Anwesha CRM: a software products company for sales, marketing and distribution


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Anwesha CRM is a software products company focused on software for sales, marketing and distribution enablement.
We specialize in large database driven transaction and workflow management web hosted software. We can deploy in your intranet or on the cloud.
We have decades of experience in Microsoft Technology and in the sales and marketing domain. Our ability to quickly understand your business situation and workflows and implement a robust architecture on its basis sets us apart.
Our flagship products, Saleswah CRM and Fastock- a sales ERP are in use by hundreds of customers.

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Anwesha CRM: a software products company for sales, marketing and distribution

  1. 1. Sales, Marketing and Distribution enablement Anwesha Customer Relations Marketing Pvt Ltd (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM
  2. 2. About Anwesha CRM  Anwesha is a software products and solutions company based in Delhi –specializing in sales and marketing enablement.  Run by ex-MNC executives with decades of experience in Sales and marketing management and Software development.  Have developed own software platforms for sales, marketing, customer support and distribution of products for large, distributed sales and marketing processes.  We specialize in complex workflow driven, transaction management software for critical business processes. (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM
  3. 3. Our products and services (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM Large team and transaction Management Saleswah Hosted platform for running large teams engaged in customer contacts (delivery, installation, collections, repair) : Mobile enabled front- end. Set up in less than a week. Online inventory planning, ordering, acceptance and tracking Fastock Hosted platform for gaining control on your stock pipeline: Planning, ordering, despatch tracking and acceptance of stock from central to distributed warehouses. Customization and custom development 1. Customization and deployment of  Saleswah  Fastock 2. Custom software development and integration. 3. Marketing process support
  4. 4. How we work with you (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM Research Requirem ent Definition Design and code Pilot user testing Final Delivery • Understand objectives • Understand end-user profile and wins • Interview stakeholders • Inventorize IT assets • Validate proposed solution blueprint •We create a functional system. • We monitor the software in use by regular contact with the pilot user group • We deliver final solution for rolling out and stay engaged for feedback and tweaks. • Large processes and complex workflows • Focus on efficiency gains and effective usage. • Integration with existing software • Integration with platforms like Google, Microsoft, Linkedin, Yahoo etc
  5. 5. Contact us (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM
  6. 6. Fastock from Anwesha Enabling manufacturers to benefit from gaining visibility and control over their inventory pipeline “Just enough” and “Just in time” (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM
  7. 7. What is Fastock? (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM  Fastock helps move inventory from your central warehouses to distributed stocking points/ distributors. It enables online ordering, tracking and acceptance. It gives visibility to stock levels at all points so that you can ship on order, maintain adequate stocking levels etc.
  8. 8. Contact us (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM
  9. 9. Enable your distribution chain with Fastock and regain control over your issues of under-stocking and over-stocking (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM  Track distributor orders:  Even accept orders online  Order when running short  Optionally offer visibility into stock availability of factory  Optionally have them plugged in to the system for their own billing.  Enable your central warehouses with oversight capability  Now they can ship on confirmed demand  Get insights into sales and demand patterns  Full regulatory compliance  Tax compliant billing and invoicing  Track C-Forms  In-state and out of state sales  Track inventory AND receivables AND cashflow AND motivate your channel  Track your stock at all stages  Manage channel conflict  Run sales schemes  Track shipments  Track receivables, even aging. Log payments.  Warranty tracking  Benefits:  Reduce wastage  Reduce working capital blocked  Understand patterns of sales, compare geographies and distributors, compare off-take of different products.
  10. 10. Register for free trial: Saleswah CRM from Anwesha A complete CRM for small businesses worldwide
  11. 11. A full function web-hosted CRM which increases customer responsiveness, assigns tasks and leads to the right person and monitors activities, opportunity stages and closures. A software that allows all sales and marketing activities- including calling, quoting, demo, mailing, invites and responses- to be logged, tracked and monitored. Integrated seamlessly with Google Apps Contacts and Tasks Available for low license costs ($8 to $15) per user per month.
  12. 12. Sales is teamwork. Sales is shared objectives and achievements. Sales works best when you share data, information and insights. Saleswah makes it happen.
  13. 13. Sales is action and activities. Sales is doing the right thing at the right time. Sales is doing rather than worrying about recording your actions. Saleswah makes it happen.
  14. 14. Saleswah can do a lot; but, all users may not need to use all the power. Saleswah allows users in the same company to be at different plans: just what their job needs. Saleswah allows you to start at as low as $8 !!
  15. 15. Contact, Account, Tasks Management Sales opportunity management Contact, Account, Tasks Management Sales Management, Territory Management, Quotes, Invoices Marketing Management; campaign management, email, response handling, lead assignment All Saleswah plans come with the ability to sync contacts and tasks with Google Apps account and send unlimited SMS alerts. Saleswah Basic $ 8 per user per month Saleswah CRM $ 15 per user per month
  16. 16. Contact us (c) Copyright Anwesha CRM