Moulding the manager!


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Moulding the manager!

  1. 1. The required competencies for the telecom sector :-> Global Knowledge of the Technology.-> Sharp Marketing Skills.-> Explore and Innovate Oppertunities.-> Sound Market Knowledge.-> Customer Oriented Approach.-> Ability to adapt to change .
  2. 2. INDIVIDUAL TEAMTASK •Must visit all outlets weekly •Keep track of team •Must develop nad members and their implement sales plan for sales target the productsRESPONSIBILITIES •Must keep himself updated •Exhibit Team •Must put up with the given behaviour sales target •Training sessions on •Managing Interpersonal new and existing relations of the team Products •Training on attitude towards CustomersDUTIES •True to the Customers •Motivating peers and •Loyal to the Company Subordiantes •Good Interpersonal •Transformational type Relations Leadership Qualities
  3. 3. MUST HAVE GOOD TO HAVEKNOWLEDGE •Min 55% marks in • >= 70% and preferably from Graduation from any a science background Stream • More Eductional Background •Certification on •Work Ex . In a reputed Computer Proficiency Company from same Pdt LineSKILLS • Must be proficient in • Sound Knowledge in Excel MS OFFICE •NIIT CERTIFICATION • Skills to handle •Fluency in English and any 3 Customer regional Languages •Good communication SkillsATTITUDE •Freindly nature •Good looks •Motivating •Having Conflict Resolving •Confident skills •Strong built •Good family background
  4. 4. Newer ways to look at the product and newer techniques for SalesWork Group Title :BEHAVIOR INDICATORS :- Ability to Adapt and Propagate new technologies in the industry.- Ability to identify the core competencies of a product and abilitites to flash them in the market in a newer appraoch.
  5. 5. Sound market knowledge about the telecom sector and the recent trendsin the marketBEHAVIOUR INDICATORS :- Ability to interpret the market .- Ability to do thorough market research and collect data and information and use them to support sales promotion and marketing.
  6. 6. A win-win approach with the customers providing them with theadequate knowledge of the productBEHAVIOUR INDICATORS- Ability to understand the consumer and sharp listening skills.- Ability to reslove conflicts within the customers and team members.- Ability to earn the trust of the customers in both B2B and B2C sales.