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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6C


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6C

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The Peasantry class of Hyperia is largely based on farming and growing their own vegetables to feed the kingdom. There are three main Peasant families in Hyperia, the Hoods, the Galles and the newest additionthe Newsons. Not much is known about the newest family to come and settle in Hyperia, there are six of them and rumour has it that they are all adoptive siblings who suddenly found themselves orphans.
  3. 3. Gavin Newson never expected to be the one who had to raise his siblings, nor did he expect that theirparents would suddenly die mysteriously and leave them orphaned. Gavin as the oldest, had to pack them all up and move to the new kingdom of Hyperia where he had heard there was currently a populationboom and there was plenty of land available for cheap. Their parents left them a small fortune of 50,000 silver and a legacy of love. Gavin and his oldest sister Ginger were now the mom and dad of the family. His youngest sister, Georgia was just about ready to learn to talk. Gavin: Good girl Georgie!! Once more, Ga-vin, say Gavin.
  4. 4. Ginger was teaching Garrett to talk, he seemed more interested in the room than what she was trying to teach him though. Ginger: You can do it, say Bot-tle Garrett, bot-tle… Garrett: … Ginger: I hope you aren’t slow in the head, I don’t know how to deal with that…
  5. 5. The middle two, Gabriella and Gallagher were less than helpful. Gavin knew he had to work to keep the bills paid and food on the table because the small fortune their parents left them went into building their house and left less than 5,000 for other expenses. They weren’t helping by complaining all the time. Gallagher: I’m just saying, why can’t we have a telescope? Our teacher wants us to locate the constellations for science.Gavin: We have to budget our money until I can find work Gallagher, I told you this over and over. Ginger: I can find work too Gav, if you need me to.
  6. 6. Gavin: I know sis, but we have to make sure someone is home for the kids and we can’tkeep paying the nanny to watch the toddlers forever. I would rather have someone I know with them. Ginger: But Kendal is nice, you checked her out and everything. Gavin: I know, that’s not the point. It’s the money Ginger. Gabriella: You know you could be a little nicer to Gavin, he’s doing his best. Gallagher: What? I am nice.
  7. 7. Gallagher: Am I being bad Gavin?Gavin: No, not bad. Just inconsiderate, I know you want a telescope and I’d love to get you one, but Georgia and Garrett are going to be needing clothing soon and so will you and Gabby, that has to come first okay? Gallagher: Okay…I’m sorry Gavin. I won’t be so inconsiderate. Gabriella: Me neither, I’ll be good. Gavin: I’m glad to hear that you two. Ginger: Finish up, the coach to school will be coming soon for us.
  8. 8. Gabriella and Gallagher decided to help out by painting. They could sell them to help out with the money and they liked doing it so it was nice to do after the boring day at school. They weren’t very good, but it meant there was lots of room for improving.
  9. 9. Gabriella came to like talking to one nice old man, he said his name was Lord Diamos and he lived on the other side of the road from them. He was a Noble, and his daughter was Queen Violet. Gabriella had never met Queen Violet or King Derek but she had heard they were nice. She asked him if he had anykids, and why she never saw them at school. He told her that his kids were all grown up and his grandkids were too little for school right now. She liked talking to him and his wife Lady Ani-Mei.
  10. 10. The next day it was Georgia and Garrett’s birthdays. Gabriella and Gallagher were looking forward toplaying big kid games with them at school and home, there weren’t many other kids left in Hyperia to play with, they were all getting older and going to the bigger kid school like Gavin and Ginger were.
  11. 11. They had to wait until Gavin got home from working to grow up though, and by then it was late so Gallagher and Gabriella were tired.
  12. 12. They grew up nicely. In need of a change of clothes but nicely nevertheless.
  13. 13. The four younger Newson kids got to studying rightaway, since it was good to be informed and on top of things, the teacher appreciated their efforts at self- study.
  14. 14. The girl who came home with Ginger and Gavin was strange though, she hopped right onto their pantry door and started swinging on it, they had no idea that they could even do that… Alise Cooke everyone. My first fridge door rider. >_<
  15. 15. Ginger: Tell me the truth, are we really going to be alright here Gavin?Gavin: Yes, we will. Gabriella and Gallagher will be growing up soon and you won’t haveto be here to watch them anymore, you can get a job if that’s what you want to do still. Ginger: It is, I just feel like I should be helping out too you know? Gavin: We’re managing, don’t worry sis.
  16. 16. Ginger: What kind of work is there for me in this kingdom though?Gavin: Lots, there’s apprenticeships, working for a Noble house, Lord Diamos has offered to employ one of us if we need it. Ginger: But I’d have to live in their house if I worked for them though, I don’t want to leave you guys. Gavin: It’s just one possibility, you don’t have to if you don’t’ want to.
  17. 17. Ginger: I’ll think about it for sure. Your move.Gavin: We’re okay for now though, so don’t worry too much about it. Ginger: I’ll try not to.
  18. 18. The younger kids were oblivious to what their brother and sister were talking about, the blocks were much more interesting to them.
  19. 19. Garrett: Wow, that’s really tall Georgia!!Georgia: I know right? I hope it doesn’t fall over. Gallagher I can build a bigger one.Gabriella: You think so? I bet I can get there first!!
  20. 20. Gallagher: What do I get if I win?Gabriella: You can blow out the candles on our cakes first tonight. Gallagher: Aww, that’s no prize. Gabriella: Well what do you want? Gallagher: I don’t know…
  21. 21. Soon it was birthday time for them, Gabriella looked over at Gallagher, he was ready to become a teen. She smiled and turned back to her cake.
  22. 22. They transitioned at the same time so no one won the block building challenge after all. Ginger had bought them new clothes and they were waiting for them in the wardrobe. Gabriella Newson K/PO Cancer 6/3/6/4/6 LTW: Be City Planner Gallagher Newson R/PL Cancer 10/8/4/9/5 LTW: Have 20 Lovers (yay…) ******
  23. 23. Over at the Hood residence, Robin had taken up the chance to teach their new dog Webster his tricks so hecould be promoted at work. Robin had recently topped the Criminal underworld and now is the only one left standing in Hyperia, there was no Captain Hero to stop him anymore and he had free reign over the kingdom. He knew that Columbus still had connections to the underworld, but his were better since he was retired now. Robin had been accumulating his fortune, enough to renovate his small house into something grander.
  24. 24. Good thing Webster was a fast learner. He picked things up quickly enough.
  25. 25. Annabeth had taken up her mother’s interest in the garden, she still liked playing in the dirt much toher mother’s dismay. She had no intention of being a prim and proper young lady when it was so much more fun playing with the boys than the girls and their boring stuff.
  26. 26. Annabeth: Aww, it got away, I had it too!!Marian: Must you do something so dirty child? Washing the skunk stink off the dog is bad enough… Annabeth: Moommm…I told you before, I like catching bugs. Marian: You are not a boy, that is more what I would expect from your brother.
  27. 27. Annabeth: I swear I just weeded this thing… why did grow back so fast? Marian: Annabeth!! Inside!! Bath time!! Annabeth: Coming…
  28. 28. The next day, Robin had off so he and Marian went out for a hike. Marian was fine but the sheer effortand unfamiliar terrain took its toll on Robin and he ended up with heat stroke. It scared Marian, she had never seen something ever get to her husband like that before, she ran inside to get some water to cool himoff. She had been a plant so long that she had forgotten what could happen to an ordinary person from too much heat and sun.
  29. 29. Robin: I hope none of my minions saw that…
  30. 30. Later that day it was Annabeth’s birthday. She didn’t want a cake or a party, she just wanted to grow up quickly. John: Now you get to come to school with me. Annabeth: Is it fun? John: Totally, and if anyone bugs you, I’ll beat them for you. Annabeth: Thanks big brother.
  31. 31. And Annabeth continues the pants tradition. Annabeth Hood R/K Gemini 4/10/9/4/1 LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon
  32. 32. There were two more birthdays that week, Robin and Marian were due to enter Elder hood. Robin had no intention of retiring, just yet. He still had a lot to do before he did that, leaving the Criminal world without a leader was not a good idea at the moment.
  33. 33. John: Nice clothes dad. Robin: Uhh…I can’t be seen like this.Marian: I thought I had put away these leaves?
  34. 34. The Hood house was coming along nicely. All the promotions from John and Webster helped to make it bigger. A nice 10,000 silver bonus for Webster was a big help too. ******
  35. 35. The last stop this week is over at the Galle house where Aaron is getting ready to give his twins their birthdays.
  36. 36. Aaron: I think we’re going to need a bigger house for everyone.Paisley: I know, I am still waiting on my son to appear and right now we simply do not have any room for everyone. Ruby: We’ll get around to it, don’t worry.
  37. 37. Anastasia Hood Taurus 5/6/4/10/7 Gelen Hood Virgo 10/3/10/3/7Where is my purple skin? I miss Geodessa’s skin and hair…Ruby should have them somewhere in her genes. At least I was hoping she would have…
  38. 38. It seemed that as soon as Gelen and Anastasia were grown, there were more babies coming. This time itwas Kaylynn who went into labour. And Ruby was already trying to give Aaron another son if possible. They would need a bigger house very soon…
  39. 39. Kaylynn held her new daughter in her arms, little Elle. She had her father’s skin and hair…
  40. 40. …but her mother’s blue eyes. Elle was beautiful little baby girl. But she would have to try again, Paisley needed a son.
  41. 41. They managed to use one of Aaron’s Genie wishes to grant them money to renovate their tiny house. Soonce it was completed, Ruby was cleaning up the dishes from Gelen and Anastasia’s birthdays when she went into labour with her third child in the kitchen.
  42. 42. And soon held her second daughter Julia in her arms. Julia had her grandmother Marian’s blond hair and her mother’s obsidian black eyes.
  43. 43. The babies keep coming at the new Galle house and soon enough it was time for Kaylynn and Paisley to welcome their second daughter Claire to the family.Which means there will soon be more babies in the house.
  44. 44. Look it’s Julia!! And yes she transitioned with the blond poofy hair, it suits her. She looks adorabubblewith it. I just changed it to the darker blond so it doesn’t look so whitish-pink against her dress FFS dress. Julia Hood Pisces 6/3/10/6/10
  45. 45. Now with one less toddler around, it was Elle’s turn to grow up and join her cousins at school.
  46. 46. Elle Galle Scorpio 9/3/9/10/1Mean and playful, lethal combination. And she’s cute enough to get away with it too.
  47. 47. Julia Pic Spam 1:Learning to Walk with Daddy. Up, one, two, three.
  48. 48. And down she goes. *thunk*Aaron: Once more, you can do it. / Julia Pic Spam 1. ******
  49. 49. And so ends Week 6!! Here’s a little preview of Week 7 and everything I’m going to have to dealwith…plenty of new empty lots. Week 7 brings 14 families to be played, and eight new houses to build. Oi, I’m going to have my work cut out for me.
  50. 50. Final stats of Week 6, Part 3: # of Households: 9 # of Playables: 71 # of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Owned Community Lots: 4(Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 2],Kasumi [Rank 5], Starr [Rank 6]) SM: (2x9; two generations in each household), SM=18 Population: 71x18= 1,278 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 1 of 12 filled (Columbus [retired], Trace [Retired], Hood) Military: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Journalism: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Music: 0 of 1 filled Business: 0 of 1 filled Law Enforcement: 1 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr) Education: 2 of 5 filled (Sims),(Trace) [Pop. 250 x 5=1250] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 1 of 2 filled (Hood), [Diamos has retired] Architecture: 1 of 1 filled (Trace) Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)