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Technology Entrepreneurship Project 2 presentation

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Team Lab SpaceComprehensive Solution to your Business….
  2. 2. What is TIS?Simple online visual tool to plan, organize andmanage your Projects from anywhereTrack your team performance on your mobile, PC orLaptop.
  3. 3. Connect with all ….HTML 5 has enhanced its compatibility with allmobile formats.
  4. 4. Manage ProjectAdd Project or plan and include task.
  5. 5. Enable ChattingEnable chatting and messaging within teams.Catch up on the performance of your team.Record your chats for the whole project and referback.
  6. 6. Connect with Social MediaLink up multiple projects in your company.Create a link with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.Set your schedule and follow a timeline.
  7. 7. Attach ResourcesAttach your files (image, word, excel, pdfs, audio,video etc) for the whole project or specific tasks.
  8. 8. NotificationsEmail, SMS, ….. Schedule your task through calendar. Set your notifications or email reminders to avoid delays and meet deadlines Send notification for Employee with new updated task and notification with deadline approach
  9. 9. Charts and ReportsProduce Reports and Charts to track your teamperformance.Generate status reports and employees task taskreports with status charts.