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Concept of Blackberry Technology


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Published in: Engineering, Technology
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Concept of Blackberry Technology

  1. 1. Department of Computer Science & Engineering ANIMESH KUMAR MISHRA 1150110002
  2. 2. What is Blackberry Technology ?
  3. 3. • First Given in 1997 by RIM (Research in Motion). • First Implemented in the year 1998. • The first blackberry phone was RIM 950. RIM 950
  4. 4.  Operating System  CPU  Database  Supporting Software Blackberry PIN
  5. 5. • Early Blackberry Devices used Intel-80836 based processors • Later Blackberry Devices have used ARMv5TE PXA900 • An exception to this is the BlackBerry 8707 which is based on the 80MHz Qualcomm® 3250 chipset, this was due to the ARM X Scale ARMv5TE PXA900 chipset not supporting 3G networks.
  6. 6. • Microsoft Exchange • Lotus Domino • Novell GroupWise • Push Email • MDS (Mobile Data Services) • BBM (Blackberry Messenger)
  7. 7. • An eight character hexadecimal unique identification.
  8. 8. Blackberry Professional Software Blackberry Enterprise Server Path Of Signal
  9. 9. • A copy of BlackBerry Professional Software, with the capacity to support up to 30 users • One user license – Client Access License (CAL) • The latest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Solution software, version 4.1
  10. 10. The complete wireless solution for the enterprise Email Corporate data Instant messaging Phone Internet and intranet access MMS and SMS Organizer Blackberry Enterprise Solution Overview
  11. 11. BlackBerry Connect technology keeps mobile professionals connected to colleagues. For users, BlackBerry Connect technology: • Let you choose from a broader selection of devices • Help you make the most of your time with award-winning BlackBerry push technology For IT departments, BlackBerry Connect technology can: • Satisfy your strict requirements for security and manageability by allowing you to connect more devices to the BlackBerry platform
  12. 12. • Email • Phone • Wireless Internet • Tethered Modem • Organizer • SMS • Instant Messaging • Corporate Data Access • Paging
  13. 13. • The strict adherence to blackberry security has made the platform very popular with governments and corporations worldwide. • Provides the instant synchronization to the calendar, messaging, Web, etc…