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Ict 3


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Ict 3

  2. 2. ANCIENT COMMUNICATION• KENTONGANKentongan has been used to give information to the peoplewhen something happened. Sign or code used was different.Kentongan was also used as a tool for night patrol and timeindication. Big kentongan (bedug) was used a sign that praying(salat) time has come.
  3. 3. • SMOKEThis media was very popular among Indian tribein America. This communication tool can also beused to send secret information to a friend orfoe.
  4. 4. • Epigraphy and Palmyra PalmA media commonly used to write letters in thepast was dominated by palmyra palm.
  5. 5. MODERN COMMUNICATION MEDIA• Telephone and CellphonePhone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Now,cellphone is equipped with a digital camera, an MP3 player,video, and a lot of interesting game. Basically functioning tomake an receive a short message (short message service: SMS)
  6. 6. • TelevisionTelevision invented by Paul Nipkow in 1883. Along with theadvance of technology, television has envolved significantly. Inthe past, we could only enjoy watching a black and whitetelevision, but today we can enjoy watching a color television.Television screen has also been through some developmentsfrom screen to flat screen.
  7. 7. • RadioRadio is a product of technology that is used for signaltransmission in modulation and electromagnetic radiation(electromagnetic waves). There are a lot kinds of radio, includingwireless network, mobile communication of all kinds, and alsoradio broadcasting.
  8. 8. • InternetThe development of the internet started when computernetworking technology was created in around 1960. In 1989, TimBarnes, a computer expert from England, created World WideWeb, a program that allows sound, picture, movie, and music toappear and be accessed by anyone through the Internet.