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Kaustav Songman


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Brief presentation of the profile of Kaustav Songman, singer & performer from Bangalore with details on his activities 'Cororate Antakshari' & 'Interactive Singing' along with his achievements.

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Kaustav Songman

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 . A qualified Engineer, a playback singer in Kannada [the language of Karnataka]. He is ‘Bachelor of Music’ from ‘Prayag Sangeet Samiti’ and has been a performer and winner in various TV music shows. . Has rendered his voice to jingles for various media houses including ‘Times Now’. . As a SINGER & PERFORMER Kaustav has performed in more than 850 stage shows in major cities of India and also performed with celebrities including Udit Narayan, Hariharan & Alka Yagnik.
  2. 2. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2 . Has been hosting his ‘Corporate Antakshari’[An Antakshari based team game for corporate employee engagement] all over India since 2004. . Has been hosting 3 major inter ‘Corporate Antakshari’ [Reboot & Annu Kapoor Antakshari ] every year in Bangalore since 2004. . Promotes ‘Interactive Singing’ in his performances through interactive musical games and Karaoke ensuring the audience/crowd is involved actively in the entertainment provided.
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  5. 5. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 by Kaustav Songman THE PAN INDIA LEADER IN 'CORPORATE ANTAKSHARI' (follows on the next slide)
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  7. 7. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 1) Its Antakshari in game show format with lots of interactive elements incorporated- Audio/ Visual & otherwise . 2) Lots of scope to display one’s singing prowess & fun based rounds that involve team work to crack. 3) For further details please visit our Antakshari page: 4) The anchor, Kaustav Songman, is a playback singer & a winner of ZeeTV Antakshari & an entertainer with an experience of more than 850 stage shows.
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  9. 9. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 This combines all regular forms of musical entertainment & the staffs of your company and their families get back with a unique experience. Following is a step-by-step description of the activity.
  10. 10. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Kaustav starts by welcoming everyone with a few performances of popular & appropriate songs. The crowd eases out & their is a build up of a mood for party as they are entertained by a professional singer. This takes about 20 mins. These are direct Q & A items where individuals from the crowd answer and win prizes. The answer is always in the form of a song. This goes for about 20-30 mins.
  11. 11. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Once we see a lot of people answering questions and all are in a mood to sing, we open the karaoke conducted by Kaustav. An exhaustive collection, we run this for about an hour. During the last 20 mins Kaustav performs continuous party songs & invites the crowd to get on to the dance floor. This is an entertainment in itself & is a wonderful build-up for the DJ, if any, to take over.
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