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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7C


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7C

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. We continue with the expansion of Hyperia as their population continues to thrive and grow. Merchant class families have begun tosee the appeal of the kingdom with the much needed addition of the Business District. Attracting commerce and trade is a great way to expand the prestige of Hyperia and make it a well-known destination for new and upcoming Merchants and Peasants.
  3. 3. Yes, Ani-Mei figured out how to get closer shots with Cameraman mode in the Neighbourhood screen. Two new houses have been constructed on the other side of the road from the Nobles and the first Merchant families. They belong to Pao and Ruby Mellon, and Amin and Garnet Sims respectively.
  4. 4. Leslie watched endearingly as her oldest daughter prepared to enter childhood. She loved her daughters but asper the rule of the kingdom, a son is needed for continuation of the family line. She loved children so it was not a problem for her.
  5. 5. Leslie: Dear child go and change at once, if your father sees you wearing that… Amethyst: Aww, but mother… Leslie: Now!!
  6. 6. Finally, Kieran’s prayers were answered when Leslie gave birth to his son and heir, Olivine Columbus. He could now concentrate on running Minstrel Park and advancing its rank and position in the community.
  7. 7. Kieran felt like singing praise to the gods for his son and his customers were more than happy to assist him in that. His park had achieved a Rank 4, he was getting along quite well.
  8. 8. There were birthdays to be had once he got home. His faerie spawn Emerald and Peridot as well as his sonOlivine. He was finished having kids now, his parents only had four and that’s all Kieran wanted as well.
  9. 9. In case you forgot their stats: Emerald Columbus Capricorn 9/3/2/8/10 Peridot Columbus Sagittarius 1/1/10/10/10And also I had nothing else to put in this slide…
  10. 10. And the Gen. 3 Columbus heir: Olivine Columbus Sagittarius 6/3/9/8/1Mean as a hornet…and active enough to chase you like one too.
  11. 11. Peridot: Why do we have to be nice to him again?Amethyst: Because he’s daddy’s heir, whatever that means. Emerald: He’s not so bad for a boy. Peridot: He gets drool all over the blocks, that’s icky…
  12. 12. Amethyst: Look at my tower!! It’s my Princess tower. Peridot: I can build a bigger one!! Amethyst: We’ll see…
  13. 13. So did you know that the annoying “Cuddle” interaction that three bolters do ALL the time can causeheat stroke? I sure didn’t…so when Leslie stopped moving and her icon started changing colours, I went to look and found her like that. No one could use the “Douse” interaction but Kieran which was strange.
  14. 14. And to round out the Columbus week, the heir Olivine grows up into green and khakis, perfect colours for his name sake, too bad he won’t be keeping them. But I thought it was neat. ******
  15. 15. Now we visit the Cooke household where two of the three girls are verging on adulthood. And the heir Sloan is ready to become a teen.
  16. 16. Andrea: Will we ever see the inside of a university lecture hall?Alise: Andrea, you know better than that, Hyperia has no university and as girls we probably wouldn’t have had much of a chance even if we did.Andrea: But why? Girls can be just as smart or even smarter than a boy, why do we have to suffer? Alise: The law of the land dear sister.
  17. 17. Sharon: Andrea sure is strongly opinionated about this university thing isn’t she? Alise: Well, she is headstrong and you know how she loves to go against the norm. Sharon: Much like you?Alise: Yes…I know my only choice is to marry. I will not get the chance to achieve my dream of joining the police force. Sharon: And me, what about me? I don’t want a commitment, I want to be free. Alise: As I said, the law of the land forbids it.
  18. 18. Soon it was time for the heir to the Cooke family to join his sisters. Sloan Cooke K/FA Cancer 7/5/10/2/6 LTW: Be Captain HeroI think the Cooke kids are trying to tell me something…three of the four want that now. And I’ve only got two positions open…I need more Criminal Masterminds.
  19. 19. Sloan made use of the well too, his First Kiss was selected to be Gabriella Newson. However, since she is only a Peasant and as heir, he is forbidden by law to marry below his class.
  20. 20. Alise knew this day would come, she didn’t want to marry. But her father would not allow her to live alone in this dangerous world so she had no choice. It meant giving up her dreams to live for a husband.
  21. 21. Now she had to find a husband, the Well had not let her down before so once she changed she would give it another try.
  22. 22. So imagine her surprise when she found that the local Gypsy troupe had left them another mysterious lamp on their doorstep. Alise: Umm, I just make a wish right? Djinn: Yes, that’s the general idea.Alise: Okay, then I wish for Peace of Mind since my Romantic nature will most assuredly rile against having to wed and I’ll surely lose it without having Peace. Djinn: As you wish, so shall I grant!
  23. 23. With her mind in a state of permanent Peace, she went ahead with the next step, to use the Well’s magic tofind her a husband. It dropped a young man named Sinjin Couderc for her. He seemed attractive enough, perhaps it would not be so bad after all…
  24. 24. Both are Romance and both didn’t have the fears of engagement so I jumped on the chance. And yet another weird last name for me to misspell a lot. But it sounds French so I went with it, Alise Couderc, very French sounding.
  25. 25. Adelaide: Our time has come hasn’t my love?Nathaniel: Seems only yesterday we were just starting out here…where do all the years go? Adelaide: I would have loved to bear you a biological child… Nathaniel: Addie, my love it’s all said and done now, we have four beautiful kids.
  26. 26. Adelaide thought that over; it was true enough the four they have are more than worth it. And they’ll all be growing up soon as well.
  27. 27. Adelaide: How frightful!! Green and purple? *gag* Nathaniel: Speak for yourself dear…uhh. Adelaide: I’m glad we went shopping earlier. ******
  28. 28. Pao: Ruby, my radiant gem; shall we get started on those six kids you said you wanted? Ruby: I like the sound of that.
  29. 29. Pao: I see that it worked. Ruby: Of course it did. I’m so happy.Pao: I’m glad you are. I’ll be sure to work hard for our family. Ruby: I know you will Pao.
  30. 30. Pao: Is it too soon to hope for three boys and three girls?Ruby: I think it’s a little early yes. We’ll see what this little one will be first. Pao: Ahh, you’re right my dear.
  31. 31. Ruby: I hate that I have be all alone for this!! Pao!!! It’s an epidemic it seems, lone births.
  32. 32. Ruby: Well, won’t Pao be pleased? He has his heir the first time. What shall I call you little one? Hmm…Marik, I like that name. Marik Mellon.
  33. 33. Pao held his son proudly, he was very pleased with Ruby for giving him a son right away. He hoped it wouldbode well for future sons. He had his mother’s eyes for sure and his hair colour, truly a stunning combination of features, his son will be a real heartbreaker once he’s grown.
  34. 34. Marik Mellon Pisces 7/3/9/6/10He’s far too nice to be a heartbreaker though, and he got his daddy’s nose too.
  35. 35. Ruby: Sing with mommy Marik… Marik: … Ruby: It’s easy, try it.
  36. 36. He’s a real cutie.
  37. 37. At four am it was time for the second of six Mellon kids to be born. And this time Ruby wasn’t alone.
  38. 38. Pao: Well? Ruby: It’s a girl. Her name shall be Lisa Pao: A girl huh? That’s alright I suppose. Ruby: Just alright?Pao: I did want three of them, so yes; she is more than alright, it is wonderful. ******
  39. 39. A nice shot of Rothgate Castle, I built it myself too. It’s kinda pretty with the different coloured trees there.
  40. 40. Amin: Are you sure this is wise in your delicate state Garnet? Garnet: I can handle it, just don’t aim for my head. Amin: I make no promises.
  41. 41. Garnet: I said not at my head!!!Amin: And I said, I make no promises. Mean sims…
  42. 42. Amin: Oh dear, perhaps I was too harsh with the ball… Garnet: AHHH!!
  43. 43. Amin wandered off after the third one so Garnet was left alone to deliver the fourth one. This is one of the girls I think.
  44. 44. Garnet: You could try to look a little happier…Amin: I am happy my dear, I just had a long day at work. Garnet: Ah, I understand.
  45. 45. Garnet: The last ones, then you can get some rest.Amin: I have tomorrow off so it’s alright my dear.
  46. 46. Sarah (blue) and Patricia (pink) Sarah Sims Gemini 4/10/9/4/1 Patricia Sims Virgo 10/1/8/8/1
  47. 47. And the other two: Sean Sims Aries 6/8/4/4/3 Tyla Sims Aries 6/10/8/3/3
  48. 48. Each of them taught the kids two of their four skills so that everyone got to interact with everyone else. Asexpected from two mean sims, we have four mean kids. And I think that this will be all for the Sims family, four is more than enough at once. ******
  49. 49. And with that, we have the stats for Week 7, Part 3: # of Households: 15 # of Playables: 98 # of Graves: 1 (Starr *sniff*) # of NPC Community Lots: 4 # of Owned Community Lots: 5 (Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 4],Kasumi [Rank 6], Starr [Rank 10], Grove [Rank 0])SM: (2x15; two generations in each household, +1 for every heir marrying up a class (Kasumi), +1 for 5 community lots, +5 for adding a Business District) SM= 37 Population: 98x37= 3,626 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 1 of 36 filled (Columbus [retired], Trace [Retired], Hood) Military: 1 of 3 filled (Grove) (Pop. of 1,000 x 3) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) Politics: 1 of 3 filled ([Kasumi retired], Rothgate 2) [Pop. of 1,000 x 3] Medical: 0 of 1 filled [First opens at 1,000 pop. Then again at 5,000] Journalism: 1 of 3 filled [(Mellon) (Pop. of 1,000 x 3)] Music: 1 of 1 filled (Kasumi) Business: 0 of 1 filled Law Enforcement: 2 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr, Cormier) Education: 2 of 14 filled (Sims, Trace) [Pop. 250 x 14=3500] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 2 of 2 filled (Hood, Starr) Architecture: 1 of 2 filled (Trace) [+1 for addition of a sub-hood: Business District] Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)