The Star Healer ISBI: Chapter 2


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The mission continues...

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The Star Healer ISBI: Chapter 2

  1. 1. A Brief Recap Long time no see huh? Well, let’s see…crashing, legacy completion, Apocalypse beginnings, moving, and NaNo seemed to have been taking all my time these last few months which have left some of my other challenges like this one buried on the back burners. A refresher is in order I think:
  2. 2. Way back when… Nox’s first wife, Frankie seen here, ended up starving herself to death while carrying the spare to the ISBI line. Nox was at work and she was all alone…
  3. 3. He came home and rezzed her with the good old Bone Phone that he had swiped from La Fiesta Tech’s SS, on the off chance that something like a death would happen while he was gone…
  4. 4. Frankie then gave birth to triplet girls who made it to childhood and a new house before the next thing started to happen. The fact that Frankie was pregnant when she died with triplets probably messed up my Strangetown somehow, people were freezing left and right, no one could move, motives were dropping like rocks, and it wasn’t limited to just the ISBI house either; the whole town was becoming infected with it…
  5. 5. So I did what had to be done; I extracted Nox and Orion then nuked Strangetown. I replaced it with a new copy and set them back down into that little yellow starter house that comes with the hood and picked up where I left off…but not wanting to chance losing Orion again I had Nox remarry…
  6. 6. Enter Wife#2. Downtownie with glasses and hat, Jamie Mills. And here is where we pick up…
  7. 7. Log 11: Loneliness Sets In Orion: Father…are you sure this is a good idea? Nox: I am sure son, I loved your mother and I always will but I need someone in my life again. I do not want to risk losing you too, I would hate for you to be all alone after I am gone. Orion: Father…
  8. 8. Nox: Just give Jamie a chance son, she truly wants to be friends with you. And I sense that you will soon have a sibling to play with. Orion: I’ll try dad, but she looks a lot like mom. I don’t know it kind of feels like a betrayal of her memory to me. Nox: No son, it is not…trust me.
  9. 9. I may have told him not to worry, but perhaps it was a lie…when Jamie gave birth to multiples, everything that had happened with Frankie came back to me. They were fine, Jamie was fine, and now I had twin sons…
  10. 10. For now, I stopped worrying. My sons could sense that I was troubled and it was making them anxious as well, I wanted them to have a happy life. My three boys growing up together, to see them all graduate from this planet’s higher education program is what I longed to see, it would make me eternally happy.
  11. 11. Castor Star Healer (green) Scorpio 10/3/9/3/1 Pollux Star Healer (pink) Aries 5/8/7/3/7
  12. 12. Log 12: In Pursuit of A Higher Education Nox: This is a strange game son, why must I punch you? Orion: It’s a male bonding thing dad, you punch me I punch you back… Nox: I do not understand.
  13. 13. Nox: I do not want to harm you… Orion: As if you could old man, you scared or something? Nox: Is this part of the bonding ritual as well? Orion: Man, you sure suck all the fun out of it.
  14. 14. Nox: Ah well I am sorry. But I would like to discuss something with you. I have wanted my children to experience this high education program here, I wish to see you and your brothers graduate from college. Orion: Really? Well that’s not a big deal, we can do that. Do you want me to go now? Nox: If you want to, yes.
  15. 15. Orion: And so I came here, dad wants me to be something called a Torch Holder when I graduate so I guess it’s like being an heir or something. “I see…”
  16. 16. “This game is for squares.” Orion: What was your name again? “Moonbeam.” Orion: Seriously?
  17. 17. Moonbeam: My parents were like total new age hippies, dig? And I happen to like my name Blue Boy. Orion: I wasn’t saying it was bad, and the name’s Orion actually. Moonbeam: Seriously?
  18. 18. Orion: My dad is an alien. Moonbeam: Far out man, wanna hang? Orion: Umm, sure? Moonbeam: Groovy.
  19. 19. Orion: I think I’m going to like it here. Moonbeam: Well the dorms are a total drag man, they’re cramped and the cook burns the food at least once a day, it’s not groovy at all. Orion: I was thinking the same thing, maybe once we all pool our money we can get our own place on campus.
  20. 20. Log 13: Growing Up Nox: And once you boys are old enough, I want you to join your brother at college. Castor: College? Daddy we’ve barely begun elementary school. Pollux: What’s college?
  21. 21. Jamie: It’s your father’s dream boys, he wants you all to graduate. And I say listen to him and take his advice. I never had a chance to go to college and I wish I had. It gives you a great head start in life. Castor: Okay mommy. If you say so. Pollux: Is college like grade 2? Castor: No it’s harder…
  22. 22. Burglar: Hehe, I love legacy families, they have such great stuff to steal…hehe. *alarmalarm* Burglar: Aww, crap nuggets!!
  23. 23. Burglar: Damnit, no one said they were some sort of ISBI or whatever, who the hell robs non-legacy families? Oh that’s right, me… End Log Entry.