Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 10


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Generation four arrives!!

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 10

  1. 1. Last time we saw the vampire hunters closing in on the Fanged that they had come to Angel’s Haven to hunt. While at the Crypto Club looking to draw out their target, Fricorith Tricou, Drake and the twins Yuki and Yumi ran into Danava who relished in the chance to tease Drake on the loss of his family. She claims that it was the demons who sent them to the hungry Tricou vampire but whether or not that is true, remains to be seen. Yuki also managed to glean some crucial information from Isaiah about his family and why his uncles were not aging like his mother was, they came to the conclusion that they were Fanged… We now tune in to see just what kind of power that will give to the vampire hunters.
  2. 2. Margaret: Well? Any good news brother? Joseph: I do have some, you’re now looking at the first Mayor of Angel’s Haven!! We can finally expand the house just like mom wanted. Margaret: Well until Isaiah comes back with the good news of becoming the new Law in town, we really can’t do much. And I’m still climbing my ladder, I have to be the one who will enforce those news laws he’s going to make. Joseph: Sure, rain on my parade sis…
  3. 3. However…Eve had little time to celebrate Joseph’s accomplishments. Eve: You…I wish you could have let me at least see the new house. Kaze didn’t reply right away, he had told the others that he would collect his granddaughter tonight. “I’m sorry Evie…I really am.”
  4. 4. Eve: Grandpa? Is that you? Kaze: Yes baby, it’s me. Eve: Where have you been? I was afraid you were dead!! Are grandma and mom and dad still alive too? Kaze: Your grandmother is…but not your parents. They have gone to a better place, it’s where you’re headed. You did well Evie…really well.
  5. 5. Isaiah: MOMMY!! NOO!! Eve: Damnit, why did you have to come down now? Isaiah, honey…I’m proud to see you working towards becoming the Law…I can die happy knowing that. Kaze: He—he can’t hear you Evie…if Cain were down here, he could hear you. Eve: Oh!! Cain and Adam!! Grandpa! I can’t go without saying goodbye to them!! Kaze: You have to…I’m sorry.
  6. 6. And with that, we say good bye to my second generation heiress. Her journey to outrun the demons brought her to a new place, though with the same problem. She lifted Culinary, brought food and preservatives back to the despondent people of the Apocalypse, she raised triplets in a sneaky way to avoid having three separate pregnancies before there was food to keep her alive. She married Tazama Walter, the man she met here in Angel’s Haven after the loss of her first husband. She was 75. And she will be missed…by all who knew her.
  7. 7. Margaret: She can’t…mommy can’t be gone… Isaiah: She never got to see the new house, she wanted to so much… Margaret: She didn’t get to see me fly to work…I—I think she would have loved to see me fly. Isaiah: …
  8. 8. When Cain woke up, he was devastated that he missed his beloved older sister going. His immortality felt like a curse, more so now than ever. He would still be alive when his nephew was old, when his great-nieces and nephews died off…he would live. Adam, Adam must know too. He will still be around long after Isaiah and everyone was gone. Even their friends in the A.H.R. and Mimi’s Army…
  9. 9. I’ve never had a feeling so right Like I have with you Can’t explain the things you do But boy when you tell me you love me softly too…
  10. 10. It’s like I knew we were meant to be So for eternity you will have a part of me And all I need is for you to stay right here with me – yeah..
  11. 11. Time goes by but we stand still (know it does, I know it does) Love you for eternity I will (I will) I know that we were meant to be (we were meant to be, my love) That’s how I feel when you’re with me…
  12. 12. You are the reason my heart beats And no I never thought, I would fall so deep But now I see that the love we share Is oh so sweet…
  13. 13. What if I told you that I believe (believe) That you are my soul, my destiny (my destiny, yeah) What if I was to say In every way Deep in my heart is where you’ll be (time)…
  14. 14. Time goes by but we stand still (I’m still right here) Love you for eternity I will ( I’ll never go) I know that we were meant to be (we were meant to be) That’s how I feel when you’re with me…
  15. 15. As you hold me close so tenderly And watch you fall asleep I see in you the one who now completes (you’re the one) The half of me I used to be (I used to be)…
  16. 16. Yeah Time goes by but we stand still Love you for all eternity I will (eternity I will) I know that we were meant to be (were meant to be) That’s how I feel when you’re with me (feel when you’re with me baby)…
  17. 17. Time goes by but we stand still (but we always stand still, babe) Love you for all eternity I will (stand still babe, and I know) I know that we were meant to be (yes we were) That’s how I feel when you’re with me…
  18. 18. Time goes by but we stand still Love you forever, yes I will I know that we’re meant to be That’s how I feel baby.
  19. 19. Song: Time Goes By Artist(s): Spice Girls Album: Forever She will be missed. 
  20. 20. The next day the heir and new head of the family returned as the new Law in town. Meaning that the Politics, Law Enforcement, and Slacker rules are no longer just suppressed. They can be fully lifted without consequences. Isaiah: I am the Law, which means that the flaws in the system can now be corrected. Though the Grim Spectre took my mother’s body, her soul will live on in me…and my children.
  21. 21. Despite Eve’s death the house did get a bit of an expansion. Not much, I didn’t go crazy. It’s still three stories, and 8x8 but there’s more room now that I moved the car out into its own car port and extended the sides for a door that wasn’t route-blocking everyone. They have a decent sized kitchen/dining area on the first floor.
  22. 22. The second floor has the beds for six and a larger bathroom for Melissa’s lift of Medical, I need showers damnit, it’s been four generations already! There is a patio/balcony thing over the car but right now there’s no door to get out to it, I has planz for that space *coughhottubcough*. And/ or a telescope once I lift Music which is planned for generation four.
  23. 23. Third floor is Cain’s coffin and cribs. Also another expanded bathroom for a shower/tub combo. Well, this was how it looked after the lifts…but if the eagle-eyed readers noticed; in Isaiah’s Career Topped picture the house was green outside. I’ll tell you that after two generations in this house post-rebuild, it didn’t stop the lagging and weird glitches from showing up. Isaiah would get stuck somewhere and actions would drop out of his queue, there was an invisible jump roper on the second floor that I could not see, nor get rid of with the Bat Box or Sim Blender so they packed up and moved to a new lot location. Eve’s ghost came out once but I had to do a Force Errors to try to unstick Isaiah and it glitched her…so I haven’t seen her ghost since I moved them. I hope I didn’t bork it…
  24. 24. And the last walls up shot and roofing of the old tower. I still had the stuff on the fourth floor that I wasn’t using, I forgot there were cribs up there and bought new ones. Oh well. *shrug*
  25. 25. But life goes on, and soon generation four was ready to appear. I said before that for the next three generations there has to be four kids born to stay on target for my 30 required lifts…well I COULD Quad Melissa here, or do two sets of twins… Melissa like Eve, is Romance but she has Family secondary so that’s why she’s got the nice, big +8000 boost here. Which is good since she’ll never get that LTW of 20 Lovers…and I lost Castiel’s Genie lamp when my games died and I haven’t gotten a new one since the rebuild.
  26. 26. Melissa: Who’s bright idea was it to give birth in a snowstorm!!?? Christy: The baby’s I guess. I’m here for you Mel, I’ll be your midwife!! Isaiah: Oh great miracle of life, born in a frozen world of death and pain... Melissa: ARGHH!! C’mere so I can strangle someone!! Isaiah: Beloved, the pain shall soon pass and all will be right again.
  27. 27. Melissa: Hold it right there Edgar Allen Poe, take this one would you? Isaiah: This one? Melissa: Yes, that one!! I’m not done!! No…I didn’t plan this…
  28. 28. Joseph: Wait a second…how come I gotta hold the kid? ISAIAH!! Your wife is still puffing here!! Isaiah: Chills overtake my body, the thrills…not so much. Christy: Oh come on!! That was lame!! Isaiah: Alas, the uncultured have no grasp of my art.
  29. 29. Twins…not quads. Did you really think I’d choose that? Naw, I’m good with two right now. Say hello to the first of generation four, a boy named Jeremiah and a girl named Leah. Leah has actual black hair and not custom from what I’ve seen, and Jeremiah is a brunette like his mom. This generation will have another female heir so if no other girls are born in the next two kids, Leah is my heiress. I alternate gender heirs, it just makes things easier when finding spouses. Education is on the agenda for generation four so the fifth generation kids will have high school and college again!! YAY!!
  30. 30. Joseph: There, there now…Uncle Joe’s got you little man. Great campaign shot for the Mayor of Angel’s Haven don’t you think? He really does love his nephew and niece. Soon enough though he may have to move out, while I do have the larger households hack, the lag of having so many in the house gets to me sometimes. So when Joseph here leaves, he’ll be taking Balin with him. Balin has done his lift, even if the AL coding gypped me of my proper lift shot…
  31. 31. And what does Mel do once she’s not pregnant anymore? LIFTS MEDICAL!! Melissa: I have found a way to re-purify the waters soiled by the radiation. I really do miss showers. And now we can also dispose of wastes properly with trash compactors, dishwashers, litter boxes and of course changing tables. Bout damn time…only been waiting four generations…
  32. 32. Showers!! And change tables!!
  33. 33. And bath tubs oh my!! Also dishwashers, trash compactors, birth control and litter boxes (not that I missed them all that much) since all my cats were potty trained before I got them. :D
  34. 34. The others in Angel’s Haven took advantage of the new lifted restrictions and expanded their tower. The A.H.R. especially were looking forward to the new pleasures that the world before the Apocalypse took for granted.
  35. 35. Yuka: I was actually pleased that Dr. Angel was able to help restore the fresh water supply. She was particularly interested in what I was doing before. Kisuke: Found a kindred soul have you doctor? Yuka: Of course, Melissa is great to have around. As Chief of Staff she’s more willing to listen to what I have to say about how I managed before.
  36. 36. Kisuke: Well I’m still going to consider you my doctor Yuka. Yuka: I’m glad. Kisuke: No one knows me better than you, and I don’t want to trust anyone else who has no idea what it was like to live in a devastated zone. Yuka: Still paranoid?
  37. 37. Skeet: Well yeah, I mean we got a few luxuries back but that hardly means the world is alright again. What about those reports we’ve gotten from Eric? The vampire attacks at the Crypto Club? And why haven’t we seen hide nor hair of the demons in forever? Kisuke: All good questions Skeet, and that does concern me too. Why have the demons been so quiet? What are they planning?
  38. 38. Anya: Ja, I agree. Vhat are they after? Yuka: We have to still be on our guard, just because there’s law and order again doesn’t mean everyone is suddenly going to get along and play nice. After all, Margaret can’t be everywhere even if she is Captain Hero. Anya: I see, vell I still have contacts wiz the army. I chose to follow Ms. Mimete in the army.
  39. 39. Skeet: Maybe we can actually attract more police officers to the area. We can put out a call once a week for recruitments. Margaret can’t be expected to be the only Captain Hero around here, she can’t be everywhere like you said. Kisuke: Maybe, but we won’t know what the Angels are planning until we talk to them again. I asked Isaiah to keep me in the loop after…Eve. She was the one who really brought us all together. Skeet: Yeah…she was great. I’m going to miss her quips and chess cheating. *sigh*
  40. 40. They were right about one thing, Margaret can’t be everywhere at once and she would have a heavy burden to bear as Captain Hero all alone…which is why her uncle Cain’s old friend Steven Cwik has been seen around New Angel Tower a lot recently. Margaret wanted to have her own life, her duty to the restoration was done and now it was her turn to have something to herself. She wasn’t going to quit being Captain Hero though, Isaiah had been reluctant to let his triplet sister go but even he knew that Joseph and Margaret deserved their own lives. He was in charge now, they all looked to him.
  41. 41. Isaiah had no intention of making her stay behind in the Tower, he had more than enough help around the house with Cain and his father Taz. Since Eve died Taz began to devote his time and energy to his grandchildren and helping his son with child care. He had turned in his resignation as Hall of Famer to spend his remaining years with his family. Eve never got to see her first grandchild and so he was determined to love them enough for both of them. He was younger than Eve, but that never bothered them. And he wanted his daughter to be happy, she deserved it.
  42. 42. And with the twins growing up so fast, he knew where he belonged…he was thrilled to learn that Melissa was pregnant again too.
  43. 43. Jeremiah Angel Aries 5/9/6/3/4 Leah Angel Scorpio 10/8/10/3/3
  44. 44. Soon after the twins’ birthday, Joseph told his brother that he too wanted to move out of the house. He would continue as Mayor while living with Margaret and Steven he would also take Balin with him when he left. Isaiah was saddened to see him go but he wasn’t going to stop him. He was at least happy that Joseph wanted to live with Margaret. Triplets didn’t really do well separated. That left only six in the main house, Isaiah, Melissa, Taz, Cain, Jeremiah and Leah. Cain was also free to leave if he wanted to, but for some reason Cain refused…
  45. 45. Cain wouldn’t tell him why, but then again he wasn’t going to push his uncle to leave if he really didn’t want to. After all, this is his home too. It did make him feel a little better knowing that Cain would be here with his father and the twins, if something happened to Taz like if he falls or something, at least Cain will be here to help. Eternal winter also meant eternal ice and snow, dangerous slipping hazards for the elderly.
  46. 46. Steven proposed to Margaret as soon as they were settled in their new place. It was surprising that Steven also wanted to be Captain Hero, perhaps the two were meant to be together all along…
  47. 47. Joseph: I’m happy for you sis…but I do have one question though. Margaret: What’s that? Joseph: Who will take care of any kids you guys might end up having? Margaret: I don’t know, maybe our schedules will work out so we don’t have to worry about it.
  48. 48. Margaret: How did he know? But this isn’t really timed that well, no one will be here when the baby is born…so someone is going to have to quit…I never thought I’d miss having Uncle Cain around at a time like this.
  49. 49. While things were looking better for the Angels, others who had to deal with the new law and order established by them weren’t so happy…one particular group was definitely not happy…
  50. 50. Drake: WHAT IN GOD’S NAME HAVE YOU DONE?!? HOW? Yumi: Drake-sama… Drake: How could you do this to us? To me? Someone better do some serious explaining here!! Yumi: Drake-sama if you would just let me…
  51. 51. Drake: Does Nos know? Did you even tell him? Yumi: He knows, and he is not happy either. But there is an upside to this… Drake: How so? Yumi: We have an edge Drake-sama.
  52. 52. Yumi: Yuki-chan did her job, she got him to trust her enough to…do that. Drake: Really? So that kid is his? Yuki: Hai, Drake-sama. He doesn’t know yet, it happened before the contraceptives were released. Drake: Do I want to know how you got Isaiah to go for this?
  53. 53. Drake: So we are going to have our own blood heir to the Angels? How fitting…how did you do it? Yuki: It wasn’t hard…but then again he almost didn’t go for it. I used a special drug that Nos-sama gave us to use on particularly hard-to-get-clients…I slipped it into his drink when he came to see me. Drake: He came to see you?
  54. 54. Yuki: Isaiah…I mean the target was easily fooled, the fact that he knows so little about the outside world worked to my advantage. I told him a tale about how I had lost all my money coming here to escape some bad people back home and he fell for it, he believed every word. Which is really half-true…I did want to escape some men back on Okinawa who tried to take advantage of me…
  55. 55. Drake: So, I was right about you…you do know how to handle men. I hope you won’t be stupid enough to try anything like that on me. Yuki: Of course not Drake-sama, never. Drake: Good, because we would have a problem if you did. So go on…how did you get him into bed? Yuki: I played good hostess, offered him some hot chocolate to warm up from the cold. I put it in his drink.
  56. 56. Drake: And you’re sure he won’t come back after the drug wears off? How can you be certain of that? Yuki: He won’t come back, he might remember something but I doubt it would be enough to realize that this is his child… Drake: I see, and I do hope for your sake he doesn’t come back here and expect to claim his child.
  57. 57. Yumi: He never has to know that the child is his. Yuki can say the baby is someone else’s, if he asks. Drake: Hmm. Well either way, we have a child with direct blood ties to an angel, and we can use that to deal with the Unholy Fanged who plague this town. No doubt that they will have abilities far beyond that of a normal human’s. Yumi: Yes…that’s a possibility. But then again the child may not have any powers at all. We don’t know for sure.
  58. 58. Drake: Well done with the Angel boy, keep me in the loop if that child shows anything remotely superhuman. Yuki: Of course Drake-sama. Drake: Good.
  59. 59. Once he left, Yuki sat down. Her eyes brimming with tears. Yumi: What’s wrong Yuki-chan? Yuki: I—I can’t believe I lied to Drake-sama like that… Yumi: What do you mean? Yuki: I didn’t want to hurt Isaiah…Yumi-chan…I think I really do love him. He showed me kindness, and never once treated me like a whore.
  60. 60. Yuki: I am afraid of what Drake-sama wants to turn my baby into…how did we ever get mixed up in his revenge quest? I don’t remember now. Yumi: Nos-sama…he dragged us into it. He had some sort of favour he owed Drake- sama…and you know he would never leave us alone, not when we can still make him money here. Yuki: I feel dirty, filthy, what kind of mother would I be when I’m like this?
  61. 61. Yumi: I don’t know…but all you can do is be the best mother you can be to that baby, my little niece or nephew. You’re my sister and my twin Yuki-chan, and I’ll always stand by you. Yuki: I know…and that’s why I don’t feel as scared as I thought I would be. Yumi: We’ll manage Yuki-chan…I know we will.
  62. 62. Yuki: I wish I could tell Isaiah about this baby…he deserves to know. Yumi: He can’t know, it would kill him. He would have to explain to the community why he was philandering around behind his wife’s back, how would he be able to remain a pillar of hope for the people here if they knew? Yuki: He couldn’t…you’re right. I can’t tell him.
  63. 63. Yumi: So…have you thought of any names? Yuki: No, not really…do you have any suggestions? Yumi: Not right now. I hope it’s a girl though. But a boy would just as nice. Yuki: Yeah…a little girl. We could do so much together…
  64. 64. Although their secret was no longer that secret…someone knew, someone important. Gabie*: Man…the Archangels will have a field day with this information…sometimes I wish my Stealth Ninja Seraph powers didn’t let me find this super sekret stuff out… *Simself of muffinsgirl, a.k.a. Gabie, writer of the Sims 3 Just a Little Auracy. /end plug
  65. 65. Pony: Do you get the feeling we missed something super important Rflong*? Rflong: Shh, reading. Pony: How come you get the flamenco dress? I wanted the flamenco dress… Rflong: I’m special? And Ani-Mei had no more red CC dresses? *Simself of Rflong, writer of the Travelling OWBC, My Sweet Apocalypse, and a BaCC whose name escapes me now. /end plug 2
  66. 66. One more for the road, I did not plan this Gabie…I swear. Grumpy Gus, a.k.a. Michael free will flirted with your simself then the hearts when a-flying. Keika: Humph. Where’s MY ANGEL BOY ANI-MEI? HUH? *grumbles* Sorry… I don’t know who you’d want. Care to take out your own I.O.U Keika? 
  67. 67. Next time on where Angels Fear to Tread: An interesting turn of events for the Angel family wasn’t it? Will Isaiah ever learn about the baby that Yuki is carrying? Will Drake’s quest for revenge on Fricorith drag in the innocent baby of Yuki and Isaiah? What will Gabie do now that she knows about the baby? Till next time!!