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Ryan l., presentations lesson 2


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Ryan l., presentations lesson 2

  1. 1. ByRyan L.
  2. 2.  Relationships difficult to deal with Toxic behavior shouldn’t be tolerated Usually lower one’s self-esteem “Emotional Vampires” and usually narcissistic Must be avoided or fixed Click here to see Question and Identify slide Click here to see Ending Toxic Relationships 1 Click here to see Ending Toxic Relationships 2 Click here to see Fixing Toxic Relationships
  3. 3.  Separate positives from the negatives Question how you really feel Consider common interests you share Is it safe or stressful? Consider the good and bad
  4. 4.  Recognize partner’s toxic personality types Make Pro & Con list Weigh cost of the end Self-respect and self-worth Tell them to stop behavior
  5. 5.  Establish boundaries/draw the line Take better care of yourself Take responsibility for your feelings Accept people as they are Become independent and be happy
  6. 6.  Define relationship with significant other Seek professional counseling for both parties Show compassion towards toxic individual Understand difficulty to fix relationship Understand that you deserve happiness
  7. 7.  Usually a one-way road Difficult to end at first Know that you want happiness Understand there is always another Friends and family will support you
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