Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 12


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The Apocalypse in Angel's Haven returns with Episode 12.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 12

  1. 1. Those who try to forget their past, often find that it always catches up to them in the end…
  2. 2. Melissa: Where does the time go? Isaiah: Indeed… Melissa: What? No rhyme? Isaiah: I got nothing…
  3. 3. Theresa: I have pink footie pj’s!! Esther: Do I have to keep the pigtails? Theresa: You got pink too? Cool!!
  4. 4. Their celebration was short lived though…it was time for Taz to join Eve. Taz: Wha-what are you? Kuolema: Kaze-senpai sent me for you, it’s time for you to join Eve. Taz: Kaze? Kuolema: My senpai.
  5. 5. Cain: No…not you too!! Why does everyone have to leave me? Melissa: Oh Taz… Leah: Grandpa!! Jeremiah: Where are you going?? Don’t leave!!
  6. 6. Margaret: Daddy!! No!! Taz: This is so hard for me, to see my children cry… Kuolema: Death rarely is easy, especially in an Apocalypse. Taz: I know, but still…
  7. 7. Tazama Angel (nee Walter) Aged: 86 days Father of: Margaret, Isaiah, Joseph Grandfather of: Leah, Jeremiah, Esther, Theresa, Hope, (also David and Rachel) He brought back exercise and a way to restore the muscle mass lost during the radioactive fall out. He gave Mimi’s Army and the A.H.R. back their much needed exercise equipment. He will not be forgotten.
  8. 8. With the passing of both Eve and Tazama Angel, the small town of Angel’s Haven commissioned two new community lots in memoriam of the courageous couple. A new restaurant named Eve’s Garden, and a brand new gym named the Tazama Angel Memorial Gym. Everyone can now benefit from the restoration of athletic training machines. The town will continue to support the Angel family as they work tirelessly to restore the world to the way it was before.
  9. 9. Kaze: So this is what they did to remember Taz huh? Very nice. It looks like it’s a huge hit already with the Townies who were looking for a place like this to build their strength back up.
  10. 10. Kaze: Didn’t expect to see a seraph here though… Keika: Must…run…two…more…miles…*huffhuff* Jan: I wanted that treadmill…
  11. 11. “That’s strange…black wings? And no one is noticing him?”
  12. 12. “Excuse me, maybe you can help me. I’m looking for someone. I heard he was here in Angel’s Haven.” Kaze: You can see me? How? “Doesn’t everyone see you? Kaze: No…so I’ll ask you again, how can you see me?
  13. 13. “I have certain abilities…so anyway I’m looking for a man named Fricorith Tricou, do you know him?” Kaze: Who are you and what kind of powers do you have? Eirene: I’m Eirene Reed, I’m the Greek Peace Goddess. Fricorith is my husband. Kaze: How did you get here? No Greek gods have power in Angel’s Haven.
  14. 14. Eirene: I am also a White Witch. Kaze: The Archangels have total control over the magic in this town, how did you manage to keep yours? Eirene: Is this an interrogation now? Do you know him or not? Kaze: I’m a Death Angel, I have to figure out how you managed to keep your powers here. Eirene: Look, if you want to know so badly how about we take a seat somewhere? Get some coffee?
  15. 15. Kaze: Okay, so explain. Eirene: I come from a long line of Greek gods, their blood flows in my veins. I am the tenth heiress of a legacy started by my predecessor Diamos. When the disaster hit, the Greek gods fled back to Olympus. They left Earth in order to save themselves from discovery by the Archangels, on Zeus’s orders. I stayed on Earth, to make sure my family and friends were safe. Then I found out Fricorith wasn’t in Greece anymore, so I set out with my parents to track him down. Kaze: Weren’t you afraid of the Archangels finding you too?
  16. 16. Eirene: They did find me, as Peace Goddess I talked to them first rather than just suddenly appearing here. It’s not in my nature to be combative. They told me I could stay and find Fricorith but I would not be allowed to use my goddess powers for any reason. They placed a lock on my goddess powers but left my white magic powers unlocked. They told me it was now allowed because there was no more Paranormal restriction in place, whatever that meant. Ani-Mei is the one who locked my goddess powers. Kaze: My wife? She knew you were here?
  17. 17. Eirene: She’s your wife? What happened to Adahy? Kaze: Who? Eirene: She didn’t tell you? Kaze: No…apparently there’s a few things she “neglected” to tell me it seems. Eirene: I’m sorry, I thought you knew.
  18. 18. Kaze: The one you’re looking for isn’t here but try the restaurant Eve’s Garden, he may be there. I have to go have a few words with my wife… Eirene: Thank you. Kaze: Thanks for the coffee. Waiter: Your chili ma’me. Eirene: Thank you.
  19. 19. Eirene didn’t find Fricorith here but she did notice that there seemed to be a lot of beings here that most people would not normally see. The red winged ones were apparently called Seraphs while the white winged ones were Archangels. Only those related to Cupid, like herself had wings where she was from but there seems to be a whole other sub group of winged beings here in Angel’s Haven. She had thought the name of the place was derived from a founding family, but it looked like she was wrong about that…
  20. 20. And affections weren’t limited by species either, the blond Seraph and the brunette Archangel were putting on quite the public show, even if no one could see them but her. They reminded her of how she and Fricorith were together, very much in love. Pony: Mine. Raphael: Indeed.
  21. 21. Although some things should be left to the privacy of one’s own home… Pony: Mmm, my angel boy <3 Raphael: P—Pony…can’t breathe…
  22. 22. Sam: Honestly Pony…let the poor boy breathe. Raphael: *waves weakly* Pony: Sorry…can’t help myself. ******
  23. 23. Meanwhile… Yumi: I can’t believe they’re already going to be crawling…Yuki-chan, you must be so proud of them. Yuki: I only wish their father could be here to see this…he’s missed so much of their lives already. Yumi: You know he can’t find out about them, it would ruin him…
  24. 24. Drake: This brings back memories… Ileira: Are you alright sir? Drake: Yes, fine. Terri: Are they yours or something? Drake: Mind your own business.
  25. 25. David Himura (in tux, I think…) Virgo 10/1/9/3/3 Rachel Himura (prison stripes) Aries 5/8/6/3/3 Definitely Isaiah’s kids…and how I miss being able to change clothes and hair. >_<
  26. 26. I’ll find you…I won’t stop searching, I feel you close to me…my master…my lord, my love…I am coming to you. Do you feel me too? Can you sense my presence? Can you feel my heart calling out to yours? I’m so close now, closer than I have been in a long time. Our bond is growing stronger and stronger, our Blood Tie…
  27. 27. “That same dream again? That’s every night this month. What does it mean? Erica: It means my master is close, I don’t know what else it could be. “And you’re sure he’s here?” Erica: Toby, I know. I can hear his thoughts when I sleep. We’re so close.
  28. 28. Toby: It just sounds weird to me. I mean, doesn’t that freak you out? Erica: I tracked him to this town, I even managed to get a transfer here. I’m surprised they are still allowing people into the college, the education system is still a huge mess. Toby: They said those who were already here could finish up their degrees, but until someone becomes an Education Minister again, no one else will be admitted. At least they let us keep our dorms and residences…
  29. 29. Erica: What I don’t get is why they let you in here with me. Didn’t you have a dorm already? Toby: I did, but the heavy snowfall collapsed the roof in and they had to relocate us. I asked to be put here with you. Because who else will be there with a heavy black blanket to protect you from the sunlight? You need me. Erica: I can manage, it only hurts a bit…the winter sun is weaker but still stings like a bitch if it hits me.
  30. 30. Toby: Besides, you’re an amazing girl Erica. I’m surprised that you would even want to share a house with fat dork like me. Erica: You’re not a dork Toby, you’re my only friend here. Toby: Even if I am the one who has to eat all the food so it doesn’t go bad? I’m fat because of it. Erica: You could always stop buying so much in the first place.
  31. 31. Erica: It’s harder for me to keep taking the blood packs from the med labs here on campus, I’m afraid the hospital will start getting suspicious of why they are ordering so much. Director Angel doesn’t like her inventory coming up short. Toby: They have to be aware that this town has vampires in it… Erica: I don’t know, but what if they do know? I just don’t want to be hunted down by those hunters I’ve heard about…I’m a Fanged, therefore I HAVE to be killed…
  32. 32. Toby: Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from them. Erica: Toby, I already told you not to do that. I don’t want to see you get hurt, or worse, killed protecting me. Toby: It’s my choice Erica. Erica: I don’t want to bear the responsibility of your death too…
  33. 33. Toby: Then I’ll just have to make sure I don’t die then won’t I? Erica: Toby…don’t be absurd… Toby: I’m not, I’m making you a promise. I won’t die. Erica: You don’t know that… Toby: Trust me, I won’t die on you. I’ve seen worse when the Apocalypse first hit.
  34. 34. He played their conversation over and over in his head, at the time it sounded cool and he did want to score points with the beautiful vampire princess who slept in the next room, but in truth he was terrified that she might be right about these hunters. They have no tolerance for Fanged or for those who sympathize with them, in the hunters’ eyes both are equally guilty and unclean. He did some research on them, these hunters were vicious and cruel and would raze towns if they thought there were Fanged hiding in it…even with the re-establishment of Law and Order in Angel’s Haven, the hunters seemed to be above it all.
  35. 35. They would kill him easily if he came up against their best hunter. He didn’t feel confident enough that he would last ten seconds in a fight with Nos Jeung. His fluctuating weight didn’t help either, but his body refused to let go of any weight he put on, survival instincts forbade it. Another topic he was researching was how to still maintain strength under it. He wanted to do anything he could to protect Erica, they had only been roommates for two years now but he felt like she was more than a friend to him, he was in love with her.
  36. 36. There was a lot of information on the campus website, mostly from the Athletics Department. They had implemented new training sessions based on how Tazama Angel did his during his time as Hall of Famer. Although there were no new students to teach it to, they wanted to be prepared. Rumours were circulating that one of the fourth generation Angel kids would be restoring the Education system when they were old enough. It was a great relief to the staff at Sims State.
  37. 37. Elsewhere on campus… Meredith: What do you mean we have to leave campus? Ocean: I’m just relaying what I heard, they want us to leave. Ivy: Why? Ocean: Our campus housing is too close to the mountain, their telemetry up there is saying that the mountain is shifting…an avalanche is imminent.
  38. 38. Trevor: That’s ridiculous, can’t they just relocate us somewhere else? Ocean: No, apparently there’s a housing shortage because of the collapsed roof on the dorm. There’s no room for us. Meredith: We just finished our Freshman year, I mean come on? I don’t want to leave. Ivy: They said we had to. And I’m ready to go, my dream job doesn’t need a degree anyway.
  39. 39. Ocean: We haven’t had any luck trying to find Fricorith from here anyway, maybe it’s a good thing we’re leaving. Meredith: Yeah…that’s true. Out in the world, someone must have heard something about where he is. Ocean: I bet if we pool all our money we can get a great house in town. That’s the best place to hear things about our wayward cousin.
  40. 40. Erica: What’s this? I guess I’m not the only one who’s looking for Fricorith Tricou. These people say they’re his cousins, but I don’t recall my master ever mentioning he had any cousins…it sounds suspicious to me…
  41. 41. Erica: Clever of them to post on these Art Department forums though…I should keep an eye on these so called “cousins” just in case they want to hurt my master in any way. ******
  42. 42. Eve and Tazama, together in the Afterlife once more. They were the ones who saved my Apocalypse so it’s like saying goodbye to my founding couple all over again. *sigh* In case you were wondering, I do have a marble tombstone default replacement set in my game, not that the white and gold weren’t pretty, just wanted something different for a change. But they did both die perma-plat.
  43. 43. LOTP: Do not mess with me mongrel. I am the King of the Pack around here…grr. Also don’t piss off the LOTP, Allegra will think twice now. /random pics.
  44. 44. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: With so many people from the past looking for Fricorith, and the demons still being unnaturally quiet, what will happen next in Angel’s Haven? And why does it seem that Fricorith is the link between everyone?