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Public speaking - 6 ways to begin a speech

Beginning a speech is the most difficult part. The time between the claps/or the lack of it to the pitch silence just before your first word can be done away with as soon as you know what you are going to say.
This slideshow will help you with the same.

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Public speaking - 6 ways to begin a speech

  1. 1. Series 1 : Public Speaking by Anirudh Chari 6 ways to get your audience’s attention as you begin your speech
  2. 2. Instant connect with audience How it used to be… Talk about change or a new proposal for your team, your organization, or your profession. Idea # 1 Get your audience nodding in recognition, or smiling at the quaintness of yesterday, or waxing nostalgic about the past Objective : They’ll listen in the right frame for the new insight or proposal you’re going to hit them with Science behind it
  3. 3. Instant connect with audience Start with an emotion Talk about positive or negative; strong emotions that catch the attention and set up the discussion in an interesting way. Idea # 2 Get a reaction, either positive or negative, and focus the audience on the point you want them to think about Objective : They’ll react to strong emotions, like train wrecks, and they can’t take their (metaphorical) eyes off them Science behind it
  4. 4. Instant connect with audience Thank your listeners You can never go wrong praising the audience, whether they fully deserve it or not Idea # 3 Get your audience feeling good about themselves and become a part of their success/pride Objective : Flattery, disarms the audience, setting them up to listen more favorably to your next point Science behind it
  5. 5. Instant connect with audience Get to the point . This move takes confidence, but with the right understanding of your audience, it can be highly effective Idea # 4 Get to the point. This device is most useful when you’re dealing with a highly complex subject, or a debate with many sides and a lot of history Objective : It clears the undergrowth and reveals the essential issue underneath all the excess Science behind it
  6. 6. Instant connect with audience Demand big To make this kind of ask requires a deep understanding of your audience, and a strong sense of your own position Idea # 5 Get the audience to commit to something big, or excessive, or unreasonable Objective : People love to commit to audacious goals, so don’t be afraid of invoking something that you truly believe to be importantScience behind it
  7. 7. Instant connect with audience Ask to Imagine This approach is effective with professional organizations, or teams that have been doing things a certain way for a long time, or indeed anyone who has struggled with a status quo that seems set forever Idea # 6 Get the people to share a vision, a state of mind that can only by envisioned as on date Objective : People like to imagine a perfect world, they love fairy tales… Science behind it