Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue Pt.3


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Sophomore year begins and Castiel's first lift has been chosen for him.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue Pt.3

  1. 1. Caryl: So Professor Fong…about that performance bar… Prof. Fong: Oh of course, I mean if you were still in my course I’d be happy to work on getting that up for you. But you changed remember? Caryl: Oh yeah, that’s right…but the rose is fresh right? Only best for the best professor I say. Prof. Fong: That’s so nice of you.
  2. 2. Caryl: So I’m all good for the mid term right? Professor Red Hair: Yes Ms. Angel. No worries. Caryl: Caryl babe, call me Caryl. Saying Ms. makes me feel old. Prof. Red Hair: Caryl…that’s nice I like it.
  3. 3. Caryl: Really llama? You interrupt my make out session for your damn Vo Gerbits? Kevin: Oh I don’t know, I like it. Caryl: Kevvie…Caryl needs kissies… Kevin: In a minute my sweet…he’s almost done.
  4. 4. Caryl: Mmm…Kevers… Other Kevin: Mrphh… Caryl: I am so good at this…Thirteen more to go…
  5. 5. Castiel: Are you sure this won’t hurt June? June: I promise young one. I am so glad you called, I was beginning to think you forgot about my card. Castiel: Oh, no it’s just been a busy semester that’s all. I have some time now. June: Hold still then…
  6. 6. June: There, I’ve done what you told me too… “Very good.” June: Will you tell me who you are at least? You keep haunting me… “No, I can’t tell you. Just do what you’re told to and all will be well.” June: He’ll be powerful won’t he? “Very. And he will need it to survive.”
  7. 7. Castiel: Like this? June: Yes, just like that. Castiel: What will happen? June: You’ll see.
  8. 8. June: Blessed be… Castiel: Whoa… June: Just perfect my young protégé…just perfect. Castiel: I can do that now? June: For now, yes.
  9. 9. “This will help to keep the demons at bay…” June: So warm…and pure… Castiel: It’s amazing. I feel happy and safe in the light. June: This is the Path of Light my protégé, the one you were destined to follow. Castiel: Really?
  10. 10. Castiel: What are you doing? Demi: Craw? Castiel: Craw? What’s that mean? Demi: Craw, craw!!
  11. 11. Demi: I said craw boy!! CRAW!! Castiel: What…was that supposed to be a peck? Demi: Forget it, come with me. Castiel: Where? It’s like 11 pm, I have class in the morning.
  12. 12. Castiel: Hand—handcuffs? What the hell? Who are you?? Let me see your badge!! Demi: Can it feather boy, no talking. You have the right to remain silent… *coughandsexycough* Castiel: What was that last part? Demi: NO TALKING!!
  13. 13. Castiel: Mom is so going to kill me…I got arrested. Demi: MOVE FEATHER BOY!! Castiel: I hope this won’t go on record…
  14. 14. Demi: Ooh, nice ass… Castiel: What? Demi: What did I say? Castiel: Yeah, right to remain silent…yeah. I got it.
  15. 15. Demi: Don’t look so down hottie, it won’t be long. Castiel: *remains silent* Demi: You can speak now. Castiel: Where am I going? Demi: It’s a Secret. Castiel: Oh…so this is what they meant?
  16. 16. Castiel: Where am I? SS Members: Ooh, legacy blood!! Castiel: Legacy what? SS Members: We can always use more legacy blood. Castiel: What are you talking about?
  17. 17. Hat Girl: Look at those wings!! They’re so cuuttee!! Kevin: Jeeze, way to scare the noob… Red Head 1: What do we need him for? Komei Clone: His destiny. Remember?
  18. 18. Castiel: What destiny? Blond Girl: You don’t even know why you’re here? Castiel: No. Should I? Red Head 2: Shh…we were told not to say anything!! Hat Girl: CUUTTEE WINNGGS!! Can I pet them?
  19. 19. Castiel: It seems I won’t get any answers here either…should I be happy about that or annoyed? Blond Girl: Go with happy…yeah. That’s good. Castiel: Err, right…happy… Hat Girl: Wings pet nao? Red Head 2: God!! Shut up about the wings already!!!
  20. 20. Castiel: So this is an old society here on campus? What is it for? Red Head 2: We have our reasons for staying secret. We protect things from the outside world that would otherwise be destroyed. Castiel: I don’t get it. Red Head 2: Neither do we, but we do it anyway.
  21. 21. Castiel: Well, what do you know? Red Head 2: We have to help you. That’s about all, something is coming and we were told to protect you. Castiel: From what? What’s coming? Red Head 2: Not our place to say; we just protect that’s all we do.
  22. 22. Castiel: And they say to make friends, and since you’re going to be staying here Yusun, I thought I’d get to know you. Yusun: Oh really? You are so cute do you know that? I’ve been coming by day after day just to get a chance to talk to you. Castiel: Umm, thanks I guess. But I have a girlfriend…sorry. Caryl: So? No reason to stick with just one Cas. Castiel: I only want one; Mimete.
  23. 23. Mimete: I like the hair baby, very sexy. Castiel: Yeah, I’ve been letting it grow. Mimete: I love it. Castiel: Want to get a seat? I’m starved. Mimete: Sure.
  24. 24. Castiel: A toast, to the end of Sophomore year. Mimete: For you…but alright. Castiel: You are going to graduate right? Mimete: Of course but I’m a year behind you. Castiel: Oh that’s right…I forgot.
  25. 25. Castiel: I can wait for you if you want. Mimete: No, no sense in holding up your grad just for me. I’ll get there eventually. Castiel: It’ll be a lonely year without you though. Mimete: I know, but it can’t be helped.
  26. 26. Waitress: What’ll it be kids? Castiel: I’ll just have some mac and cheese, and she’ll have a Baked Alaska. Waitress: Sure, coming right up. Castiel: Thanks.
  27. 27. Mimete: Just mac and cheese? Seems a little underwhelming for a place like this baby. Castiel: Well, I’m just in the mood for something simple; kinda nervous actually. Mimete: What for? Castiel: Things…
  28. 28. Castiel: For this, actually. Mimete: Oh Cas, is that… Castiel: Yep… Mimete: And you’re… Castiel: Uh huh…
  29. 29. Mimete: Oh Cas…it’s beautiful I don’t know what to say. Castiel: Uhh, yes would be good…
  30. 30. Castiel: Mimi…don’t leave me hanging like this…will you marry me or not? Mimete: It’s shiny…give me a sec… Castiel: Nice guy here remember?
  31. 31. Mimete: Yes, I will. Castiel: Oh thank God…Mimi that was mean. Mimete: Oh come on, I have to make you wait it’s like code or something. Castiel: Still not nice though.
  32. 32. Mimete: So when you graduate where are you going to live? Castiel: I don’t know, somewhere. Not with my mom though, I kinda want my own place. I need to get a good job too, make my way in the world; the usual. Mimete: I love flowers, can you plant a garden for me? Castiel: I’ll see what I can do. I mean I don’t even know what size of a house I want yet. Mimete: A nice sized one, because we may want kids some day too you know.
  33. 33. Castiel: Kids…that would be great. Maybe three? Mimete: Three huh? Is that all? Castiel: Yeah, seems like a nice number to have. I’ll make sure they have a beautiful garden to play in. Mimete: And growing things, like vegetables too, I want to do that. Castiel: Sure.
  34. 34. Caryl: What’s your damage woman? Demi: CRAW!!?? Caryl: What the hell is craw? Demi: Craw is craw!! Caryl: You forget your meds today or something?
  35. 35. Demi: CRAW!! *poke* Caryl: The hell? Demi: Alright, come with me. I’ve had enough. Caryl: Look I don’t do girls…though this does give me some ideas… Demi: You have the right to remain silent…
  36. 36. Caryl: Kevers!! Aww you shouldn’t have. Kevin: Yeah, well you deserve it babe. Welcome. Caryl: You got booze? Kevin: Umm…no. Sorry. Caryl: What kind of secret club doesn’t have booze?
  37. 37. Kevin: We got a cow-plant and a counterfeiter in the basement though. Caryl: Really huh? A cow-plant you say? Kevin: Yeah, she’s the best. Caryl: I might have to look into that.
  38. 38. Caryl: Got a double bed back home with your name on it Kevers… Kevin: Ooh…sounds good. Caryl: I thought it might.
  39. 39. Elsewhere… “So she made sure Cas was turned right?” “Yeah, I told her myself. Michael’s orders.” “He can only use it while he’s still in college though, he can’t cast outside after it begins.”
  40. 40. “He has to lift the Paranormal restrictions first. It’s part of the deal we made.” “And you think he’ll get it?” “Shinia, I know he will. It’s in his blood.” “I know that Morte, but does he know that?”
  41. 41. Shinia: You would think having a Death Angel for a father would kinda make you want to lift restrictions dealing with death first wouldn’t you? Morte: Only…he doesn’t know that Kaze is his father yet. No one has told him. Shinia: He will be told right? Morte: Michael says so, but I don’t know when.
  42. 42. “I miss Kaze-sama…he was the best leader we ever had.” Morte: Kuolema, you always say that. Kuolema: Yes, and it’s still true. Shinia: And you still carry that torch for him don’t you kiddo?
  43. 43. Kuolema: I—I…do not…Kaze-sama was my senpai. Morte: Shinia, don’t tease her. Shinia: But it’s adorable to see her blush. Kuolema: *blushes* Shinia: See? How cute is that?
  44. 44. Michael: Have you three informed Castiel about what restriction he will lift first like I asked? Kuolema: No, Michael-dono. He’s still in college with two years left. Michael: Well don’t wait too long, it’s important he lift Paranormal so he can cast that spell to bless his home. Kuolema: I won’t forget, I swear. Michael: See that you don’t. ******