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Expressing feeling


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Published in: Education
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Expressing feeling

  1. 1. Expressing feeling
  2. 2. Expressing Feelings expreessing feeling usually much in use in most people interact to express feelings that they're feeling like Expreesing happinies, Expressing Pleasure and Displesure, expressing Sadness and Pain, Expressing Sympathy.etc
  3. 3. Expressing Happiness Happiness is that we show when we are happy or glad Example expressing happiness : • · I'm happy…(saya senang ) • · I'm (very) pleased (really) delighted (about) ….(sangat senang dan benar – benar senang ) • · Great ! (Besar) • · Terrific ! ( Hebat) • · Fantastic ! (Luar biasa)
  4. 4. Expressing Pleasure and Displesure • in interacting with others, we often express our feelings such as feeling happy and not happy, the following is the expression - an expression that is used to express love (expressing pleasure) and unhappy (displeasure) Expressing Pleasure • I’m so delighted to hear that .(saya sangat senang mendengar bahwa) • That’s great (itu hebat) • I couldn’t wait! (Aku tidak bisa menunggu!) • I’m so excited! (Aku sangat senang!) Expressing Displeasure • I’ve done it You’re out!(aku telah melakukanya ,silahkan kau pergi) • Oh no! • Oh ,dear! • Oh , bother!( repot2)
  5. 5. Expressing Sadness and Pain This expression used to express feelings of sadness and hurt, the following is the expression -an expression that is used to express sadness(Sadness) and injured (hurt) Expressing Sadness • I’m so sad (Aku sangat sedih) • How sorrowful it is! (hal ini sungguh menyedihkan ) • Please , leave me alone (Tolong, biarkan aku sendiri ) • It really hurts (Ini benar-benar menyakitkan) • It’s very tragic (ini sangat tragis ) Expressing pain • It’s really painful (Benar-benar menyakitkan) • It hurts me so bad (itu menyakitkan saya ) • I’m suffered from…(aku menderita) • What a pain I should endure (apad rasa sakit saya harus bertahan ) •
  6. 6. Expressing Sympathy • Some one expressing which feel the pity to one who experience of accident. He/She is only saying sympathy word, but not really follow to feel what felt by one who hit that accident. Expressing Sympathy : • · That 's awfull (itu mengerikan) • · Oh, what a shame ! (Oh, sayang sekali!) • · I'm sorry to hear that (Saya minta maaf mendengar bahwa…) Accepting Sympathy : • · Thank you very much (Terima kasih banyak) • · Thanks ( terima kasih) • · Thank you so much ( Terima kasih banyak ) Some condition of giving sympathy : • · Accident ( kecelakaan ) • · Sick ( sakit ) • · Sad (sedih)
  7. 7. Expressing Loves/ Likes and Dislikes is that we show when we are loves/likes and disslikes Expressing Loves/Likes • I’m really fond of….(saya benar2 menyukai… ) • I like /love • I really enjoy Expressing Dislikes • I don’t like… • I’m not happy with… • I really hate…. • How awful! (bagaimana mengerikan?) • That’s not good • Responding : • Thanks you
  8. 8. 1. Dini : My husband got a stomachache last night .He can’t go to his office to day wawan : oh,______ a. I can’t face this sution b. You must no be sad c. I am so sory to hear that d. Are you sad? e. Really ?oh ,ok
  9. 9. 2. Sri : have you visited bob ? He got an acciden last week Dwi : oh, poor Bob. I hope he’ll be better soon the italicized sentence exprees …. a.Sadness b.Pleasure c. Shympaty d. Expectation e. satisfaction
  10. 10. 3. Yusuf : …… • Joni : I am sorry to hear that a. I will go for holiday tomorrow b. The bhought a new car yesterday c. Let us go to the library d. Do you need some help e. My mother is sick
  11. 11. 4. Adi : Jane didn’t pass her exam Yudo : oh, I am sorry to hear that. From the italized words we know that second speaker expresses her… a. Dissappointment b. Symphaty c. Displeasure d. Apology e. Anger
  12. 12. 5. Catherine : why do you look so sad Larissa : didn’t your hear to news last night? The eruption volcano has killed more than two hundred people in my village catherine : I’m sorry to hear that . catherine expresses her…. a. Fear b. Sadness c. Apology d. Surprise e. Sympathy
  13. 13. 6. Son : dad ,may I use your car Daddy :….,but be home before 6:00 Son : thank you,dad a. that’s good b. It’s impossible c. that’s nice d. I am fine e. It’s fine
  14. 14. 7. Tina : grandma , can I help you with this sewing machine? Grandma : ….. That’s very kind of you a. I am sorry b. I don’t need you c. Never mind d. Don’t worry e. Thank you
  15. 15. 8 . Diva : are you sure that nuclear power is our only hope for the future? Castella : oh, yes,… a. That would be nice b. You must be kidding c. I can’t say for certain d. I can’t complain about it e. There is no doubt about it
  16. 16. 9.Diva : what about going to the sea – food restaurant? castella : …. What will castella probaly say to show that she doesn’t like sea-food? a. I’m afraid I like fish b. I can’t stand eating sea-food c. I am really fond of eating fish d. I am sure I’ll enjoy it very much e. The menu doesn’t really offer us many kinds of sea food
  17. 17. 10.”what about your eanglish test ?” ‘….with it .i just got 5 for my test .’ a. I am dissatisfied b. I am pleased c. I feel satisfied d. I am grateful e. I am not annoyed