The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga Chapter 5.25


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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga Chapter 5.25

  1. 1. Recent excavations of the more ancient parts of Hidden City revealed a startling treasure of the forgotten past. Archeologists were all over it as soon as the dynamite blew away the last of the rock that was keeping it hidden for centuries. All throughout the ancient Aegean world every major city had its own labyrinth buried below its streets. The labyrinth was said to draw in the evil and pull it away from thepeople, trapping it within its stone walls. At the center of the labyrinth was a creature known as a minotaur. A half man-half bull creaturewho ate anyone unfortunate enough to get lost within it. This one had no minotaur at its center, having died long ago when an eruptionburied the entrances to the labyrinth, but that did not mean that all its treasures were lost…
  2. 2. General Buzz Grunt called his soldiers to order, the time had come for him to reveal to them why they were here. He had been following the newsclosely the last few weeks as the archeologists unearthed the labyrinth they had discovered here in the city. General Buzz: It’s time, for you all to know why we’re here.
  3. 3. Maggie: Does it have anything to do with all the blasting and dust that we’ve been hearing the last few weeks? Jeri: Are we part of the clean up crew? General Buzz: Yes, the blasting is part of it. And no, we won’t be helping them clean up the debris. We’re going to make use of the labyrinth, it’s all going according to my plan. Maggie: What are we going to do?
  4. 4. General Buzz: We are going to turn on its powers, it’s supposed to draw all evilinside itself and lock it away. But since there’s no minotaur this time we have to try another approach; magic. Alisandro: What do you mean magic? Dax: I don’t have a magical bone in my body.General Buzz: No doubt the gods in this city have felt the pull of the labyrinth bynow, and most of them are strong enough to avoid the temptation of it, but the younger generation doesn’t have that ability.
  5. 5. General Buzz: Gentlemen, ladies, the God of War wants the legacy line destroyed.We are going to lure the current generation into the labyrinth and it will drain them of all their power. Few know how to get out of a labyrinth and I know that these kids won’t have that advantage; they will die in there and the legacy will die with them. Dax: Cool. Alisandro: I see.
  6. 6. Maggie: Not to question you sir, but killing children…won’t that make us evilenough to get stuck in the labyrinth ourselves? How will we avoid getting sucked in too? Jeri: I never thought about that…General Buzz: Simple, we will paint runes and magical wards on our bodies that willmake us invisible to the labyrinth’s pull. Then we’ll blow the entrances up and seal them inside it forever.
  7. 7. General Buzz: After breakfast, we’ll head over there and I’ll show you just how massive this labyrinth is.Alisandro: What about the treasure that’s supposed to be inside it? Are we going to loot it? Dax: Ooh, is it expensive and valuable?General Buzz: There are plenty of treasures in there, but only one that I really care about. It’s on the upper most level, and the hardest to get to.
  8. 8. After breakfast was made, the general continued laying out his plan for his soldiers. Jeri: What is on the highest level that’s so valuable? Alisandro: Is it like solid gold or something sir?General Buzz: Much better than gold, it’s supposed to house what’s known as a God Well, or in more modern connotations; a fountain of youth.
  9. 9. Maggie: A fountain of youth? Do you want to be a god sir? General Buzz: No, not a god. This fountain gives immortality, much likethe golden apples that grew on the Tree of Life which was once located in the heart of another labyrinth before Hercules burned it down. I want tolive to serve the God of War and not be plagued by the ravages of age and death.
  10. 10. They finished their breakfast and headed out to the excavation site. Thetwo security guards were easily taken care of, no one would disturb them. Dax: Is that it general? It’s massive… General Buzz: Yes, that’s it. The labyrinth of Hidden City.
  11. 11. Alisandro: And that’s where the fountain is, on the highest level? Maggie: I have a bad feeling about this… Jeri: Me too. I don’t like the looks of that thing.
  12. 12. General Buzz: It’s beautiful isn’t it?He smiled; inside that thing was his prize, his treasure. Once the entire generation was dead, he could explore it as he pleased. He and his soldiers would make out like bandits selling off all the other treasureson the black market, they would never have to worry about money again for the rest of their lives. ******
  13. 13. Meanwhile, over at Bell’s place. Lila and Autolycus were ready to starttheir first day of school. Alcmene was getting tired of going to school onher own, now that her little brother and sister were ready to join her, she would have someone to talk to now. Keiko: Come on baby girl!! Lila: I gets big!! Autolycus: I beat you!!
  14. 14. It was also Alcmene’s birthday too. She would become a teenager today and be able to see her older cousins at school. Bell: They grow up so fast… *sigh* Lila: Come on big sis!! Let’s choose our outfits together!! Alcmene: I’m going, I’m going! Hold your Pegasus!
  15. 15. Alcmene: Uhh, pink!! I look terrible in pink!! It clashes with my hair!! Lila: I got black! Yay!! Bell: Oh no!! I’m the father of a teenage girl!!Alcmene: Relax daddy, I don’t want to be like grandpa and grandma. I want a Family and to be Popular while doing it. Oh and running 5 Top Businesses would be good too. Alcmene Morana FA/PO Gemini 0/10/9/5/1 LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses
  16. 16. First thing the next morning, Alcmene headed out to the well. Shewanted to begin her first day of high school with having her First Kiss already. She figured that the other girls would probably have theirs already and she didn’t want to be left out.
  17. 17. When the well gave her the hottest boy she’d ever seen, she couldn’tresist. After the euphoria wore off, she took a better look at him; he had wings like her father and grandfather…
  18. 18. Alcmene: Wait, do I know you? Virgil: Umm, yeah kinda. Your grandfather is the brother of mygrandmother Atalanta…talk about awkward. I’m also the heir of the eighth generation. Alcmene: Oh…yeah that is kinda awkward actually. You’re like my first cousin or something.
  19. 19. There were more birthdays over at Minos’s house, his identical twindaughters, Varia and Velasca were growing up too. As the younger ones ofthe generation, it was likely that if they felt the pull of the labyrinth that itwould trap them too. With Diamos still away on Terrenon, there was reallyno one left to protect the girls from it. Their parents were not as strong as their grandfather was.
  20. 20. So far, as the girls posed for a photo that their mother wanted; they didn’t seem too bothered by the pull. Varia (blue) and Velasca (green) were going to really give their teachers a tough time in school. Their older brother Endymion was going to have his birthday in a few days too; buthe was not as lucky as his sisters when it came to being outside the range of the labyrinth’s pull… ******
  21. 21. The ancient labyrinth…twists, turns and dead ends can leave one lost forweeks or even years if you’re really unlucky. Once there would have beena beast hunting you, a beast that knew every turn of the labyrinth that itcalled home, its prison. Many never made it three days back then, some not even an hour…
  22. 22. Centuries of volcanic and tectonic activity have unearthed this tomb. Usuallyit would be completely underground and buried beneath rocks and dirt andyou would never know how large it truly was, or if there was even a way out at the top…
  23. 23. The higher levels may be smaller in size, but that only meant the falldown to the bottom was that much more deadly. Few ever reach the third level of the labyrinth, many are long dead before they even find the ladders up to the next level…
  24. 24. If you are fortunate enough to make it all the way up to the fourth level, you will come across the God Well. Another mystical relic left behind when the Titans ruled the earth and fought the Olympians day and night. This was meant to restore the strength of either a Titan or Olympian if the constant fighting made them weary. But if a mortal were to come across the God Well, they would be given immortality all they had to do was take a drink from the emerald green water. A prize that was truly worthy of fighting for. One small sip is all it would take…
  25. 25. Although if a Titan or an Olympian were to come across the God Well, they had to be wary of the two jars that stood discreetly off to the sides of the ladder, thesejars will suck their power out and leave them weakened and easy prey for a hungry minotaur. All gods who enter this place have their powers drained; to level the playing field so to speak. Even the half gods are not immune to the jars; they lose their power just as easily as full god would. In order to receive the strength of the God Well, one had to bring with them a canteen or water skin in which to collect the water in. The power of the water works only outside the labyrinth’s walls…
  26. 26. Outside…Alisandro: Would it make any difference if I said I hate this part. Waiting for the prey to show up is not my idea of a good time. The general had told them that any of the legacy kids who were oldenough to feel the tug of the labyrinth would be coming towards it, more like be pulled towards it. It would take control of their bodies and bring them here.
  27. 27. Alisandro: Hey, I think someone’s coming. Won’t they see us sir?General Buzz: Not likely; the labyrinth has them in a sort of trance. They won’t know what’s going on until they’re inside it. Alisandro: Now that’s cool. I am so glad I’m no god.
  28. 28. Virgil and Eve came in from the left, neither of them was aware of whatwas going on or where they were. They left the temple in the middle of thenight, slipping past their parents and Morpheus who were too involved in their own affairs to notice that the kids were gone. They were compelled to walk towards the newly unearthed labyrinth, it was singing a song of such eerie beauty in their minds that it completely mystified them.
  29. 29. Jeri: Wow, they just walked right on by us. They didn’t even notice. General Buzz: Of course not. They are under the spell of the labyrinth.Maggie: Why do I have a bad feeling about this? It feels wrong somehow…
  30. 30. Borias had no idea where he had walked, he was so engrossed in his book that he didn’t even know he’d left home…
  31. 31. Ephiny had followed her twin brother here…but where was here exactly? “Borias? Borias where are you?” She called. All she got was her own echo…
  32. 32. Endymion felt the cold, damp wind blow by him. His dreams were never this real before…where was he? “Hello? Anyone here? I think I’m lost.” He called out.
  33. 33. Dalen: Alright, where the hell am I now? This isn’t the cottage…if Reias teleported me somewhere again I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!!
  34. 34. Eve: Big brother? Virgil? Hello!!! Anyone here?? Where am I?
  35. 35. Virgil: Damnit, another dead end. But hey, cool vase. Wonder how it got here…hmm. Mom might like this, she loves old crap like that.
  36. 36. Aiden: Xenon, you’re here too? I thought I was the only one.Xenon: Yeah, I don’t remember coming here, or even where here is. Do you know? Aiden: Beats me. I just wanna find a way out of here. Xenon: Yeah…good plan. Any idea how?
  37. 37. Dalen: All these damn twists and turns look alike!! Why can’t I teleport outta here? Shit…I hate being trapped. Someone’s gonna die for this, mark my words.
  38. 38. Virgil: By the gods!! That hurts soo bad!! Damn altar thingy!! OWW!! OOHH!!
  39. 39. Dalen: Hey kid, do you know where we are?Virgil: I wish I did. I am as clueless as you are. Dalen: Say, what’s your name kid? Virgil: Virgil.
  40. 40. Virgil: You’re Dalen aren’t you? The God of War? Dalen: Last time I checked. Virgil: Didn’t you try to kill off my family one time?Dalen: Oh yeah. That. It was a spell I was under, some ancient evil alien thought he could make a puppet out of me. You must be the heir right? You look like my brother.
  41. 41. Virgil: Yeah, the eighth generation heir. But I really look more like my dad than Diamos. Dalen: Whatever. So, which way did you come in here?Virgil: I don’t know, I was looking for my sister. She’s in here somewhere too.
  42. 42. Eve: Thank the gods!! I thought I heard voices!! Big brother!! Virgil: I was looking for you Eve. Dalen: Your sister? Eve: I’m Eve, you must be Dalen right? Dalen: You’ve heard of me? I’m flattered.
  43. 43. Eve: Can you teleport us out of here? You’re a full god aren’t you? Dalen: Honey, I’d love to but I can’t. Something’s screwing with my powers.Eve: I hate it in here, it’s cold and eerie and I think I may be hungry. I’ve never been hungry before so I don’t know for sure, but my stomach is making strange noises. Dalen: That would be hunger, yes. How come you’ve never eaten before?
  44. 44. Eve: My brother and I are gods, I think…we don’t need to eat because we can’t die. Dalen: So am I but I still eat. You should try ambrosia, that stuff’s great. Virgil: Our father is Thanatos, we never needed to eat because he is the God of Death. Dalen: Oh, well that would make sense.
  45. 45. Aiden: I lost Xenon in here, and now I have a stray following me… Jan: I’m not a stray…do you know where we are? Aiden: Gods no!! I have no fucking idea!! Jan: Geeze, take a valium. Aiden: Why do they always follow me?
  46. 46. Maggie: Okay, so the general said the fountain was on the top level, all Ihave to do is get some of that water for everyone and we can get out of this death trap. I really hate the idea of children dying in a place like this…Ithink I went into the wrong field. Mama always said I should take up interior design, but no…I had to go and join the army. ******
  47. 47. Evander had no idea how he had managed it, but he made it out of thatplace. Somehow he knew, he knew the way out. He lost track of most ofhis cousins and friends in there but at least he could tell everyone where to find them now. That labyrinth was dangerous to gods and half gods alike… End of Entry Forty-Five. 
  48. 48. Wow, nice update huh? A few things first, this is actually my secondlegaversary . Two years ago on this day I began the Quest for Peace and I never thought I’d last past the halfway point. True, as I write this there’s about ten minutes left of March 25th and by the time this uploads and converts it’ll be past midnight, but hey; I remembered to do something for my legaversary this year!!Second, this labyrinth took me five and half hours to build and there wasa lot of frustration and angry faces during it. I started bright and early at7 am because I couldn’t sleep and I needed to build this, by 12:30 it was finally done!! I used the online maps for the Abyssal Ruins that came in Pokemon Black& White to build my labyrinth from and believe you me, I lost my place and where I was building more than once while doing it. Third, I didn’t expect Dalen, Aiden and Xenon to walk in while I was shooting the kids’ scenes, it was really only meant to be for generation eight’s kids but hey, it worked. I didn’t stick around on the lot long enough to see if they met anyone else inside the labyrinth, Maggie wentand found the ladder to the second floor all by herself, I was quite proudof her. I did learn you can summon people to the community lot with theSim Blender. I am still getting used to that and everything it does so I was quite happy with my little discovery about it.
  49. 49. Oh hai Dee honey!! *waves* You’re not supposed to be here though… Diamos: I had to come see how fabulous this new lot was, truly picturesque if I do say so myself. Aww…thanks. Now shoo!! You’re ruining the plot!!