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The painted sky executive coaching


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The painted sky executive coaching

  1. 1. Executive Coaching: Unleashing PotentialsExecutive coaching is an experiential and individualized leaderdevelopment process that builds a manager’s capability to achieve "I absolutely believe thatshort- and long-term organizational goals. It is conducted through one- people, unless coached, neveron-one interactions, driven by data from multiple perspectives, and reach their maximumbased on mutual trust and respect. In most cases, the process involvescollaboration between the organization, a manager (the Coachee), and capabilities." -Bob Nardelli,the Executive Coach, who work in partnership to achieve maximum former CEO, Home Depotimpact.Recent studies have validated the power of the Executive Coaching process. Responses to an Executive CoachingSurvey conducted by PWC in June 2009 had 99% of respondents mentioning that they were Very or Adequatelysatisfied with overall Coaching experience.And 83% awarded the Coaching process Top Rating in terms of goals achieved.*Understanding Executive CoachingExecutive coaching is primarily concerned with the development of the manager (coachee) in the context oforganizational needs. The coaching objective is to maximize the manager’s effectiveness and his or her contributionto the organization. The coach develops an understanding of the broader business context in which the manageroperates, with particular emphasis on key business initiatives directly relevant to the manager. The manager andcoach then agree upon specific results that best reflect the organization’s business objectives. Successful executivecoaching links a business focus with human processes by closely aligning the manager’s development with criticalbusiness needs.Executive coaching involves three levels of learning:  tactical problem solving;  developing leadership capabilities and  new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and roles.Since executive coaching addresses specific performance or behavioral gaps, it gives high-performing busy managersan opportunity to reflect on feedback, focus on developing goals, and have someone to hold them accountable forexecuting their goals. The confidential coaching relationship also creates a safe space for managers to share theirconcerns.Benefits of Executive CoachingCompared to traditional leadership development workshops, executive coaching has tremendous benefits since it isdone almost entirely in real business time and focuses on specific, real-life contextual issues. In addition, theexecutive coaching process is personalized, as opposed to a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach.
  2. 2. According to research by Turner (2006), executives identified five significant benefits of executive coaching as aleadership strategy. These benefits were1. Continuous one-on-one attention2. Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider3. Self-awareness, including blind spots4. Personal accountability for development; and5. Just-in-time learning Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to "I never cease to be amazed at the experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and power of the coaching process to opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, draw out the skills or talent that enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles. In a was previously hidden within an research study by Parker-Wilkins (2006), respondents stated individual, and which invariably that coaching assisted them in the development of three main finds a way to solve a problem competencies: leadership behavior (82 %), building teams (41 previously thought unsolvable." %), and developing staff (36 %). ~ John Russell, Managing Director, The Coachee can expect to experience fresh perspectives on Harley-Davidson Europe personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness,and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles.The following can be the expectations of Developmental Outcomes, from a successful Coaching process: 1. Improved Performance 2. Transformed Attitude (towards role and career) 3. Increased Adaptability (and a greater ability to deal with change) 4. Sense of Identity (the ongoing yet evolving sense of self in the workplace)The Executive Coaching ProcessDialogue, fuelled through powerful questions, is at the heart of the coaching process. In coaching conversations,managers think aloud, become more reflective, and gain access to their own tacit knowledge and unexplored ideas.The coachs role is to act as a sounding board, confidant, partner, challenger, and catalyst for change. The emphasisin coaching is on building the manager’s ability to deal with the issues using his or her own decision-making skills, asagainst telling him or her specific actions to undertake.Since executive coaching addresses specific performance or behavioral gaps, it is more effective than general-purpose training because it gives high-performing busy managers an opportunity to reflect on feedback, focus ondeveloping goals, and have someone to hold them accountable for executing their goals. The confidential coachingrelationship also creates a safe space for managers to share their concerns.Managers who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challengesand opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, andincreased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles.
  3. 3. Coaching Process What the Coach Does How the Coachee Changes Measures & Celebrates Success Change of Supports & Motivates Behaviour Investigates Options for Change of Habits Change Measures & Prioritizes Awareness of Habits Explores Current Reality Unawareness of HabitsCompany ProfileThe Painted Sky is a Bangalore-based People Development organization, focusing on various high-end, differentiatedBehavioral and Skill development programmes and Executive Coaching. The company is the pioneer to design Art-Based corporate training initiatives in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. At The Painted Sky, we have over7 years of experience in the Learning & Development industry. And we leverage our Psychotherapy backgrounds tomerge various NLP and Transaction Analysis tools, as well as leverage our 35+ years of combined global industryexperience, to design and develop highly differentiated programmes for our clients.Our Executive Coaching ApproachAt The Painted Sky, we undertake Executive Coaching assignments for our clients who have managerial authorityand responsibility in an organization. We work with clients across industries, to help them rise to the challenges atwork, fulfill their true potential and achieve greater success and satisfaction, through our successful ExecutiveCoaching practice. Potential Coachees can include members of the CXO suite or their direct reports.Our approach, using the ICF “Eclectic” method, leverages research-based tools and techniques, which are testedand proven to bear better results. It is a powerful and structured process through which the client is helped toidentify and address self-limiting beliefs and skill gaps that hinder progress towards goal achievement. This leads tochange and transformation that a client aspires, which emanates from asking right questions, rather than providingright answers.We use tools like the 360-degree “Feedforward” process to gather confidential about the coachee from concernedstakeholders to identify strengths and development areas, the PERFECT model to evaluate and ascertain influenceareas, and also employ the GROW model for structuring the overall process, among other tested approaches andmethods.The initial coaching relationship is usually for 6 months, with regular weekly conversations each month. The detailsof each session are confidential between the coach and the coachee. A review meeting can be held with thecoachee, the coach and the organization sponsor once each quarter. Regular progress updates can be provided tothe organization, as per agreed schedule.
  4. 4. CasesCoachee: President and Chief Finance OfficerClient: one of India’s largest technology companies.Duration: 9 months, extended, ongoingScope: The coachee is one of the key senior leaders in the company, and has been associated with its growth storyfor over a decade. An M&A expert and a finance whiz, he however feels that he needs to get better prepared, anddevelop his personality and executive presence, required to move to the next level. His manager, who sits in Europe,suggested he works with us as his coaches, to help him build on his personality and communication, as he readieshimself to take up a larger role within the organization.Outcome: The Coachee has identified and aligned his skill gaps with the expectations, and have improved on hispersonality. He is now more visible and respected, and known for greater presence and authority. He is also workingon his Communication skills, with the aim to working with global partners. The assignment is on its extension andthe Coachee and the Client recognized the positive impact of the Coaching intervention and are keen to pursue forfurther improvementCoachee: Senior Vice President, transitioning to take over as Managing DirectorClient: An European software giantDuration: 9 months, extended, ongoingScope: The coachee is a leader and respected manager, very popular among his peers. He recently got promotedand will take over his new role as Managing Director in 2013. He is being coached to prepare himself for the role, inthis critical stage of transition. He is working with us to explore the heavy demands of the new role, the nuances ofmanaging critical relationships, motivating peers and driving results, managing media and visibility, andunderstanding own development needs.Outcome: The Coachee is working to develop his interpersonal skills, with a focus on the ability to motivate andmobilize teams better. He is also working on developing better personal effectiveness and bigger picture vision, tohelp manage the enhanced responsibilities. The Coachee has made strong, measurable progress over the last 6months, and has extended the contract to carry on till he takes over his new role.Coachee: PartnerClient: A Global Consultancy firmDuration: 6 months, ongoingScope: The coachee is a trailblazer, a very high-performing leader in the technology practice of the firm. He is alsoamong the youngest partners in the firm, and is well known for his drive, passion, determination and focus.However, he is also considered impatient and outspoken by his peers and senior partners, who felt that he canbenefit from Coaching to work on his self-limiting behaviours and develop his personality. His expected outcomesare to develop more patience, connect better with people across levels, understand the nuances of businessrelationships and become a calmer and balanced leader.Outcome: The Coachee is working on understanding the expectations the firm has from its senior leaders, beyondwork-related performance. This was done through the ‘Feedforward” process, which helped him identify such areasof improvement. He is working towards building on the necessary areas, and is happy with the progress he has madein the last 3 months of the coaching engagement.
  5. 5. Coach ProfilesAnirban Bhattacharya, Executive Coach, Founder & Director, The Painted SkyBefore turning entrepreneur, Anirban spent 16 of the last 18 years as a successful Sales andMarketing professional, focusing on learning, building and delivering the nuances of Sales,Marketing, Business Development, Consulting, Strategy and Relationship Management. Inthis earlier life, Anirban handled various sales and marketing roles with diverse organizations,cutting across industries and geographies.After getting a management degree from IIM Calcutta, Anirban earned his spurs in ITC,before working in various sales and marketing positions in American Express, ICICI Prudential,Metro Cash & Carry, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and in one of the world’s most innovative companies, IntellectualVentures, a global technology-focused PE fund. What he enjoyed most, in these diverse assignments, was always theopportunity to work with diverse people, learning from them, and helping them learn.He is an Executive Coach and brings his years of industry experience and expertise as a performance coach to helpcoachees develop and overcome self-limiting behaviors. He has a keen eye for detail and powerful communicationskills, and has had excellent coaching assignments with senior leaders and business managers, which have included ahead of sales for an MNC bank, a country marketing leader with global growth prospects, a vice president of acomputer manufacturing company, and a head of procurement, among others.Anirban is an art collector and a jazz lover, and is also a keen mentor for start-ups and entrepreneurs, and isassociated with various organizations providing advice on marketing and business strategy.Soni Bhattacharya, Executive Coach, Founder & CEO, The Painted SkySoni is a Post-Graduate in Business Management from Calcutta University (IISWBM), withover 16+ years of experience in coaching, training & development, sales, marketing and artpromotion.She started her career with ITC Ltd., before holding senior positions in the not-for-profitorganization space in New Delhi. And then, after successfully running art galleries forcontemporary Indian arts in New Delhi and Kolkata, Soni started her training career inBangalore in 2006. At The Painted Sky, wearing the trainer’s hat, Soni runs various Art-Basedworkshops, as well as powerful and high-impact programmes on Emotional Intelligence, Communication for Leaders,Conflict Management, Leadership Development etc.Soni an Executive Coach and works with industry clients to harness their potential and support their professionaland personal growth. She brings a strong focus to powerful coaching processes, and harnesses her strengths as apowerful communicator, to work with her coachees, helping them achieve individual and organizational goals. Hercoaching assignments have been with clients across the country, and she has worked with a number of seniorleaders of industries. These have included a business head in a US-based financial software giant, a group oftechnology leaders for a large Indian MNC, a vice president in enterprise development, among many others.Soni is certified in NLP, and a keen practitioner of psychotherapy using Transaction Analysis, skills she brings to hertraining assignments.