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10 Laws


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10 laws to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle

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10 Laws

  1. 1. 10 LAWS OF CREATING A HEALTHY BODY AND LIFE Marci Lall Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Specialist
  2. 2. MARCI LALL Fitness & Lifestyle Management Diploma - GBC CSEP-CPT Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Specialist Toronto, Ontario, Canada Amazing age of 22 Been personal training since the age of 17
  3. 3. Work Your Transverse Abdominis Main muscle used when breathing out Can easily work it by pulling your belly button into your spine Initially contracts before arms and legs
  4. 4. Work Your Transverse Abdominis Decreases injury and protects spine Don’t use it often Rehabilitate and reconnect communication Plank w/ Touches Reverse Crunch Ab Stabilizer on Ball
  5. 5. Eat Your Veggies Rich in Vitamins & Minerals High fibre content Bioflavonoids How much should you eat?
  6. 6. Eat Your Veggies Great nutritional value Use colours as a guide Cruciferous Veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, turnip and cabbage Lutein - corn, dark leafy greens, and peppers Lycopene - tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit
  7. 7. How Not To Plateau Plateau - Your body looks the same and you see no more results Body gets use to the same stimuli, or same exercise which is called adaptation
  8. 8. How Not To Plateau Best way to break a plateau? Is to change your activity or the way in which you do your activity to make a it a bit more challenging Interval Training Anaerobic High intensity anaerobic interval bout then rest
  9. 9. How Not To Plateau Add interval training into your routine 3 times per week Shock your system to work a little harder Combine and group exercises together Add flexibility exercises Squats + Push Press w/ Medicine Ball Lunge + Bicep Curl Push Up + Squat Thrust
  10. 10. Protein 101 Growth & Regeneration More than 21 amino acids 8 essential amino acids Excellent sources of protein are...
  11. 11. Protein 101 Complete proteins - meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese Incomplete proteins - nuts, legumes, dried peas and beans, chick peas, garbanzo beans, lentils Complementary proteins - combo of 2 or more of them supply all the amino acids are bodies need Can be formed in 2 ways
  12. 12. Protein 101 Plant + Animal protein Plant + Plant Timing is everything Milk Products + Grains Complete Proteins Legumes + Grains Complete Proteins Milk Products + Legumes Complete Proteins Nuts or Seeds + Legumes Complete Proteins Nuts or Seeds + Milk Products Complete Proteins
  13. 13. Cellulite Is A Fact Of Life Term used to describe fatty deposits under the skin that that externally give the skin a dimpled or orange peeled look Predetermined by genetics Normal to have cellulite
  14. 14. Cellulite Is A Fact Of Life “Cures” such as topical cream/ointments, body wrapping, electric muscle stimulation, liposuction Your Best solution? Live a healthy lifestyle Includes: Exercise, and food choices
  15. 15. Have Healthy Bones Bone density test Osteoporosis - Brittle Bone Disease Calcium intake and regular exercise, help prevent osteoporosis Spine and hip
  16. 16. Have Healthy Bones At what age should we worry? After age 30 “Silent Disease” 3-5 years recheck
  17. 17. Walk The Pounds Off Many benefits as running Do it anywhere Aerobic workout Easy on joints Pedometer - Tracks how many steps you take (10 000 steps/ day.)
  18. 18. Walk The Pounds Off Change intensity with intervals 2 minutes @ 8 or 9 Add equipment - weight vest, power belt w/ retractable cords, walking poles, weight gloves Treadmill: “Treading” Steadily increase incline 3, 6, 9 each for 2 minutes Do intervals 3.5 - 4.5 for about 45- 90 seconds
  19. 19. Keep Your Balance Incorporating Balance Training Proprioception diminishes as we age Static balance/dynamic balance Walking down the street and tripping
  20. 20. Keep Your Balance: Benefits Enhance co-ordination Improved postural endurance Keeps sensory feedback sharp and well trained Create a new sense of body awareness , body Recruits movers, positioning, postural stabilizers, and counter alignment and movement balancing forces that confidence imitate everyday activities Integrate both body and mind
  21. 21. Keep Your Balance : Tools BOSU Ball Wobble Board Standing on one leg Balance Disc
  22. 22. Get Some Balance: Exercises Single Leg Body Stabilization on BOSU Stork stand with arm movement 1 legged bicep curls
  23. 23. Work Your “Butt” Off Heredity determines your rear end Work the muscles properly Find the muscle, work it through it’s full range of motion at different angles, and then add resistance
  24. 24. Work Your “Butt” Off Deep Squats Pelvic Lifts Lunges
  25. 25. Eat The Foods You Love Not what you eat... Indulging on carbs weakness for pasta,potatoes and bread
  26. 26. Eat The Foods You Love Best Protein Foods Legumes To Add To a Bad Carb Meal Low fat/non fat milk Lean meats Yogurt Poultry Cheese Fish Hard boiled eggs Peanut butter Soy products Nuts Sun flower or sesame
  27. 27. Eat The Foods You Love Worst Protein Foods To Add... Marbled meats Hamburgers/cheeseburgers High fat dairy products Processed meats
  28. 28. Eat The Foods You Love Cookies, Cakes and Ice Cream Think in advanced Apples, oranges, bananas, or pears For When You Must Have It... 1-2 bites and chew slowly Best sweets to have...
  29. 29. Recap 1. Work your transverse 7. Walk your pounds off abdominals 8. Keep your balance 2. Eat your veggies 9. Work your butt off 3. Mix up your workouts (Literally) 4. Eat protein 10. Eat the foods you love 5. Cellulite is a fact of life 6. Check your bones
  30. 30. Last But Not Least... Make good nutrition and exercise fun Incorporate health and fitness into your life everyday Be creative Use common sense Just keep on moving
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