ways to produce fabulous special events on a shoestring budget. Here are a few tips. You can sign up for our mailing list to get more:

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How to cut costs at your next fundraising event: Secrets your vendors don't want you to know

  1. 1. How to cut costs at your next fundraising event Secrets your vendors don’t want you to know Prepared by: Anisha Robinson Keeys Lance-Lee Planning / Best Practice Fundraising 215.300.5112
  2. 2. Before the event • Book a location during slow months: September through November, January through early April • Consider lower cost alternative locations • Breakfast and lunch events are most cost effective • Food stations instead of plated
  3. 3. Before the event • Book entertainment far in advance • Consider alternative entertainment (ipod, junior talent) • Select "in season" floral items • Personalize and create unique centerpieces
  4. 4. During the event • Create sign templates that you can personalize year after year • Cost saving ambience: red carpet, creative lighting, pipe and drape • Enlist local art schools • Don’t forget you are tax exempt—sometimes venues can mistakenly add taxes to your bill
  5. 5. During the event • Enlist volunteer manpower for logistics (sports teams, halfway houses) • Buy reusable name tags that guests can leave behind as they exit • Have auction consignment? Get savings with their leftover items • Solicit local luxury car companies to underwrite valet parking
  6. 6. Want More Secrets? Our workshops and presentations help create and support your fundraising, volunteer and special event efforts. We can design specialized training, or you can pick from one of our current training offerings. Visit us at Best Practice Fundraising for more information