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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt. 4


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Castiel's final years of college before the Apocalypse begins.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Prologue pt. 4

  1. 1. Caryl: Wait a minute here!! You’re not a hot guy!! Who are you?? Crumplebutt: You harlot…I’ll teach you for wishing for more depravity!! Caryl: Yeah? You and what army you old bat? You’re gonna break a hip.
  2. 2. Caryl: Seriously…this is not funny anymore go away!! Crumplebutt: Why I never!! I’ll have to school you on proper etiquitte… Caryl: Eti-what?
  3. 3. Caryl: Take that!! And that!! And some of this!! Crumplebutt: OWW!! NO biting!! Caryl: MY EYE!! Crumplebutt: My back just went out!! Mercy? Caryl: Mercy is for the weak!! RAWRR!!
  4. 4. Crumplebutt: And THAT’S how we do it old skool. Ya dig? Caryl: By god…how in the hell can I lose to a 150 year old fossil? This is humiliating… Crumplebutt: Harlot. Caryl: Witch!!
  5. 5. Caryl: And she totally won…how is that possible Malcolm? Malcolm: Crumplebutt is not human my dear. Everyone knows that. Caryl: I didn’t. Can we make out now? Malcolm: Thought you would never ask. Lover number 14? 15? I lost count a long time ago…
  6. 6. Caryl: Mmm…puffy neon vest guy… Puffy Neon Vest Guy: Keep me in mind after you graduate sweetheart. Caryl: Huh? Oh sure. Count on it.
  7. 7. Caryl: Erik…I love the tats. Did I ever tell you that? Erik: No but do go on. I knew they would look good. Caryl: They do. Erik: Kojiro was wrong, heh.
  8. 8. Caryl: Now this is what I call some personalized service. Delivery Guy: I don’t do it for everyone, just you. Caryl: You can fill my fridge anytime… Delivery Guy: Lovely pun my dear.
  9. 9. Castiel: Avast ye scurvy dogs!! I be taking over this tub!! *cannon sounds, swords clinking* Caryl: Cas!! I gotta pee!! Go plunder and pillage somewhere else!! Castiel: Almost done ye old sea hag!! Black Bart is on the run!! Caryl: OUT!!
  10. 10. Castiel: Aye me mateys, we be takin’ shore leave. The sea hag is angry. Don’t be stealin’ me rum now!! Caryl: CAS!! NOW WOULD BE NICE!! Castiel: Aye aye…dropping anchor.
  11. 11. Castiel: Rowing the boats ashore, dropping anchor. Glub, glub, glub. Caryl: ARGHH!! DAMN YOU!! GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!! Castiel: Fine, ruin my fun why don’t you…
  12. 12. Castiel: *sigh* I really hate this game…it’s so boring…but mom said I need the logic…
  13. 13. Caryl: I thought you hated this game. Castiel: I do, but the telescope is expensive so it’s this. Caryl: Hmm. Castiel: But, I get the feeling this will be the last I’ll ever see of this game. Caryl: All glowy? Castiel: Yep. All glowy.
  14. 14. Castiel: So Junior year is over one more year to go. What do I want to do after college now? Caryl: Junior year is over, and I need four more lovers…decisions, decisions…
  15. 15. Gypsy: This is supposed to be for the sister…but the Founder could make so much better use of this gift than she could. He still has no idea what is coming…
  16. 16. Gypsy: He will know what to Lift first…it will come to him soon enough.
  17. 17. Castiel: Why did they have to make the Senior year Physics assignments so tough? Man…
  18. 18. Castiel: Am I really cut out for Physics? I’d rather play music. Although I’ve stuck with it this long, why not see it through to the end?
  19. 19. Castiel: Maybe after this I’ll practice some of my magic skills. They are woefully underdeveloped…
  20. 20. Castiel: Man, why does this Throne of Light have so many steps? June said it was the most difficult thing to craft…it’s also the most useful apparently…I’ll take her word for it. Something tells me I may have use for it some day…
  21. 21. Castiel: Hey…slow down there. I really should watch my emotions, this thing reacts like lightning to me. I’ll have to remember that for the future.
  22. 22. Caryl: Thanks, I needed this. Final year is so stressful you know? Lover 17: I wouldn’t actually, I’m still a Freshman until someone makes me playable. Caryl: What? Lover 17: Never mind.
  23. 23. The next night… Lover 18: A rose? For me? Caryl…you shouldn’t have. Caryl: Only the best for the greatest mascot ever. Lover 18: Really? You think I’m the greatest? Better than the second string blue vests? Caryl: Totally. Red is the colour of love baby.
  24. 24. The day after that… Caryl: Mmm… Lover 19: Do you graduate soon? I’d love to see you again. Caryl: Soon, one more semester to go then I’m an official college graduate. Lover 19: Call me when you get out? Caryl: Sure honey.
  25. 25. Caryl: I’m so glad you came Koji…I missed you. Kojiro: Really? Caryl: Yes, and you know what? Being with you makes me feel all glowy. Kojiro: Glowy? Caryl: Yeah, like I’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.
  26. 26. Caryl: You’ve made me permanently happy Koji-berry. Kojiro: Koji-berry? I like it strangely enough. Caryl: Good. Kojiro: You get to graduate, I’m jealous. Caryl: Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough.
  27. 27. Castiel: Seriously, who schedules semester exams at 1 in the morning?
  28. 28. Caryl: Pssh, who says you can’t go to an exam in your bathrobe? Well they should schedule me for an 8 am exam then…
  29. 29. Castiel: At least this was the last one…I’m an official college graduate now. Summa Cum Laude, mom will be so proud. Caryl: Haha, Cas had to get up at 2 am this time…me I’m just awesome enough to have a 9 am one. Home free baby yeah!! I wonder how many Intelligence posts they’ll be for a newly graduated Summa Cum Laude?
  30. 30. Castiel: Have a good time sis. Call me when you get settled okay? Caryl: I’m just going to move back in with mom and Kaze till I get my own place you know. Why are you hanging around here? I thought you’d be long gone already. Castiel: Oh, I just have some things to take care of. I couldn’t find anyone to hold the house so I’m going to see if the college can look after it for me. Caryl: Have fun baby bro. I’m outta here.
  31. 31. Castiel: Well the college said they would watch the house but I had to clear it out first. I have to sell everything here. I’m a little worried about leaving this place vacant…it’s a nice little house…oh well. It’s college property now, I guess that they’ll turn it into something.
  32. 32. Meanwhile… Ani-Mei: I can’t concentrate on this. Caryl called, she’s coming home. Which means she’s graduated…and so has Castiel… Kaze: My love, are you scared? Ani-Mei: I’m terrified!! I have to tell him what he’s got to do!! The Apocalypse…it’s begun and he has no idea what’s going on!! Oh, I wish I had told him sooner…
  33. 33. Kaze: We’re going to have to hide a lot of our things here, the military and the national guard are cracking down on restricted items…we don’t want to be thrown in jail. Ani-Mei: We have them though!! What are we going to do? Kaze: Selling will do no good, no one will want to be caught with them…we have to throw them out somewhere…how I hate wasting good things…my violin. I’m going to use one of my Inventory spots on it, I can’t bear to part with it.
  34. 34. Kaze: I will miss this melody. I love it so. Ani-Mei: So do I, it’s so pretty. Kaze: What will you save? Ani-Mei: My books, I—I would hate it if they were burned.
  35. 35. Endless winter, no more will the birds fly… Isolated, fearful, Struggling to survive… One must take a stand, one must show that life can thrive… For as long as he’s alive… Hope will shine through the grey, dreary skies.
  36. 36. Castiel: How I hate this game…
  37. 37. And so it begins. Castiel is alone, in his Apocalypse shelter, awaiting the day when he lifts Hopelessness and Tuesday for the phones to clear so he can start his life with his beloved Mimete. His Hopelessness task is to lift Paranormal. As a warlock, he needs it to be lifted first. I had wanted him to lift either Science or Architecture but neither one showed up and his degree would limit the choice even more to just Science. So I will forego that little Apoca-Borg rule.