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kontrak kuliah mhasiswa BI


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kontrak kuliah mhasiswa BI

  1. 1. CHAPTER ONE<br />INTRODUCTION<br />The background of teaching practice<br />English as universall language, it has been developed in one lonely by giving priority as compulsary subject in Junior High School.This is in conformity with the curriculum that created the goverment that the teaching of English has been adjusted to the needs of the times.<br />Therefore in order to improve students ability both written and oral english, all education institution must place it as the most important subject especially at vocational high school.<br />In fact, the present condition of teaching practice English at vocational high shcool has not run well. One of the reason is the methods of teaching learning process do not help student to open their mind and to encourage them to study english.<br />The second reason is they still think that English is not an important subject and subject is very scary,and still like a ghost something wich is afraid of and must be avoided.This bad condition is aggravated by the need of facilities that are not owned by school, like handbook and language laboratoty.In this case DCC Lampung has willingnes to achieve professional graduate students. To gain that idea is not difficult thing for DCC.It will combine national curriculum which is arranged based on work field.<br />Hoppefuly this link and match programe to create human resources competency, and foreign language academy of DCC Lampung graduate students are expected not only mastering in English but also good at other skills which are needed in job vacancy and private enterpreneur.<br />The concept of Theaching Practice<br />After the writer read Siti Mahmudah’s Teaching Practice Report the writer have conclusion that Teaching practice is one of programs of English departement which has purpose to apply the students capability in teaching.<br />After finishing this program, all students are expected to be able to teach english in schools or other english institution.<br />Since DCC Lampung is not an educational teaching institution, it tries to produce profesional teachers who are able to teach well based on curriculum which is being used. It is called Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP). And one of the way is by holding English teaching practice program which is done by Diploma Three English departement students of foreign language academy of DCC Lampung.<br />Moreover, teaching practice for D1 and D3 of foreign language academy is done from January 17 to February 28, 2011. The students of D1 may teach at elementary school and students of D3 may choose to teach at Junior High School.<br />The goals of English teaching practice<br />English teaching practice is one of students task in english departement of diploma three that must be written in report as partial fulfilment of requitment for diploma three. Besides, there are some specific goals in this written report, they are :<br />To create graduate students ability not only in teaching theory but also in teaching practice.<br />To increase discipline and resposibility in doing assignment.<br />To find some solutions for some problems that have been found during the teaching practice.<br />To give some experiences for students so that they will ready to teach in the real work field.<br />The school where the writer conducts the teaching pratice can build a mutual relationship with DCC Lampung later.<br />The students at school can improve their english.<br />CHAPTER TWO<br />TEACHING PRACTICE<br /> <br />2.1 The Estabilishment History of the school<br />The Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban which is located in Trisnomulyo Batang Hari Nuban East Lampung.It was built in 2003 with professionalism on Education Management that is showed on teacher-staff recruitment .<br />So the teacher of Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban are qualified enough from various major of Starta I of Educational Teaching Institution and Diploma Three also.By the good spirit and belief from society , Junior High Scholl 3 Batang Hari Nuban becomes the favorite Junior High School in its surrounding .<br />2.2 The Structural Organization of the School<br />The structural organization of Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban consist of 19 parts , they are drawn in structural organization below :<br />2.3 The Situation and Condition of the School<br />The Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban is located on M. Rosin Street Number 45, Trisnomulyo Kecamatan Batang Hari Nuban East Lampung.<br />This school’s situation is very good because its location is far from the highway.So the students can concentrate their activity in teaching and learning process.It is also near some public places such as Trisnomulyo field and central public health Trisnomulyo.<br />The school has 458 students, the average students of the class is 40 people for each class and there are 57 teachers and 5 administration in this school.<br />The facilities in the school are Classrooms,Computer Laboratory,Biology Laboratory,Headmaster room,Teacher room,Administration room,BP Room, Mosque,Basketball Field,Voleyball Field,Parking Area,and Many other available facilities there.<br />Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban is led by a headmaster.<br />This position is helped by supervisor,the vice headmaster.administration staff and subject teacher.<br />It has extraculliculer activities such as Scout , UKS , Sport , etc.<br />Each activity is guided by a teacher.<br />Beside that, there are components which support the educational quality of Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban , they are :<br />Administration’s room: 1<br />Library : 1<br />UKS Room : 1<br />OSIS Room : 1<br />Mosque: 1<br />Canteen: 1<br />Skill room: 1<br />Teacher’s Toilet: 2<br />Student’s Toilet: 4<br />Volleyball Yard: 1<br />Tennis and Badminton Yard: 1<br />Basketball Yard : 1<br />Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban always tries to increase the quality for the school and the alumnus by increasing teaching media,adding infrastructure and other media,which support the teaching learning process.<br />2.4 The Impression of Teaching Practice in the Junior High Scholl 3 Batang Hari Nuban<br />Before teaching practice was begun in the Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban, the writer had consulted with the teacher advisor about the materials that must be given to the students based on the syllabus for SLTP.<br />The advisor explained the student’s condition in each class to give a view to the writer what method which is suitable for teaching .<br />Beside that , he also gave some advices about how to manage the classroom and handle the student’s.<br />The writer started teaching in the classroom after she gave book to the teacher advisor.<br />She always does consultation with the teacher advisor after she did teaching .<br />2.4 The Job Description<br />The writer did her teaching at Junior High School 3 Batang Hari Nuban , exactly on January 17th until February 28th 2011.<br />One week before the writer conducted her teaching practice,she and her friend came to the school to deliver a permission letter from the Institution about conducting teaching practice in that school.When the writer was there, he was accepted by headmaster well.He said that the writer must meet English advisor to talk about her schedule to teach.The writer helped Mr. Fajar Gumilang as an English teacher.The writer taught one class only.<br />When she entered in class VIIC , she felt very scary and nervous but after the writer did the teaching , it was very enjoyable.<br />The writer had four meetings a week on Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday, and Saturday.She did the first teaching and learning process at level VIIC. She taught two class on Monday and Wednesday .At level VIID she got schedule on Wenesday and Saturday, and at level VIIB she got schedule on Thrusday and Saturday .<br />There are some function of her in class as long as she did her teaching practice.<br />That are,before the writer began the teaching practice,she had made the lesson plan.She was be the creator. When she wanted to become her student’s model, she was be a model. When her student felt borred in studying, she tried to support them to active again. She was be a motivator. When her student got difficult in studying, she tried to guide and help them. She was be a guider. When she gave some copy papers to her student as media in teaching. She was be a facilitator.<br />The students were very nice and had high interesting to study English. The writer tried to make the teaching practice more comfortable by giving motivation before studying.She saw that it could increase her student to study. She also used some medium such as real media,model and handbook in her teaching.Through this way to the student did not felt bored. Furthermore , she measured her students’ ability by giving exercise after she gave the explanation of the material and checked the student’s answer. The writer used the same lesson plan for teaching in class. When the students had less of attention in following the class , the writer injured story of beauty and the beast in teaching process.<br />Learning of English must master four skills.Must master in listening,reading, writing ,and speaking .So the writer tried to give her students the four skills in every meeting. The writer finished her teaching practice on February 28th, 2011. Before she left the school, she and her friend had farewell meeting with our teacher advisor. The headmaster Mr. Djimin , give us motivation and suggestion to be better for the next. She felt so sad because she had to leave all beloved students who very nice and good persons and all teacher who were friendly who have help us.<br />