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Wordpress Development Introduction


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WordPress Development Introductory Speech presentation slide. from this Slide you get the idea what will you need to be a good wordpress developer and how to start your wordpress journey :)

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Wordpress Development Introduction

  1. 1. LET’S LEARN WordPress MD. Anisur Rahman Bhuyan
  2. 2. Topics We Learn Today:  What is WordPress ?  Benefits of WordPress ?  Difference between Vs WordPress.Org ?  What is WordPress Development ?  Tools for WordPress Development ?  Skills for WordPress Developer ?  Ways to earn money with WordPress ?  Resourse and Support ?
  3. 3. What is WordPress ?  WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is used for content sharing such as blogging, Photo and Video Sharing, Personal Portfolio and Business website etc. And the best thing is It’s an open source project that means you can use WordPress to make your desired website for free. You can also welcome to share your ideas and design or coding to this project.
  4. 4. Benefits of WordPress ?  It’s Open Source.  User Friendly.  Easy Customization.  Simple And Secure Administration.  Good for SEO.  Strong Community Support.  Different Language Support.  Themes and Plugins Support.  Regular Updates.
  5. 5. Vs WordPress.Org  is a blogging platform where you can create and manage your content/blog directly from WordPress. The best part of is that, You don’t need any hosting package to run your website.  is a place where you can download the WordPress package and Share your ideas, code snippets, themes and plugins with others all about wordpress.
  6. 6. What is WordPress Development ?  Wordpress Development means to extend or customize the default features of WordPress system By Designing different Themes and creating plugins using different WordPress API.
  7. 7. Tools for WordPress Development ?  Local Server like :  Wamp (Windows),  Xampp (Windows & Mac),  Lamp (Linux)  Editing Software :  Notepad++ / Bracket / Sublime Text  SASS Editor (komodo/others)
  8. 8. Skills for WordPress Developer ?  Before starting WordPress Development you must have a good knowledge in:  HTML  CSS  Basic PHP  Basic Javascript/Jquery  Basic AJAX
  9. 9. Skills for WordPress Developer ?  For Theme Development you better know the following :  WordPress hierarchy  WP Theme Standards  Static/Dynamic Website  Photoshop Mockup  Fixed/Responsive Webdesign  Form Validation  Usage of Jquery plugin properly  SASS/LESS with CSS
  10. 10. Skills for WordPress Developer ?  For Plugin Development you better know the following :  Wordpress database structure  WP Customization API  Wp Plugin Standards  PHP Class and OOP  Javascript and jquery plugin  Usage of Ajax  Error Handling
  11. 11. Ways to earn money with WordPress ?  Theme Development and Sell  Plugin Development and Sell  Finding and Fixing Errors  Website Customization and redeign  Migrations from other CMS  Etc …
  12. 12. Resourse and Support ?  WordPress is basically well known for It’s highly customisable Api and communicative support. There are many websites for wordpress code snippets and resourses which is not available for others as well. I listed some wordpress oriented website here for your concern:  1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.
  13. 13. About Me ?  MD. Anisur Rahman Bhuyan  Wordpress Developer  Website:    Find me on Facebook:  Email:
  14. 14. Thank you Thank you for your time with my presentation. Hope you have something useful here. I’ll coming soon with my next tutorial about wordpress very soon. Keep your eyes on Have a nice day 