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Starting out with Ember.js


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Slides for Introductory talk on Ember.js at the 3rd BangaloreJS meetup on 24th November, 2012. Code to demos is here

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Starting out with Ember.js

  1. 1. Starting out withEmber.js 24 November, 2012 BangaloreJS Meetup
  2. 2. whoami?Anirudh Shivanand @theobile JS noob iOS developer Siebel faker
  3. 3. about ember.jsBeen around since 2011Came out of SproutCore -> Amber -> EmberIts a JavaScript MVC frameworkEliminates boilerplate code and provides architectureauto updating templatesdata bindingscomputed propertiesrouters - state managers
  4. 4. DependenciesjQueryHandlebars.js - Template language
  5. 5. Init | app.jsAp=EbrApiaincet(p me.plcto.rae{ ato:nrd uhr Aiuh};)ApApiainotolr=EbrCnrle.xed)p.plctoCnrle me.otolretn(;ApApiainiw=EbrVe.xed{p.plctoVe me.iwetn( tmltNm:plcto epaeae apiain};)Apiiilz(;p.ntaie)
  6. 6. Source HTML<dcyehm>!otp tl<edha> <citsc"slbjur-..-i.s>/cit srp r=j/i/qey172mnj"<srp> <citsc"slbhnlbr-...ea6j"<srp> srp r=j/i/adeas100bt..s>/cit <citsc"slbebr100pe2mnj"<srp> srp r=j/i/me-..-r..i.s>/cit<ha>/ed<oybd> <cittp=tx/-adeas dt-epaenm=api srp ye"etxhnlbr" aatmlt-ae"plcto"ain> <3Wount!/3 h>hdni?<h> {Apato} {p.uhr} <srp> /cit <citsc"sapj"<srp> srp r=j/p.s>/cit<bd>/oy<hm>/tl
  7. 7. Voila!Wount! hdni?Aiuh nrd
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Computed PropertyApUe =EbrOjc.xed{ me.betetn( frt nl, is: ul ls:nl, at ul fl:fnto({ ul ucin) rtr ti.e(frt)""ti.e(ls; eun hsgtis+ +hsgtat) }poet(frt,ls .rpryisat)};)
  10. 10. Subclassing | Data BindingApcret=ApUe.rae{p.urn p.srcet( frt o is: Bb, ls:aly, at Mre peettidn:p.oain rsnABnig Aplcto};)
  11. 11. HTML<cittp=tx/-adeas dt-epaenm=apiain>srp ye"etxhnlbr" aatmlt-ae"plcto" <i>aecetdb:{Apato}<dv<r dvPg rae y {p.uhr}/i>b> <i>{p.urn.ul}i {Apcretpeett}/i>b> dv{Apcretfl} n {p.urn.rsnA}<dv<r <utn{ato "eGe"tre=Apcret}>e Ge<bt bto {cin bees agt"p.urn"}Be es/uto>n <utn{ato "oeM tre=Apcret}>oe M<bto bto {cin bny" agt"p.urn"}Bny ?/utn><srp> /cit
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. Thank you.