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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 5.50


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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 5.50

  1. 1. Last time we saw the labyrinth being used to trap the gods of Hidden City within itswalls. We learned that it was General Buzz’s plan to eliminate the eighth generation of the legacy because he’s under the mistaken impression that it is what the God of War still wants. Little does he know that Dalen was also trapped within the labyrinth and when he gets out, there’s going to be hell to pay… All hope is not lost however, Evander Nova, son of seventh generation cousin Ambrosia and Castor Nova; has a strange ability to navigate the labyrinth’s twisted passageways and he doesn’t feel the pull of it on his mind like his cousins do. He needed some answers, and he knew just who to ask for them.
  2. 2. Evander had wandered around the endless labyrinth for what felt like hours, his head hurt and he kept getting the strangest feelings; anger, hatred, gnawing hunger…all of which made no sense to him. He hardly heard his grandmother’s light footsteps approach him until she was right beside him.
  3. 3. Evander: Grandma Ariella? What are you doing here? Ariella: You feel it don’t you? The anger, hatred, the hunger? Evander: Yes, but why? What does it mean? Ariella: Let’s get out of here, give you some time to recover. I’ll stop bytomorrow after work and tell you everything I know about my side of the family.
  4. 4. When she came by the next day Evander ran out to greet her.Evander: Grandma, you said you’d tell me why I got those feelings in the labyrinth today. Ariella: I did. It’s a long story though. Evander: Tell me!!
  5. 5. Ariella: My side of the family has been in Greece for generations; I was able to trace itback as far as the time of the Ancient Gods. Some of them may still know who my family is, and they most likely won’t be happy that we’re still around here. Evander: Why? What happened?Ariella: My side of the family…it’s descended from the first minotaur that was trapped in the heart of the first labyrinth on Crete. Evander: What?...
  6. 6. Ariella explained how it happened, why their family remained in Greece and what it meant for him. It took most of the afternoon, and before long it was dark. Evander: And you knew about that when you married grandma?Dade: No, I did not. I was not aware of Ariella’s family history or what it would mean for any offspring we reproduced together, like your mother and uncle.
  7. 7. Evander pulled a face; “So how come none of us have bull horns?”Dade: Centuries and centuries of breeding Evander. It bred out the bull features but did not remove the magic that came with it. Queen Pasiphae of Crete and the Cretan Bull, their offspring was the minotaur. Their coupling was a curse set upon King Minos by Poseidon when he sacrificed an inferior bull to the Sea God. Poseidon cursed his wife Queen Pasiphae to fall for the Cretan Bull as punishment for the inferior offering. As you know, the creature was feared and hated by all who lived on the island and as such was cast intothe first labyrinth where it was regularly fed sacrifices. Every nine years a sacrifice of seven young men and seven young maidens was placed in the labyrinth to feed the minotaur.
  8. 8. Evander: And when the labyrinth here in Hidden City was excavated it reawakened the dormant minotaur magic in me. No wonder I know my way around it, and that would explain those feelings I get whenever I’m in there. But why me? Why not Daphne? Or Uncle Aeson?Ariella: The magic is passed down through the male descendants of the minotaur, not thefemale ones. And I am not sure why Aeson didn’t feel it, he was in the city at the time the labyrinth was excavated.Evander: Great, so now I’m the victim of a 5000 year old grudge that Poseidon had…I hate my life.
  9. 9. Dade: I can only theorize why Aeson did not feel the pull as you have; perhaps it is because he has not remained very close to his cousins and their children as you have. Ariella: Besides, it seems the Fates have chosen you to save your generation from thedangers of the labyrinth and not your uncle. We are so close to the end, restoring the God of Peace can’t be allowed to fail; not now while Xylen is still out there. You have to save them Evander. Evander: I know…but it still bites. ******
  10. 10. Evander reluctantly went back into the labyrinth, he could feel the energy of every god and half god that this place had trapped inside, it soothed him sort of, like an old friend.He shuddered at the thought of this tomb being an old friend. Some part of him wanted to let them stay trapped in here, to satiate the ancient blood lust of his ancestor. He fought against the feeling, now that he knew what it was and where it came from, he was not going let himself be consumed by the genetic memories.
  11. 11. He navigated the twists and turns with ease, his feet seemed to lead him just where he wanted to go. As he was led through he felt the ancient memories stir, the sacrifices, theirscreams, the delight he felt once he had them cornered. The look in their eyes as they saw his ancient form; pure terror.
  12. 12. He did his best to remain in control of his own mind. The newly re-ignited fire jets served that purpose. He nearly burned his own hand in its fire and that thoughtbrought him back to reality. The thoughts of the minotaur faded as he forced himself to remember why he was here in the first place. He knew that somewhere in here there were people in need of rescue.
  13. 13. Aiden wandered around and came back to the same old gravestone he could swear he just passed by not too long ago. It was beginning to make him angry. “Not again!! Where the hell is the damn exit? I don’t intend to add to the collection of gravestones in here!!”
  14. 14. Dalen: Now this is getting ridiculous; where the hell did that boy go now? Iswear he was right behind me. Damn kid, he’d lose his own head if it weren’t attached to his body. VIRGIL!!! He only heard his own echo in response.
  15. 15. Aiden: Dad. Dalen: Boy. Aiden: So you’re stuck here too huh? Dalen: Obviously. Why are you here?Aiden: Why else? This thing, trapped me here.
  16. 16. Dalen: You got any food on you kid? I’m starved.Aiden: Oh yeah, right here in my pocket. I ALWAYS carry food with me when I’m stuck in some fucking tomb!! OF COURSE NOT!! Dalen: Damn boy, relax.Aiden: I will when I get the hell outta here and burn it to the ground, or bury it again…something once I get my powers back!!
  17. 17. Dalen: You didn’t happen to see some kid, a teen with black hair, pale skin, and black wings did you? I kinda lost him in here…Aiden: No, I lost that Jan chick a while ago too. Haven’t seen anyone else since I saw Xenon. Dalen: He had a sister too, we were together for a bit then they just vanished.That black haired kid is the eighth generation heir Virgil and Thanatos will have a fit if he finds out I lost his kid in here.
  18. 18. Aiden: You lost Thanatos’ kid? Oh man, he’s gonna destroy you when he finds out. Dalen: He can try, I am the God of War, he can’t kill me. Aiden: Sure he can, then I can be the God of War. It’s a family tradition you know.Dalen: You’re funny boy, hilarious. Don’t be proclaiming your new title just yet. I don’t plan on dying in this gods forsaken hole in the ground.
  19. 19. Dalen: Think you can keep up with me? Two of us looking for the exit is better than one right? Aiden: What makes you think I can? Everyone gets lost or separated in this place eventually, that’s how it was designed.Dalen: And when was the last time you saw a minotaur? Never, Theseus killed the one in Crete and there haven’t been any since.
  20. 20. Eventually, Evander caught up with one of the gods that were in here. He knew her as Batalia, Goddess of Chaos. But he had never seen her before, until now. “There you are.” Batalia: Here I am. Who are you? Evander: Evander, I’m here to get you out of this place.
  21. 21. Batalia: Funny kid, really. No one gets out of a labyrinth…alive. Evander: I do. So you want out or not? Batalia: Why should I trust you?Evander: Because I’m your only chance that’s why. You will die in here, you’re mortal now.
  22. 22. Batalia: I don’t make a habit of trusting horny teenage boys.Evander: Please, hardly. You tried to kill off my family and besides, evil bitches aren’t my type. But I do have to lead you out of here regardless.Batalia: I like you kid; you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Any other mortal wouldn’t dare say that to me unless they had a death wish to go with it. But I’m still trying to get rid of the last thing that found me.
  23. 23. Batalia spun around; “Will you PLEASE bugger off you frog faced freak!! If I had my powers I’d fry you where you stood!!” Batalia yelled. Brandon: Come on babe, don’t be like that. We got bolts. Batalia: I got your bolts!! Right up your arse!!
  24. 24. Dalen: Hey!! I knew there had to be others in this place. Batalia: Dalen? Evander: The Dalen? As in God of War Dalen? Oh man, you’re caught in here too?Dalen: Yeah, me. I lost my son somewhere back there though, you didn’t happen to see him did you? Batalia: Aiden’s here too?
  25. 25. Evander: Come on, I’ll lead you both out of here then go find the others. Dalen: You actually know how to get out? Evander: Yeah, long story. Coming? Dalen: Sure, what the hell? I’ve had enough of this place anyway. Evander: Right. Let’s go.
  26. 26. Evander led Dalen and Batalia out first then went back to look for the others.He found Virgil rather quickly, he wascircling the south exit but kept missing it. The labyrinth magic obscured it from his sights whenever he got closeto it. After Virgil was out he went back in and found Ephiny and her brother Borias near the north-west side of the labyrinth. One by one he led everyoneout and once they were outside he went back in to do one final check.
  27. 27. He found his way to the fourth level of the labyrinth, where the treasure was kept. He had to see for himself what it was that drew everyone in here.
  28. 28. He stepped into the fountain, and instantly felt at home. This was what his ancient bloodhad coveted for so long, the power of the God Well. It was his treasure, or rather he felt like it was. All of the lives that had been ended in this labyrinth were in this fountain, it wasthe source of its power. It had gone dormant when a volcanic eruption buried it under tons and tons of rock and dirt but once it was re-discovered, everything came back to life. The well had been feeding off the people who had wandered into this place since it was unearthed. And Evander could feel every single one of those lives.
  29. 29. Evander tore himself away from the fountain despite every fibre in his being begging andpleading with him to stay immersed in the waters of the fountain. He fought the urge to run back to it all the way out and once he was outside, he felt a deep sense of loss andremorse. Several hours had passed since he went inside and those hours felt like years to him.
  30. 30. A voice beside him startled him; “ Hey, why do you look like you just lost your best friend?” Evander: I don’t know…I didn’t. Atalanta: Are you alright? Evander: I’m fine. It’s over now. Wait, don’t you feel the urge to go in there? Atalanta: No, not at all. Why?
  31. 31. Evander: Never mind, it’s not important. Atalanta: Alright, if you say so.Whatever it was that was pulling the gods and half gods into the labyrinth seemed to begone now. Evander had to wonder if it was because he had come back to it, and seeing itsmaster return must have put whatever it was inside back at ease…the thought disturbed him.
  32. 32. He stuck around a little longer to see if the pull had really gone away and soon he was struck with a sense of such hatred and anger that he was afraid the labyrinth would react. “Zeus…” Evander muttered bitterly.
  33. 33. Zeus: I know what you are, impure creature and I will tell you now that you willnot be exacting any kind of revenge against my brother Poseidon. I will destroy you first. Evander: You can try…but if I want it and the Fates deem it, I will have my revenge on Poseidon if I so choose.The voice he spoke with was not his own; Evander could hear the words coming out his own mouth but it was not him who was saying them.
  34. 34. Suddenly Evander found his own voice again. “What did I say? What just happened?”Zeus: Very cute Asterion, really. But that won’t work on me, I know you’re still there. Evander: Who the hell is Asterion? Zeus: You, that’s who Asterion is. Evander: I don’t know what you’re talking about!!
  35. 35. Zeus: I don’t have time for this. He vanished, leaving Evander confused and frightened. Why did he call him by thatother name? What was happening to him? He didn’t want think about it anymore, he just wanted to go home. It was Daphne’s birthday today and then they would all be heading to college as soon as everyone had their scholarships arranged. ******
  36. 36. Daphne couldn’t wait to grow up, she felt like she was the youngest of everyone and thatthey were all doing fun stuff without her. She was now old enough to find out what those fun things were.
  37. 37. Daphne: Yes!! Now they can’t say I’m too little to do things with them!!
  38. 38. Daphne: A poodle skirt? Really? I can’t go out in public looking like some 1950s reject!! Daphne Nova K/PL Gemini 5/9/9/10/1 LTW: 50 Dream Dates (she wishes)
  39. 39. As soon as she was changed she went straight for the well to find her First Kiss. Daphne: Mmm, paper boy. Derek: *mmphh* ******
  40. 40. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Hidden City… Hex: And that’s what I heard, it was the strangest thing.Solan: Evander? He spoke with another voice? That’s weird. And to Zeus no less, what has he done now? Hex: I don’t know if it was Zeus this time though, Minos and Atalanta both told me Evander looked a little freaked out after he came out of that labyrinth. We have no idea what happened to him in there.
  41. 41. Solan: Hmm… Hex: I know that face, this was not your fault, you didn’t mess up again as aGuardian. Be thankful that thing didn’t suck you in as well. That place is full ofancient magic, and I’d have no idea where to even begin trying to figure it out. It’s way before my time here or anywhere else. Solan: I suppose I should be thankful I escaped it.
  42. 42. Batalia: I was in there so listen to the elf, be thankful you escaped. You probablyhave Reias to thank for that. Would be nice if he cared about all of us enough to work his God of the Dead magic to protect us from it. Solan: Maybe I should ask dad about that then.
  43. 43. Reias may have been preoccupied with other things though. Reias: I can’t believe this Roxie, another baby. Roxie: Well believe it, because I can feel it. Reias: Is it wrong to hope for a girl? Roxie: You want a girl?
  44. 44. Reias: I do. I mean I’ll forever have a special place in my heart for Callie and I love Solan more than my own life, but another daughter would be nice.Roxie: Well, okay I’ll admit; I’d like a daughter too. Eddie has two of them and he’s quite happy. Reias: Perhaps we will, she may have heard us.
  45. 45. Reias: But you know you’ll always be my favourite girl right?Roxie: Not nice to choose between a daughter and me…but since there’s just me right now go ahead. Reias: And you wonder why I can’t stand to be away from you. Roxie: Well I would hope not, you married me twice now. Reias: And I’d do it a third or even a fourth time if I had to.
  46. 46. It was soon time to see if they were right…Roxie: AHH!! Why doesn’t this get easier the second time around?? Reias: Don’t worry baby, I’m right here!!
  47. 47. Reias: I’ll just stand in front of you instead…Roxie: Come back here so I can strangle you!! Reias: …
  48. 48. As things go, they were both wrong and instead of a girl they had another son, Derek. He looked exactly like his older brother Solan did at that age.
  49. 49. Reias: I have a son. Roxie: We do. Won’t Solan be proud?Reias: Hello there Derek, I’m your daddy. Roxie: He has your eyes.
  50. 50. Derek won’t be lonely here that’s for sure. Both Bliss and Euphoria are living here with Reias in the new temple. Bliss: I forgot how tiny they are at this age. I miss my babies.
  51. 51. When Solan came to ask Reias about the labyrinth he didn’t expect to find out that he had a little brother. He wasn’t an only child anymore and it was strange to him after so long. He looked down at his baby brother, he looked back at him with their father’s golden green eyes. Solan began to wonder what Derek’s power would be once he grew up, heremembered that his empathic powers manifested early on in life and it was torture for himat that age; to have all those feelings and have no way to express or even understand them. If Derek had the same type of power that he did, Solan made sure to help him understand them. Liam’s black auras nearly overwhelmed him when he was that young, he wanted to spare Derek that pain, if he could.
  52. 52. Reias wanted to give Derek his first birthday, he missed Solan’s way back when and hestill regretted that to this day, decades later. He wanted to do right by Derek this time, he wanted to be there all the time for his second son’s life.
  53. 53. Roxie: Funny, isn’t that the exact same outfit that Solan had at that age? Reias: You think so? Roxie: It might be. Derek Olympiad Virgo 10/1/9/3/3 Mean kid. Not Solan at all.
  54. 54. By the gods…it is the same freakin’ outfit… >_< He looks EXACTLY like Solan did!!
  55. 55. Reias sat down right away to teach Derek how to talk. He didn’t want to miss a second of his toddlerhood, not this time. End of Entry Forty-Six. 
  56. 56. Will Derek begin to manifest his powers early on like his big brother Solan did? What isreally happening to Evander and what did being back in the labyrinth do to him? Why is Zeus determined to call Evander Asterion?Anyway, I did hope that this chapter would be longer since we’re getting close to the endof Book 5 of the Dark Moon Saga. Odds are since plot is driving now that there will be at least two more books for this, a 6 and 7, before we finally reach the end of the Quest. Which means I have to be hunting down at least eight more title pages…fun. You may have noticed the change in font on the title page, that’s because Photobucketdecided to upgrade and change all their photo alteration things around so I can’t find myCretino font anymore which is what I’ve been using for like, ever. I miss my font…damn you Photobucket!! *shakes angry fist* As always, turn page for some outtakes and funny moments that ruin my srs plotz 
  57. 57. Aiden: Umm dad? Dalen: What? This place sucked out my powers, I want revenge. Aiden: Soap is your idea of revenge?Dalen: Don’t judge me boy, I got 3 nice points and I’m damn well gonna use ‘em!!
  58. 58. Evander: You guys really are tempting my Pleasure half with that bouncy hacky sack…whoa don’t drop it!! I mean…I got people to rescue… Drinn: Shut it boy, I’m gonna win this if it takes all night. Lunala: You wish!! Artemis: Boo!! Purple boy sucks!!
  59. 59. Dalen: Pass it!! Pass it here!! Drinn: Aren’t you supposed to be trapped in there? Dalen: Free will, uncontrollable community lot powers are on.The Sim Blender is fail sometimes. >_< He did not want to listen to me when I made him stay inside the labyrinth, hence the outerwear shots with Aiden and the no outerwear now. But now that’s it, for reals this time.