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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt.2


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Beginning college is a whole new experience for Castiel, and one that is a whole lot stranger...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt.2

  1. 1. Castiel: Come on Caryl, we’re in college now and you’re not even trying to win against me!! Caryl: What? You’re too rough. Castiel: No I’m not.
  2. 2. Caryl: Oh yeah? How’s this!! Castiel: OOWW!! HEY!! THAT WAS MY EYE!! Caryl: Now how does that feel? I told you were being rough… Castiel: Fine!! I give!! You win. Caryl: Smart boy.
  3. 3. Castiel: I’m glad you came with me sis, though I don’t understand why mom wanted us to go all the way to La Fiesta Tech rather than Sim State. Why did we have to move so far away? It’s a five hour flight back home to Pleasantview. Caryl: I don’t know either, but she seemed rather insistent that we be this far away. Something about better school, or safe…I don’t know what she was talking about. Castiel: What? Sim State isn’t safe?
  4. 4. Castiel: Oh hey, Jacqueline was it? I like the jacket what does it mean? Jacqueline: It’s a Secret… Castiel: A secret what? Jacqueline: Just a secret…find two more like me and then you’ll find out. Castiel: Okay, that’s so weird…
  5. 5. Castiel: Can you tell me anything else? Jacqueline: Friends are your greatest strength, outings are a gods send. Never refuse them. Castiel: That was even more cryptic than the jacket thing… Jacqueline: Sorry, that’s all you get from me. Find two more.
  6. 6. Castiel: So do you know what she meant? You go here right? Erik: Sorry man, not one of the elite black jackets. I’m the rebel without a cause. Castiel: What does that mean? Erik: Shirtless, duh. It’s hot here. Castiel: I still don’t understand…
  7. 7. Castiel: Oh come on!! That was so in there!! “Sucks huh?” Castiel: Yeah… how do you do it? “It’s a Secret…” Castiel: Wait, what was that?
  8. 8. Castiel: What did she mean, “The pendulum swings and something ends. One must stand in Hopelessness and Despair”…that’s so weird…and it’s going to bug me forever now. Marcel: Dude, quit monologging and go already…
  9. 9. Castiel: Sorry, what? Orange Shirt: He left, you weirded him out. Castiel: Maybe I should head back home… Orange Shirt: Probably a good idea…*weird winged freak* Castiel: Did you say something else? Orange Shirt: No man, it’s cool.
  10. 10. Castiel: So, do you have any idea what they’re talking about? You seem to be the type who would be connected to secret things. June: Just keep an open mind young one; you will need it. Castiel: Why does everyone have to be so cryptic all of a sudden? June: Keep my card, call upon me when you want to know more…
  11. 11. June: Because it may just help you to survive Castiel… Castiel: Did I tell you my name? I don’t think… June: As you said; I’m the type who would be connected to secret things. Castiel: Right…well I should be getting back home now. My sister will be worried.
  12. 12. Castiel: Caryl…what? What happened to her? Caryl: I don’t know!! One minute she was at the door and then she dropped dead!! Where were you!!?? Castiel: I was at the student lounge, I’m sorry I wasn’t here…are you alright? Caryl: Dude, the Cow just FREAKIN DIED on our doorstep!! OF COURSE I’m not alright!!
  13. 13. Genesis: The hell with that!! I’m not talking to that winged freak!! “Do it. NOW!!” Genesis: AHH!! Fine!! Just don’t send me to Hell whoever you are!!
  14. 14. Genesis: Yo, freak; listen up cuz I’m only saying this once: “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” Castiel: WHAT??!! What are you talking about? Genesis: That’s all you get freak. Deal with it.
  15. 15. Castiel: Caryl, did you hear that? Caryl: Hear what? I just saw the Cow scare the crap out of you. Was she saying something too? Castiel: One thing: “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” Caryl: Weird…mind if you like get out? I need a shower.
  16. 16. Castiel: Where did the gravestone go? Caryl: I sent it off to Gothier Greens, the ghost scared you pretty bad so I got rid of it for you. Castiel: I wanted to see if she would tell me what she meant. Caryl: Still bugging you huh? Castiel: It’s the same thing another girl said to me at the student lounge.
  17. 17. Caryl: God, I miss having our own computer…this keyboard is all sticky and gross… Castiel: We don’t have enough money left to buy one, we used it all on the house. Caryl: I know, doesn’t mean it’s still not gross… Castiel: Sorry.
  18. 18. Caryl: I have a four-year mission: to seek out and explore new lovers, preferably 20 of them and I must say, you look totally hot with that hair. Where did you get the dye? Kojiro: It’s not dye, this is my natural colour. Caryl: Serious? Wow, that’s so sexy. Kojiro: You think so?
  19. 19. Kojiro: She likes my hair. Erik: Dude, she’s Romance she likes anything with a Y chromosome. Kojiro: But not you, see I don’t recall her saying she likes tats. Erik: Whatever…I’m Knowledge I could care less about a Romancer.
  20. 20. Caryl: Wow Christophe, that was nice. Christophe: Yeah…nice. You’re amazing Caryl. Caryl: Really? How amazing? Christophe: Totally.
  21. 21. Christophe: Amazing, yet blind…but I’m not gonna rock the boat.
  22. 22. Castiel: Uhh Caryl? I kinda need to talk to Kevin…can you detach from his face please? Caryl? Loving sister? Cas does not approve.
  23. 23. Castiel: And you’re friends with Kojiro? I’m sorry about my sister…she doesn’t seem to care much about the guys she hurts… Mimete: Yes, we’re friends. But he’s not hurt, in fact I don’t think he even knows. Castiel: I hope he stays that way. Mimete: We could be friends right? You always looks so lonely in class.
  24. 24. Castiel: I’m just painfully shy that’s all. It’s the wings too, they kinda freak people out. Mimete: I think they’re cute. You shouldn’t hate them. Castiel: I don’t, well I don’t think so anyway. My father must have had them because my mom doesn’t, so I guess they kinda remind me of how much I want to know who he is.
  25. 25. Mimete: You mean you’ve never met him? Castiel: No, I haven’t. I want to look for him after college though. Mimete: That’s sweet, maybe I could help you? Castiel: You would? Why? Mimete; Why not?
  26. 26. Castiel: It’s just, like I said, the wings…they bother people. Mimete: And just like I said, I think they’re cute. And so are you. Castiel: Oh…*blushes* I don’t hear that too often. Mimete: Well I’ll make sure to say it a lot more often then. Castiel: Really?
  27. 27. Mimete: If you want me to that is. Castiel: I think I might like that. Mimete: Good. I’m glad to hear it. Castiel: This is nice, I’m glad you came over Mimi. Mimete: Mimi? Already? I think I’m gonna like you Cas.
  28. 28. Mimete: VERY…glad I came over…
  29. 29. Meanwhile, back home… Ani-Mei: Where am I? Why am I here? WHO ARE YOU?? “I had to tell you…I had to see you…” Ani-Mei: Why do you haunt my dreams, even when I’m awake?
  30. 30. Gabriel looked at his sister, his heart breaking. She didn’t remember who he was…or what she was. “I’m Gabriel, and you don’t remember me but I know you so well; dear sister.” Ani-Mei: What? I don’t have any siblings…do I? Gabriel: I’m your brother, your younger brother.
  31. 31. Ani-Mei: Why should I believe you? Gabriel: Search your heart sister; and you’ll find me there. We have the same eyes, the same feelings, concern for Castiel. You know what I mean. Ani-Mei: What does my son have to do with anything? And how do you know his name? Gabriel: I saw him born, I gave you his name.
  32. 32. Ani-Mei: I’m still not sure I believe you…but you do seem to know things…I never told anyone that his name just came to me in a dream. Do you know who his father is? Gabriel: Yes, and you do too. You married him. Ani-Mei: Kaze is his father??! HOW? I met him after Castiel was born!!
  33. 33. Gabriel: Kaze is a Death Angel, albeit a Fallen One. But he did father Castiel, and he did it on the day your friend died in your living room. He was in his Grim Reaper form. We sent him down there to you…Michael and I. Ani-Mei: Why? What does that make me? Gabriel: A Fallen Angel as well, you were an Archangel like me. But you loved the mortals so much that you wanted to join them. We didn’t want to let you go, but we had to. Metatron had said it was in the Word of our Father that you be allowed to fall.
  34. 34. Ani-Mei: You didn’t answer me: Why was Castiel fathered on me by Kaze? Gabriel: He has a very special purpose to fulfill. He had to be born in the mortal world, yet he is not really one of them. His parents are angels, so his life span will be slightly longer than an ordinary mortal’s will be. He will save them, the family line he will found will save them. Ani-Mei: What does that mean?
  35. 35. Gabriel: He will save them…from the coming Apocalypse. Ani-Mei: No…NO!! What Apocalypse??!! Gabriel flinched; “We knew that one day the mortals would go too far. Their wars, their technology; it will destroy them and that day is coming very soon. Castiel must be the candle in the darkness…” Ani-Mei: WHY? Why my boy? Gabriel: He’s an angel; a mortal-born angel. He is very special.
  36. 36. Gabriel grabbed onto her as she began to cry. “Don’t worry sister, Castiel can do this. I have faith in him because he was raised by you.” Ani-Mei: Will I get to see him? Will he be alright? Gabriel: You can…but you must not interfere with his mission at all costs. You aren’t an angel with power anymore, you could be vulnerable if the other side find outs who you are. Raphael will protect Castiel and his family if the demons try anything.
  37. 37. Ani-Mei: Do you swear by it? Gabriel: I never lie, I can’t lie. Raphael is young but he is capable, I trust him wholly. Ani-Mei: Will I get to see you too? Gabriel: Only when you dream…I’m sorry. I can’t be down there with you.
  38. 38. “This is the way it has to be. Castiel has time still, he has to graduate first. He will need the advantages.” ******