The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 6


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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 6

  1. 1. Last time we saw the first few pairings of generation 8, with the exception of one; theheir Virgil. Cupid and Aphrodite had cooked up a plan to solve that problem for Virgilbut are currently waiting for him to graduate before springing it on him. Now we join the kids as they finish up college, with some good and not so good distractions awaiting them…
  2. 2. Twins Autolycus and Lila had no problems finding those special people. AlthoughAutolycus was more than happy to play the field, Lila was looking for a serious committed relationship. She believed that Alisandro Army was a very good candidate for that.
  3. 3. Borias: You know Auto, that can have some undesirable results… Autolycus: Knowledge. I know that. Borias: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Virgil: If he wants to go get gang probed by the greenies I say let him. Just keep looking for new planets.
  4. 4. Virgil: Ever wonder if the gods really did put Orion up there with the Scorpion? Borias: You can ask them easily enough. I’m sure they’d love to gloat over it.Virgil: Naw, dad says I should stay away from them. He’s probably biased since he hates pretty much all of them…except Reias oddly enough. Borias: Hmm. Well don’t know what to tell you then.
  5. 5. Autolycus: What the??!!!Autolycus: Holy Zeus!! They actually came!!!
  6. 6. Borias: Told you so.Autolycus: I changed my mind!! I don’t wanna go!! Borias help!! Virgil: Dork. I’m outta here. Borias: Have fun Auto. Autolycus: BORIAS!!
  7. 7. Hours later…Borias: Hey, they threw you back. How was it?
  8. 8. Autolycus: Uhh…Borias: That good huh?
  9. 9. Lila; What did they do to my brother up there?Virgil: Why is that thing so damn loud? Aren’t they supposed to be whisper quiet? Ephiny: Autolycus? Are you alright? Eve: What is that?
  10. 10. Lila: I’m scared…Borias: Remind me to not be here the next time Auto gets the urge to call them again.
  11. 11. Borias: Dude, you alright? Lila: What did they do to you up there?Autolycus: Yes, and it’s not for girly ears what they did. Sorry sis. Lila: Jerk!! I was scared for you!! And that’s all you say? Autolycus: I’m fine as you can see.
  12. 12. Sophomore year blended into Junior year and most of the generation had found their significant others, all except Virgil. As much as he played it cool he was annoyed and angry on the inside. Why couldn’t he find someone? He was the most important of hisgeneration, it should be easy right? Chicks should be falling over themselves trying to getto a legacy heir. So when he was coming back from class one day, it was windy out and a flyer hit him smack dab in the face:“Everyday life and school got you down? Come to the newest and coolest thing at Academie Le Tour: The Den of the Lotus Eaters While away your troubles and forget about your stresses and responsibilities, you’ll never want to leave…ever.”What could be better? He was just getting fed up too. So he went. And he dragged Borias, Autolycus, Lila and Ephiny with him. Eve didn’t want to go.
  13. 13. The place looked like a 60’s era reject, but Virgil hardly noticed the clashing colours andpatterns. They had four DJ booths; FOUR!! Now where else could you find that many in one place? He even had a room to himself; now that was awesome.
  14. 14. Girl in Pink: Hey hottie, can I join you? Virgil: Maybe…what’s your name?Girl in Pink: Does it matter? I love this place!!Virgil: I guess not. Who cares about names?
  15. 15. Virgil: I’m a legacy heir you know, I’m rolling in dough. Girl in Pink: That’s awesome!! Found anyone yet? Virgil: No, it sucks really.Girl in Pink: I’d volunteer…but you know the music is soo good here…I don’t want to leave. Have you tried their signature drink, Lotus Nectar? Virgil: Me neither actually…no, is it good?
  16. 16. Girl in Pink: It’s awesome!! I can’t get enough of it, you should go get some. It’s upstairs. Virgil: Maybe I will. Girl in Pink: I’ll be here hottie, waiting for you. Virgil: Great. You do that.
  17. 17. Virgil: I must be hallucinating…that’s one psychedelic pink harpy over there… Bartender: More nectar sir? Virgil: Yeah, keep it coming.
  18. 18. Virgil: I have the feeling I’m forgetting something important…hey did that harpy order a drink already? Bartender: Of course sir. Drink? Virgil: Please.
  19. 19. Virgil: Hey, Girl in Pink was right, this stuff is awesome…
  20. 20. Ephiny: Anyone seen Virgil? Borias: Nope, don’t care. Ephiny: Me neither actually…Autolycus: What do they put in these bubbles man? My head’s floating…
  21. 21. Ephiny: Lila changed her hair back. Borias: I know, weird huh? Ephiny: Totally.
  22. 22. Lila: It’ll grow back…eventually.Autolycus: Whoa…duuddeee… Lila: I feel you brother. Whee!!
  23. 23. Ephiny: Virgil needs to try this… Borias: I don’t want to give him my spot, do you?Ephiny: Oh that’s right…no I don’t. I can’t get away from these totally stellar bubbles.
  24. 24. Autolycus: I could do this for hours… Lila: We have…I think. Haven’t we? Ephiny: Who cares? Autolycus: I agree. Lila: Thirded.
  25. 25. Virgil: Hey, Brownie have you seen Girl in Pink? She wasn’t in the DJ room when I came back. Brownie: Uhh, who? Virgil: Girl in Pink…she told me to go get some lotus nectar… Brownie: Don’t know sorry.
  26. 26. Brownie: If you’re lonely, I can keep you company. We could bowl or something. Virgil: I came with people…I think. Don’t know where they went though. Brownie: Come on, let’s play a few games.Virgil: I warn you though; I don’t know my own strength. I am pretty powerful.
  27. 27. Virgil: My dad is a god, Thanatos. I have godly strength. Brownie: That’s so cool, Thanatos is wicked awesome!! Virgil: I thought mortals were afraid of him?Brownie: Not all of us, some of us actually like the guy. Me included. Virgil: That’s unexpected.
  28. 28. Virgil: Wait a minute…is that the only reason why you talked to me? Because of my dad?Brownie: Umm…everyone knows you Virgil Reed, eighth generation heir, son of Thanatos… Virgil: You were a plant? Brownie: Umm…
  29. 29. Virgil: Wait, what? Brownie: Forget I said anything, I’m high…yeah that’s it…high. Virgil: Can’t do that; what did you mean getting me to come here was easy? Brownie: Don’t kill me!!! Virgil: I won’t if you tell me why. Brownie: It’s not like that, really. I Brownie: We were supposed to distract mean sure, your dad is like my you…keep you here…our master ordered favourite god of all time, but you’re it. pretty awesome too. Virgil: Who’s your master?Virgil: Well, just how awesome am I? Brownie: Please…don’t ask meBrownie: Pretty awesome; getting you that…he’ll kill me. to come here was easier than we thought it would be…oops.. Virgil: I’ll kill you. Tell me.
  30. 30. Virgil: Xylen. Gods be damned!! That asshole isn’t even here right now and he’s still trying to kill the legacy!!Brownie eventually told him who her master was, then she fled real fast afterwards. Virgil suddenly felt the fogginess in his head clear and he had no idea how long they’d been trapped here. Sure, he’d seen daylight a few times, but how many times? He couldn’trecall. He found the others and dragged them off the bubbles and hauled them back to their dorm.
  31. 31. Eve: BIG BROTHER!! My gods where were you? I was freaking out, mom and dad were pissed!! I thought you were dead!! You were gone so long!! Virgil: I don’t know how long I was gone…was it really that long? Eve: You were all gone for nearly two weeks. Virgil: What??!! It felt like hours…
  32. 32. Virgil: I’m so sorry Eve…I had no idea.Eve: I was so scared…I didn’t know how I’d take over the legacy if you were truly dead…daddy doesn’t like Dalen. Virgil: I’m sorry; I don’t know what else to say to you. Hold up; Dalen? Eve: Yes…the God of War.
  33. 33. Eve: He asked me to marry him big brother, I was there to see if they could help me find you and he surprised me instead. Virgil: And mom and dad know?Eve: Yes, mom is happy for me but dad went on a rant about Dalen and what he did to the legacy…mom eventually got him to calm down enough to stopcausing thunderstorms…he still doesn’t like Dalen though, but he’ll tolerate him for me.
  34. 34. Virgil: I hate that I missed it, it was a huge deal for you…and if you love him, I guess I can give him the big brother’s approval too. Eve: Thank you; and I do love him, very much. Virgil: How did you figure out where I was?
  35. 35. Eve: I didn’t; Dalen’s son Aiden did. He knew where you guys had gone and I was just about to go get you when you came back. Virgil: How did he figure it out?
  36. 36. Eve: He said he “shook down” some of his contacts and got the location out of them. I didn’t ask who or why, I was just overjoyed that we knew where you were.Virgil: I see. Remind me to thank him for that. If that chick hadn’t let slip who trapped us there… Eve: Who did?
  37. 37. Virgil didn’t really want to ruin his sister’s happiness, but he could never keep anythingfrom her, especially when it could have so easily been her in his situation. He would have torn Greece apart to find her if that happened… “It was Xylen. He still has influence here.” Eve: No…it can’t be, our parents beat him…didn’t they? Virgil: Not entirely. He still has minions around here.
  38. 38. Eve stuck to Virgil like glue for the rest of their Junior year and into their Senior year. He knew it was because she was afraid he’d disappear again if she let him out of her sight, he didn’t mind.
  39. 39. Except when she won; then his competitive male streak kicked in and he had win the next several rounds.
  40. 40. Even Ephiny followed him around, once he told them what happened Borias and Ephiny were terrified about being separated from him and knowing Xylen was behind it,unsettled them. They chose not to tell their parents about it, their generation would dealwith it on their own. And given Thanatos’ reaction to Dalen asking Eve to marry him, itwas a good call on his part. He was the heir; and he was in charge of the legacy and the family now.
  41. 41. And given that Daphne was there when Virgil found out, naturally the other half of their generation knew right away.Endymion: So all that work our parents did was for nothing…Xylen can still hurt us even now. Varia: I know. Does that mean grandpa failed on Terrenon? Endymion: I don’t know little sis…
  42. 42. Endymion: So we’d better be on our guards then. Who knows if he’ll turn on us next. It’s not just the main line that Xylen wants to kill, it’s all of us. Varia: I’d better go see Nathan. He should tell his dad about this. Endymion: No, Virgil wants it kept away from them, it’s our problem. Varia: But Solan is the family Guardian…he should know… Endymion: Virgil is the heir, don’t blow it Varia.
  43. 43. Varia did go see Nathan anyway; but she didn’t tell him. He had another surprise for her when she got there anyway. And his proposal made her forget all about her talk with Endymion earlier.
  44. 44. And that was far more important to her. She loved Nathan a lot…despite the fact that their father was the son of Camilla, his sister…
  45. 45. Evander was unwilling to keep quiet; he had to talk to someone. His first choice wasEphiny, after all she was there. But what he wanted to say to her had nothing to do with that, it was something else. Evander: Thanks for coming, I had to talk to someone. Ephiny: Sure…but why here at Academie Park and not at your dorm? Evander: Walls have ears…
  46. 46. Evander: Do you remember the labyrinth? Ephiny: Yeah, what about it? Evander I never told anyone what happened to me there. Ephiny: What?Evander: I ran into Zeus, he called me a strange name after I got everyone out of there.
  47. 47. Evander: He called me Asterion, I have no idea who that was or what…Ephiny: Asterion…do you not know your own history? Asterion was the name of the child borne by Queen Pasiphae from the Cretan Bull, he was the first Minotaur. Evander: But…that’s not possible…am I the Minotaur? Ephiny: Umm, well it seems this park just grew ears so why don’t we head back to my dorm?
  48. 48. Evander: How is this any better than my dorm?Ephiny: Virgil runs a tight ship, the lone Dormie here is distracted by Erik, our placeholder, most of the time so she never hears anything. Evander: So does that mean…I’m the Minotaur? Ephiny: What do you remember about the labyrinth?
  49. 49. Evander grinned; involuntarily, as he recalled the feeling.“I felt home, happy…like it was waiting for me. Oh gods, does that mean I am?” Ephiny: Evander, the Minotaur was said tobe evil and horrible; the ancient Greeks wereterrified of him, he was treated as a monster so that’s what he became. Evander: But why do I end up feeling what he felt? What does that mean?Ephiny: I can only guess so bear with me; the recent activity, the unearthing of the labyrinth, the incident with the Den of the Lotus Eaters, almost losing Virgil to its narcotic effects; it’s somehow reawakeningthe dormant genetic memories in your blood. Evander: So I am a monster then…Ephiny: No, you’re Evander. That’s who you are.
  50. 50. Ephiny: If you were evil Evander…I wouldn’t care as much about you as I do. Evander: You care about me? Ephiny: Maybe more so… Evander: More so?
  51. 51. Evander: Oh…OH!!! I get it…that more so. Ephiny: You idiot; yes that more so. Evander: You like me? Don’t you? Ephiny blushed; “That obvious huh?” Evander: Just a bit.
  52. 52. Ephiny: No more talk.Evander: Ephiny…mmphh…
  53. 53. He ended up staying the night in her dorm room. Evander was glad he talked to her, hefelt a lot better now that he had. Graduation was fast approaching and soon they would have to face whatever was coming, at least they’d be together throughout it all…
  54. 54. So she proposed; and he accepted after getting over the shock of it all.
  55. 55. Although they did wonder if the dorm would ever be there once the kids started coming, if it was left in the hands of the cafeteria lady, odds are it wouldn’t be…
  56. 56. The mascots did their part to make the finaldays of Senior year interesting for them at least.
  57. 57. There was wounded pride as well, Lesliehad to face her squad after losing so badly to the Cow…
  58. 58. Lila: There’s a naked dude standing right there isn’t there?Borias: I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s certainly no dude there waving his junk at me… Lila: Oh, right…
  59. 59. Soon it was graduation time for generation 8. Borias was up first.Borias: Beach bum reject? Really? The gods must have a sense of humour.
  60. 60. Ephiny: Time to get off this crazy la Bohemia!!
  61. 61. Virgil: Not ONE word…got it? We never speak of this again. Lila: Of course, my lips are sealed. I saw nothing. Virgil: You are a wise woman Lila.
  62. 62. Autolycus: Uhh, business casual is so not me. Lila: Bye-bye twin!! See you soon enough.
  63. 63. Lila: It’s an epidemic I swear,Bohemian skirts FTW. So glad Autolycus left first.
  64. 64. Eve: I like being a trend-breaker, but this is not worthy of me.
  65. 65. Evander: Couldn’t of been a shirt that actually fit could it? I will burn this as soon as I get home.
  66. 66. Daphne: Another Bohemian skirt?Really now, who’s sleeping on the job up there?
  67. 67. Loria: Something no horribleplease…soccer mom? Oh come on!!
  68. 68. Endymion: Yay. Borias and I can start our own Beach Bum club.
  69. 69. Velasca: What do you know? Iactually won the clothing lottery. Yay me!
  70. 70. Varia: And last, but not least. I can live with this. It’s not atrocious.
  71. 71. Loria didn’t go home to her parents like her brother and sister did, she was asked to move in with her boyfriend Julien Cooke just after her final exam and she gratefully accepted. And it turned out that he had been waiting to give her something the whole time. She could join her cousins and friends in the Engagement Club now! End of Entry Forty-Eight. 
  72. 72. Aiden: So Virgil gets a Bachelor Challenge huh? He’ll love that…Dalen: I bet; I can’t wait to see him ream Cupid out for it. He’s a meanie after our own hearts. Aiden: True, true. But you’re marrying his sister, you’ll be family. Dalen: I know, you don’t care right?
  73. 73. Aiden: I told you, I’d accepted long ago that you and mom won’t be getting back together. Mokosh hardly even talks to me anymore either, and I’m her son. Dalen: What is she up to anyway? Aiden: Damned if I know. ******
  74. 74. Well Dalen and Aiden are right on there; Virgil’s BC Day 1 is coming right up after thisso head on over to that. I’ll be sure to make it just as worthy as this was. I had to do the two of them together since it would feel like something was missing if I didn’t. See you there. ^_^