DIET a.k.a Drop a dress size


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DIET a.k.a Drop a dress size

  2. 2. MEANS :-
  3. 3. IN OTHER WORDS :- Diet means lower in fat, sugar, calories, etc. than the regular product..
  4. 4. Why all this happen among teenagers?? This happen because of misunderstanding teens about itself.
  5. 5. Teens that practice diet assume thatwhen having diet ,he or she just need totake a meal per day or to have a meal. But when hungry, they will eat a lot of food and didn’t think about their diet anymore.. They can’t do like that…
  6. 6. don’t
  7. 7. TYPE OF DIETS :- 1 ) Omnivorous 2 ) Carnivorous 3 ) Lacto- ovo- vegetarian 4 ) Vegan 5 ) Macrobiotic 6 ) Raw Foods 7 ) Natural Hygiene 8 ) Fruitarian 9 ) Fasting 10 ) Weight Reduction 11 ) Natural Food
  8. 8. In Healthy EatingPerspectives :-
  9. 9. STEP 1 :-
  10. 10. Avoid fad diets, diet pills or any quick weight loss scheme.Teenagers do not need to diet as adults do because theirbodies are still developing. A teenager might be goingthrough puberty and during this age its more importantto consume healthy calories instead of restrictingcalories For example, drink water instead of soft drinks or soda. Grab a fruit instead of candy and cakes
  11. 11. STEP 2 :-
  12. 12. STEP 3 :- .According to Dr. McGraw, more than of all overweight people use food to cope with depression,anger, stress and other emotions. Being a teenage girl canbe tough. It may be helpful to keep a diary of what youeat, and when, to track your eating behaviors.
  13. 13. How to control your portion ofeating..???
  14. 14. A Healthy Diet Schedule for What to EatDaily…..
  15. 15. Just like vehicles, the body needs fuel tofunction. Without any gas, a car cannot goanywhere. This is the same for the body. is the first dose of energy for thebody. People who eat breakfast end up eatingfewer calories over the course of the day andhave better performance
  16. 16. To keep from gaining weight, calories consumedneed to be orto this number, and as activity increases, so dothe number of calories burned. The NationalInstitutes of Health have an online calorietracker to help plan out meals ahead of time ortrack them after the fact. A 1,400 calorie day willbreak down into three 400-calorie meals and two100-calorie snacks.
  17. 17. The recommendation for can lead tohealth problems such as in the future. Carbohydrates should make up45 to 65 percent of the days calories, and of that percentage,no more than 5 to 15 percent should be from sugary foods,such as soda or candy. Protein requirement ranges based on apersons needs but should be 10 to 35 percent of the daystotal calories with fat making up the last 20 to 35 percent ofthe daily calorie total.
  18. 18. Eating the same food can not only becomemonotonous but can cause someone to develop foodsensitivities and not allow the body to receive all thenutrients necessary.
  19. 19. all the nutrients
  20. 20. Carbohydrates
  21. 21. Proteins
  22. 22. Supplements
  23. 23. Fiber
  24. 24. Water
  25. 25. Importance of a Balanced Diet  Controls Weight  Prevents Infections and Diseases  Promotes Healthy Body Growth  Keeps You Mentally Fit  Helps You Look Beautiful
  26. 26. Prevention / solutions :-
  27. 27. the We need to has balance diet . But , weneed to follow the term of diet sothat we can get what we’reachieve… so think whiselly !!!!!
  28. 28. JOURNAL
  29. 29. WEBSITE :- is-a-balanced-diet-important.html nced-diet-chart.html
  30. 30. ARTICLE :-•
  31. 31. THANK YOU..!!!!! Made by : Rasyidah bt Ahmad Fauzi a.k.a Syied Iera
  32. 32. Made by :-RASYIDAH BINTI AHMAD FAUZI 2010577701 BM 111 5A