Fastock: ERP for stock movement through multi-layered distribution channel


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Fastock is a web-hosted ERP that handles stock movement from your factory all the way to your end customer. Track your stock, manage your receivables, run promotions to give your sales a boost and monitor performance- all from a easy to use, enterprise grade robust and secure platform.

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Fastock: ERP for stock movement through multi-layered distribution channel

  1. 1. ERP for stock movement through channel Leave your sales teams free to sell! At a fraction of the cost of similar systems. Sales, Marketing and Distribution FASTOCK
  2. 2. F@STOCK Fostering Distribution
  3. 3. What is Fastock? (c) Copyright Anwesha Fastock helps move inventory from your central warehouses to distributed stocking points/ distributors. It enables online ordering, tracking and acceptance. It gives visibility to stock levels at all points so that you can ship on order, maintain adequate stocking levels etc.
  4. 4. Enable your distribution chain with Fastock and regain control over your issues of under-stocking and over-stocking (c) Copyright Anwesha • Track distributor orders: • Even accept orders online • Order when running short • Optionally offer visibility into stock availability of factory • Optionally have them plugged in to the system for their own billing. • Enable your central warehouses with oversight capability • Now they can ship on confirmed demand • Get insights into sales and demand patterns • Full regulatory compliance • Tax compliant billing and invoicing • Track C-Forms • In-state and out of state sales • Track inventory AND receivables AND cashflow AND motivate your channel • Track your stock at all stages • Manage channel conflict • Run sales schemes • Track shipments • Track receivables, even aging. Log payments. • Warranty tracking • Benefits: • Reduce wastage • Reduce working capital blocked • Understand patterns of sales, compare geographies and distributors, compare off-take of different products.
  5. 5. Sales, Marketing and Factory • Manufacture • Ship to C&F warehouses C&F Agent • Storage • Ship to distributor Distributor • Sell to dealers • Indent for stocks Customer •Use product •Need service Dealer •Sell to customer Move stock fast Control inventory Manage receivables Track warranty return
  6. 6. Why Fastock? • Scale effortlessly: Fastock grows as you do • One factory or ten • One C&F to hundred • Hundreds of distributors and thousands of dealers • SKU in tens or thousands • Secure, robust: • Hosted on our secure cloud OR in your intranet • Role based access control over data and functions. • Unbeatable price: • Starting at INR 3.5 lakhs • Full function product • Manage indents from distributors, approvals, shipments, payments, receivables, C-Forms, marketing schemes, warranty tracking. • Configurable and customizable for specific industries • Custom roles: as many as you need. • Enterprise grade compliance and controls. • Customizable Sales, Marketing and
  7. 7. Everyone loves Fastock Sales, Marketing and Dealer/ Retailer Accounts receivables Ready Stock availability Distributor Ready Stock availability Proper billing Schemes!! Customer support Sales Accounts Payments Ledger C-Forms Stock Cash-flow Factory C&F Agent Stock transfer
  8. 8. You are unique? We know! • Create unlimited user roles • Assign roles on a need to know basis • Central admin control • Add factories • Add C&F Agents • Add Distributors • Track dealers and even end customers. • Customize users and roles • Customize workflows and approval steps • Create sales schemes and administer automatically. • There are very few limits to what Fastock can do. Customization is easy, mostly user driven and we are happy to help. • Yes, customization is cheap: often free! • Yes, customization takes little time: often just a week or two! Sales, Marketing and Distribution
  9. 9. Distributor processes Sales, Marketing and Distributor Supply Receivables Payments Schemes Credit Notes Stock indent Create Distributor profiles Set credit limits Add Contacts Maintain ledger of transactions Track receivables Track payments Run schemes Send shipments; short-shipments, partial shipments. Accept PO, check for limits, approve Credit notes
  10. 10. C&F processes Sales, Marketing and C&F Agent Stock receipt Short shipment Delivery challans Raise Invoices Packing Note Stock indent Indent for stock Receive stock Mark short-received Maintain ledger of transactions Track shipments Receive dispatch advice Send shipments; short-shipments, partial shipments. Accept returns of damaged goods
  11. 11. Full compliance and tracking Sales, Marketing and Distributor Supply Receivables Payments Schemes Credit Notes Stock indent Totally secure information Access control Secure approvals for all workflows Complete trail of approvals and actions Stock transfer Purchase order Packing and invoice C-Form Receivable management Payment collection Warranty management
  12. 12. Case study – automotive and inverter battery sales • A new entrant in the battery segment- looking to scale up across multiple states worked with us to adopt Fastock to ensure • streamlined operations and • highest standards of corporate governance. • Full Fastock implementation- across states, many C&F agents and distributors. • Scheme management • Cash flow management • Stock tracking right till the end customer and shipment • Scaling up – adding more states, C&F and distributors • Approval flows for distributor appointment, purchase orders, scheme admin. • Approval flows and proper trail maintained for invoice cancellation, order cancellation, packing list cancellation. • Instantly track stock down to individual item level. Sales, Marketing and Distribution
  13. 13. Customers/ Industries Sales, Marketing and • Automotive battery • Electrical accessory • Pharmaceuticals • Sanitary fittings • Rubber What stock do you want to move? Contact us at
  14. 14. Glimpse of Software Distributors List
  15. 15. PurchaseOrder
  16. 16. C-FORM
  17. 17. Sample Invoice Auto generated
  22. 22. Anwesha CRM Enabling Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Field Service
  23. 23. About Anwesha CRM •Anwesha CRM is a software product company founded by IIT-IIM graduates focused on the sales and marketing domain. •We are based out of the National Capital Region of Delhi. Our founders have led large sales and marketing teams internationally in leading multinationals and have also led large software development and maintenance efforts.
  24. 24. What we do •Specialize in Sales, Distribution and Field Service domains •Large enterprise class software with complex business problems. We build software that does not expose the user to the complexity. •SQL Server, C#, .NET, HTML 5, CSS3, JS.. XAML •Android, Windows Phone, Web
  25. 25. Some of our diverse customers
  26. 26. Our domains Sales and Marketing Sales and Distribution Field Service
  27. 27. Contact us! +91-9871 546 396 +91-120 4202319