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Since Jesus is the way, shouldn’t He be followed?

Published in: Spiritual


  1. 1. What do men say I Am ? (Luke 9:18)
  2. 2. Jesus Is Neither… Ancient, modern, or post-modern - He is Eternal.
  3. 3. Liberal, conservative, or orthodox- He is the Truth.
  4. 4. Conventional, legalistic,or traditional- He is Holy.
  5. 5. Entertaining, amusing, or diverting - He is Fullness of Joy.
  6. 6. Denominational, non denominational or inter-denominational- He is the Head of the Church.
  7. 7. Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian- He is King of kings and Lord of lords.
  8. 8. He is the only Way to God,no one comes to the Father except through Him.
  9. 9. Since…
  10. 10. Since Jesus is the way,shouldn’t He be followed?
  11. 11. Since Jesus is the truth, shouldn’t He be believed?
  12. 12. Since Jesus is the life,shouldn’t He be enjoyed?
  13. 13. Since Jesus is wise,shouldn’t He be consulted?
  14. 14. Since Jesus is God,shouldn’t He be worshiped?
  15. 15. Since Jesus is King, shouldn’t He be obeyed?
  16. 16. Since Jesus is Lord,shouldn’t He have the final say?
  17. 17. And He hath on His vesture and on His thigh a name written KING OF KINGS, ANDLORD OF LORDS. Revelation 19:16 KJV
  18. 18. Reflections – Copyright Roy Lessin used by permissionMusic: Secret Garden “The Promise” PPS A..a