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Advertising ,Public relations, Flipkart, Types of advertising

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ITFT_Media_Advertising & public relations

  1. 1. & Public Relations
  2. 2. Chapter Outline I. What is Advertising? II. Roles and Functions of Advertising III. The Key Players IV. Types of Advertising V. What Makes an Ad Effective? VI. The Evolution of Advertising VII. The Current Advertising Scene
  3. 3. Defining Modern Advertising Advertising is paid persuasive communication which uses non- personal mass media to reach broad audiences to connect an identified sponsor with a target audience Five basic components: 1.Paid communication 2.Sponsor is identified 3.Tries to persuade or influence 4.Reaches a large audience 5.Conveyed through impersonal mass media
  4. 4. Key Concepts of Advertising •Strategy •Creative idea •Execution •Media
  5. 5. Functions of advertising • Builds awareness of products and brands • Creates a brand image • Provides product and brand information • Persuades people • Provides incentives to take action • Provides brand reminders • Reinforces past purchases and brand experiences
  6. 6. The Key Players •Advertiser (client) •Agency •Media •Supplier •Audience
  7. 7. Types of Advertising • Brand advertising • Retail or Local advertising • Direct-Response advertising • Business-to-Business advertising • Institutional advertising • Nonprofit advertising • Public Service advertising
  8. 8. Evolution of Advertising Age of Print Indian Advertising starts with the hawkers calling out their wares right from the days when cities and markets first began. 1.Shop front signages 2.From street side sellers to press ads 3.The first trademarks 4.Handbills distributed separately from the products
  9. 9.  Concrete advertising history begins with classified advertising.  Studios mark the beginning of advertising created in India (as opposed to imported from England) Studios set up for bold type, ornate fonts, more fancy, larger ads .  Patent medicines: The first brand as we know them today were a category of advertisers .Horlicks becomes the first 'malted milk' to be patented on 5th June 1883
  10. 10. Industrial Revolution and Emergence of Consumer Society • 1905, B. Datram and Company. • The India-Advertising Company in 1907 • Calcutta Advertising agency in 1909 • J. Walter Thompson Associates through its Indian associate, Hindustan Thompson Associates in 1929 • Lintas (Lever international Advertising Services) in 1939 • 1990-Marks the beginning of new medium Internet
  11. 11. Flipkart Advertisements
  12. 12. World Cup advertisement
  13. 13. Pepsi / Cola Cold War
  14. 14. What Makes an Ad Effective? 1. If it creates an impression for a product or brand. 2. If it influences people to respond in some way. 3. If it separates the product or brand from the competition in the mind of the consumer.
  15. 15. The Current Advertising Scene 1.Expanded view Electronic media are changing the media landscape. New media are more personal and interactive. 2.Integrated Marketing Communication The practice of unifying all marketing communication tools so they send a consistent, persuasive message
  16. 16. 3.Globalization • Increasing globalization of marketing programs • Advertisers are moving into global markets and agencies are forming huge multinational operations
  17. 17. Public Relations A necessity for survival in Journalism, marketing, management etc.
  18. 18. You do Public Relations But? Human being try to maintain good relation with everyone. The relation can be between: o Teacher/Student relation o Manager/Employee o Boss/ Manager o Your family/ Neighbors o Govt./ Private Organizations
  19. 19. Nature and scope of Public Relation Relations are maintained 1. To bringing trust 2. To make a positive image 3. For publicity 4. To get information 5. To have long term relationships 6. To serve best for the company as well as company 7. To get your work done 8. Image building A positive attitude
  20. 20. •Financial PR •Consumer/Life Style PR •Crisis PR •Industry PR •Govt. PR
  21. 21. Public Relations technique is almost used in every area. Every company requires a Public relation Officer to maintain good relation and image of company in the eyes of public. (PRO) An important figure for the company
  22. 22. In large organizations, public relations managers may supervise a staff of public relations specialists. They also work with advertising and marketing staffs to make sure that the advertising campaigns are compatible with the image the company or client is trying to portray.
  23. 23. Public relations managers may also handle internal company communications, such as company newsletters, and may help financial managers produce company reports. Special events such as the sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products.
  24. 24. Advertising The motive of any advertiser is clearly to persuade a customer to buy some product or service. Examples: • Tata Group Advt. • Incredible India • Free offers/discount given by various tourism companies • Save tree campaign run by Govt.
  25. 25. Propaganda 1. Evasion of truth 2. Name calling 3. An appeal to humanity 4. Use of testimonials 5. Provocations 6. Delaying strategies 7. Favorable argument strategy
  26. 26. P u b l i c i t y Perfect Performance = Good PR Appreciation & acknowledgement News Features Financial Product Pictorial Emergency
  27. 27. Tell me the Which one is this? Product : Reynolds Pen Here are three situations in next slide. Guess which tool is used in these situation out of these: (Advertising, Publicity, Promotion)
  28. 28. 1.Reynolds pen is smooth and easy to use. Get a soft touch that you will not find in other pen. 2. I have used Reynolds pen in my exams and it saved my time because its so smooth and long lasting. You can write in a flow. You should also use this brand pen. 3. I heard people saying that Reynolds pen have raised its market because it is providing a unique feature which is its soft touch at fingers points. I am also going to give a shot now. (All these tools are used to maintain Public Relations)