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Hub & Social Entrepreneurship at AIESEC Belgium


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Hub & Social Entrepreneurship at AIESEC Belgium

  1. 1. ANOTHER WORLD IS HAPPENING Social entrepreneurship: Do good and do well HUB  Brussels|        anis@the-­‐    vedrana@the-­‐          |          ++32  (0)487742304|        Rue  du  Prince  Royal  37,  1040  Ixelles  Brussels  
  2. 2. Overview TODAY’S TALK What is the Hub? What is social entrepreneurship? Try it for yourself Harvesting and wrap upHUB  Brussels|        anis@the-­‐    vedrana@the-­‐          |          ++32  (0)487742304|        Rue  du  Prince  Royal  37,  1040  Ixelles  Brussels  
  3. 3. What is the HUB ? The HUB seeks to become the place "where change goes to work"Facts:    he  world  is  facing  multiple  crises  in  the  global  economic,  social  and  ecological  spheres   T  nnovative  solutions  are  needed  to  tackle  the  many  challenges  at  hand   I  here  do  you  go  if  you  have  an  entrepreneurial  idea  that  might  radically  change  the  world  for  the  better?   WSolutions:    he  HUB  is  designed  to  facilitate  these  solutions  by  creating  a  global  network  of  collaborative  spaces   T   place  where  entrepreneurs  and  social  innovators  come  together  to  realize  their  ideas  for  a  sustainable   Asociety    acilitate  the  emergence  of  supportive  ecosystems  to  help  good  ideas  become  reality   F  he  HUB  combines  the  best  of  a  trusted  community,  co-­‐working  space,  café  and  incubator  to  create  a   thabitat  for  social  innovation    ommunity,  hosting,  Glexible  work  solutions,  meeting  and  event  space       C HUB  Brussels|        anis@the-­‐    vedrana@the-­‐          |          ++32  (0)487742304|        Rue  du  Prince  Royal  37,  1040  Ixelles  Brussels  
  4. 4. Our spaceHUB  Brussels|        anis@the-­‐    vedrana@the-­‐          |          ++32  (0)487742304|        Rue  du  Prince  Royal  37,  1040  Ixelles  Brussels  
  5. 5. HUB  NAME          |        NAME@EXAMPLE.THE-­‐HUB.NET        |          +123  456  789        |        STREET  NAME,  CITY,  COUNTRY  
  6. 6. profit  poten)al    +   social   entrepreneurship   old  school   corporaYon   social  impact   poten)al       +   old  school     not-­‐for-­‐profit  HUB  NAME          |        NAME@EXAMPLE.THE-­‐HUB.NET        |          +123  456  789        |        STREET  NAME,  CITY,  COUNTRY  
  7. 7. Sustainable approach FinancialSocial impact Ecological sustainability impact Do Social Do well good entrepreneurship “Business must be for profit but profit must also be for purpose” Mads Kjaer Co-Founder MYC4 HUB  NAME          |        NAME@EXAMPLE.THE-­‐HUB.NET        |          +123  456  789        |        STREET  NAME,  CITY,  COUNTRY  
  8. 8. Gunter Pauli President AIESEC Belgium ECOVER founderZero Emissions Research and Initiatives Club of Rome contributor Writer: The Blue Economy Fables for kids …
  9. 9. Alright, so let’s give it a try folks
  10. 10. Split in groups of 5-6 peopleDefine a social challenge/need in your community. 10 min discussion
  11. 11. Define a way to tackle this social challenge/need 10 min discussion
  12. 12. Now turn it into a business HOW ????
  13. 13. Business modelsa business model describes therationale of how an organizationcreates, delivers, and capturesvalue
  14. 14. HUB  NAME          |        NAME@EXAMPLE.THE-­‐HUB.NET        |          +123  456  789        |        STREET  NAME,  CITY,  COUNTRY  
  15. 15. Build your business model 45 min discussion
  16. 16. THANK YOU for not falling asleep :)