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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 4


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 4

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The young Prince Derek is coming into marrying age quickly, it’s nearly time for the youth of Hyperia to take their next steps into adulthood. As such, Lord Erian’s ambitions for the throne arereaching a fevered pitch. Soon the prince will be expected to marry and he wanted to ensure that he marry one of his daughters. His son and heir is in a prime position to wed the princess, Shuuhei is ready and willing to do his father’s bidding; even if that bidding is to win the heart of the fair Princess Serena to position himself in line for thethrone, one thing stands in the way of the Kasumi family becoming the next monarchs…the king’s four sons. If the Kasumi family cannot get their hands on the crown thisgeneration, then perhaps the next one shall be the time to seize it. Lord Erian secretly prays that Prince Derek has no sons to carry on after him. King Henry will not be around forever and once the crown is Derek’s then all will hinge on his chosen wife bearing him sons…
  3. 3. Queen Celia and King Henry were sitting at their usual chess game, neither had spoken much the entiregame. Prince Derek would soon be old enough to marry, and the crown and responsibility of being king will pass to him. But not until the Reaper came to claim King Henry of course, though it did mean he was one step closer. Celia knew that Henry had entered into negotiations with Lord Starr for his oldest daughterViolet to marry Derek, later that evening the young prince was holding a celebration where he would finally meet his intended.
  4. 4. Queen Celia: My Lord, I cannot believe that our son is nearly ready to wed. It feels as though only yesterday he was but a wee babe in my arms. Where has the time gone? King Henry: I know my love, I can scarcely believe it myself. Young Miss Starr will be an excellent queen. Queen Celia: Perhaps, but I wonder…Xander seems rather taken with her himself, andDerek has not shown any interest in getting to know her, are we in the right forcing one son to marry the same girl at the expense of the other?
  5. 5. King Henry: It is but a passing fancy that Xander has in Miss Starr, Derek will wed her as he was intended to. Queen Celia: I am not so sure my Lord… he seems rather adamant that he loves her.King Henry: Pssh…the boy knows nothing of real love, he will forget her once he‟s grown. Queen Celia ceased to argue; her husband was in the right and her observations meant little to him, as he has already finalized the marriage pre-nuptial agreements with Lord Diamos.
  6. 6. King Henry: Besides, Lord Kasumi has offered his daughter Hinamori for Xander. Since he notmy heir I see no reason not to hear out what Lord Kasumi has to offer me in terms of a dowry for Hinamori. He is my advisor my love, he deserves a chance as much as any other Noble house. Queen Celia: As you wish my Lord. King Henry: Yes, now let us head downstairs. I believe it is time for Derek‟s party to begin.
  7. 7. King Henry: Ah, young master Shuuhei it is a pleasure to see you here. Shuuhei: My King, your praise honours me. I have come as escort for my sister Hinamori. My lordfather sends his regards and hopes that she finds you well. He sincerely hopes that she is worthy enough for my prince Xander‟s affections. King Henry: You are certainly well spoken young man. I am sure she will please my son just fine. Will your father be calling to finalize the arrangements soon? Shuuhei: Most assuredly my King. He shall attend your council forth with as soon as his business is concluded.
  8. 8. King Henry: Ah, good. I look forward to our meeting. For the meantime, please enjoy the castle and the party. Shuuhei: I shall my Lord King. He bowed and left to go mingle with the others at the party.
  9. 9. Shuuhei: You know what you have to do right sister? Hinamori: Yes dear brother, I do. Get to know Prince Xander well enough then make my move for Prince Derek.Shuuhei: No you simpleton!! You are to be wed to Prince Xander!! Foolish girl, can‟t you do anything right?? Once I am wedded to Princess Serena there will be two of us in the RoyalHouse, therefore doubling our chances at the throne! One of us shall either be the next king or queen. It‟s Derek that stands in the way right now…those are father‟s wishes!!
  10. 10. Shuuhei glanced over at Prince Derek, fawning over the plain, boring Dahlia Trace. She came from a Noble line besmirched with wicked rumours of her father’s dalliances with two score of women. Such a line could never be allowed to contaminate the Royal blood, it was disgraceful and Shuuhei, as well as his father and siblings, would NEVER bow before a queen with such a filthy lineage. With all the women her father was consorting with, who’s to say who her mother was… Shuuhei: What a shameful display for a prince… Hinamori: Uhh, I know dear brother. Why is he consorting with the likes of HER anyway?
  11. 11. Prince Derek was indeed smitten with the fair Dahlia Trace after all. He either had not heard of herfather’s escapades or he had and it didn’t bother him. It appeared for now the prince had his heart set on her, even though his father had already planned who he would be marrying. He would let his heir have his fun for now.
  12. 12. Derek’s party was not just for getting to know the potential wives, but it was also Princess Serena’s birthdayparty. Today she would become a young woman and ready to entertain suitors. As the only girl, it must bedone according to the traditions handed down through the Royal line. She must be betrothed before her 18th birthday.
  13. 13. And Shuuhei made sure that he would be the only suitor for her. It helped a lot that the princess was attractedto him, he could see it in the way she looked at him, all doe-eyed. It pleased him that she wouldn’t be hard towin. At least one of them would come away from this accomplishing what their father had sent them here for, winning the royal heart of potential heirs. Princess Serena K/FA Virgo 10/1/8/1/8 LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon
  14. 14. It would appear to be the same for Prince Xander as well, Hinamori had a rival for the prince’s heart. It didn’t bother her though, she knew that once Xander and Derek turned 18 it would be of no matter whoshared the prince’s First Kiss, because she would be the only one who would ever kiss him after that. Violet would be easily pushed aside.
  15. 15. Violet: I‟m so happy that I was able to come to your party my prince, it was wonderful. Prince Derek: I saw that, so you and my brother hmm?Violet: Yes, I do care a great deal for Prince Xander, I believe I might actually be in love with him. Prince Derek: And he you it would seem, I‟ve never seen him so happy.
  16. 16. Prince Derek: Which is why it‟s so hard to tell you this…our fathers have decided that we should marry. You will be the next queen Violet… Her face fell; “What?”Prince Derek: I don‟t like the idea either…uhh not that you‟re not attractive, gods know you are, but I do not want to break my twin‟s heart. Violet: I see…
  17. 17. Prince Derek: We have no control over our own lives it seems…our fate is not in our hands. Violet: You‟re the next king, can‟t you change things?Prince Derek: I wish I could, but until father passes I cannot be king. Maybe it will work out, we may fall in love on our own; who knows? I would not treat you badly, rest assured. Violet: I do not think you would my prince, it‟s just that…it‟s not fair why can‟t we have the ones we love? The ones that we chose? Prince Derek: I do not know…
  18. 18. Prince Derek: Once I am king I will change that law, I cannot see myself forcing my child to marrysomeone he did not choose like my father is going to do to me. He should be free to marry whomever he chooses and whom he loves. Violet: You have a good heart my prince, you will make a great king once day. Prince Derek: Perhaps…perhaps you will be at my side when I am… Violet: Maybe. But what about Dahlia? Don‟t you love her? Prince Derek: I do. For all I know her father has another suitor planned for her already.
  19. 19. After the party was over, Derek sought out his brother. He had to know what he thought about the whole arranged marriage thing their father had planned for him. Derek: So, what say you twin? How do you feel about it? Xander: I don‟t like it, I mean why should father force you to marry the girl I love? Derek: His father did it to him, and his father before that; it‟s the law. Xander: The law…what happened to fairness?
  20. 20. Derek: I will change it once I am king, that is a promise. Xander: But until then, I have to watch you marry the girl I love…Derek: I hate the idea of it too, but maybe I‟ll learn to love her as much as you do. I will not hurt her or mistreat her in any way. Xander: I know…if it were any other man I would never allow it to happen.
  21. 21. Xander: I have heard father wants me to marry Hinamori Kasumi, the daughter of his advisor. I don‟t even like her!! Derek: She was talking to you at the party, wasn‟t she? Xander: Yes…
  22. 22. Xander: She has a wicked tongue, she tried to convince me that Violet was only using me to gain access to the royal treasury. How spiteful can one be? Derek: I do not trust the Kasumi‟s motives, but the head of the family has father blinded, I cannotreason with him. I will make sure to remove Lord Kasumi from his position as advisor, he will not be advising me. Most assuredly so.Xander: What can we do in the meantime? Serena is head over heels for Shuuhei, what will become of her? Derek: That is a whole other set of problems…I have no idea what to do about that.
  23. 23. A few days later, it was the younger twins’ birthday. Prince John and Prince Nicholas were due to join their older siblings in teen-hood later that evening.Prince Nicholas: I can‟t wait to build my own castle, it will have spires and towers so high they‟ll touch the clouds!! Prince John: Nuh-uh!! Mine‟s going to be taller than yours!! Prince Nicolas: Will not!! Prince John: Will too!!
  24. 24. Prince Nicholas: See? Mine‟s already bigger!! Prince John: No fair!!Prince Derek: Come on you two, the cakes are all ready. Prince Nicholas and John: Coming!!
  25. 25. Prince Nicholas: Is it chocolate like I asked for big brother? I can‟t tell… Prince Derek: Yes, it‟s chocolate. I remembered to make sure. Prince Nicholas: Oh, okay. As long as you made sure. Prince Derek: I did, don‟t worry.
  26. 26. Prince John (red) and Prince Nicholas (black) grew up to be stunning, just like their brothers. Prince John decided he would like to be Popular while his twin preferred the comforts of Family over friends. Prince John PO/K Taurus 6/8/7/8/5 LTW: Be Cult Leader Prince Nicholas FA/FO Libra 5/8/1/9/9 LTW: Be Captain Hero
  27. 27. My attempt at anice Royal FamilyPortrait…in threeseparate pictures.Close enough…I suppose. >_<
  28. 28. Another shot of newly teened Prince John,he’s gorgeous, I can’t stop squeeing when Isee him. Here’s a shot of him with Xander.
  29. 29. And another of Prince Nicholas with Derek. I love him too, except for the fact he’smy sloucher, he has One active point. Not sure where it came from all his siblings have five or more. He’s my oddball but I love him anyway. ^_^ ******
  30. 30. Over at the Kasumi house, Lord Erian was looking for an update on Shuuhei’s progress in inserting himself into the Royal family…
  31. 31. Lord Erian: So, how goes it my son? Are you firmly in place? Shuuhei: Yes honourable father. The princess is putty in my hands, she loves me unconditionally. Lord Erian: And Hinamori? How did she do?Shuuhei pulled a face; “Hinamori-chan did not achieve her objective. Prince Xander is highly suspicious of her because of her wicked tongue for gossip.”
  32. 32. Shuuhei: Though it appears we have a slight complication with Prince Derek. He‟s infatuated with the Trace girl. Lord Erian: Which one? Shuuhei: Dahlia, the second oldest daughter. Lord Erian: It is of no matter, the king will not accept a girl from a family with such a scandalous reputation as the Traces; even if they are nobles.
  33. 33. Shuuhei: How do you know? Lord Erian: I am the king‟s advisor; he will heed my advice above all. Shuuhei: Ah, I see. But I must confess, I have heard of some disturbing rumours… Lord Erian: Such as?Shuuhei: Such as my own dear brother Kira seems to be falling for the oldest Trace girl, Kindle.
  34. 34. Lord Erian: Go on…Shuuhei: Well he seems to cling to the notion of being with his childhood sweetheart, because he loves her. Since he‟s the second son he figures he can get away with it. Lord Erian: He would be mistaken in that assumption.Shuuhei: As well he should be honourable father; we cannot have him disgracing the Kasumi name with the likes of her.
  35. 35. Lord Erian: Kira can have his fun while he can, once he is of age I will see to it that he marry into a respectable family, one that would do well to associate with us. Shuuhei: And who might that be? Lord Erian: I have not decided yet. There is still time though. Shuuhei: I see.
  36. 36. Lord Erian: I will have no son of mine consorting with such a family. Shuuhei: And what of Rangiku? His twin? Lord Erian: I do not need to worry about her. Shuuhei: How come?
  37. 37. Lord Erian: She has her sights set on the young Prince John.Shuuhei: Three Kasumis in the Royal House? Father, if I did not know better, I would say you had this planned all along. Lord Erian: Of course my son; a wise man always plans ahead. Shuuhei: I can only hope to be half as good as you great father. Lord Erian: You shall, once you wed the princess you most definitely shall.
  38. 38. Shuuhei: I hate that I have wait so long before this great plan can be put into action. Lord Erian: Ah, youth. Do not waste it my son; for it is most precious to have. Shuuhei: I will not, I promise.
  39. 39. Lord Erian: One thing you must remember above all; money is power. Those who have the money make the laws. And from what my source tells me, our fortune greatly outdoes thatof the king. We are primed and ready to use all that we have at our disposal to make the plan come true. Shuuhei: How so?Lord Erian: I have purchased a lot, it shall become Hyperia‟s first Athletic field. Once news of it reaches the masses, we will be a force to be reckoned with.
  40. 40. “I did indeed purchase an empty lot to begin an Athletic field on. It is called Sunnystone Park and it will be the jewel of the kingdom. All will come from far and wide to compete there, rich and poor alike. The Kasumi name with become synonymous with good will and a cause for good in the community. All the makings of a great king…”
  41. 41. “It has its own roller rink. A first in the kingdom. As well as a soccer field and two basketball courts. A local restaurant franchisee has agreed to take care of all the food for the park, it serves hot dogs and hamburgers. There are showers as well; for both genders.”
  42. 42. “It will even be open at night for the after work crowds who are looking to blow off some steam.” Shuuhei: It sounds wonderful father. It will definitely garner us favour with the masses.Lord Erian: I know, which is why I chose to take on the venue. It shall be my legacy to you my son, my heir. Shuuhei: I promise to make you proud with it.
  43. 43. Shuuhei: It will also open up new jobs, give the people somewhere to train if they want to pursue a career in Athletics. Lord Erian: Another plus; job creation. What more can a king do for his people? Shuuhei: I agree; but we are not Royalty yet father… Lord Erian: We shall be some day my son. The Kasumi name will reign for the ages.
  44. 44. Shuuhei made sure to inform his siblings of their father’s plan later that night.Shuuhei: We will make the Kasumi name remembered throughout history! Rangiku: I dare say I like the sound of Princess Rangiku.Hinamori: Ah, yes to be a princess…every girl‟s dream… *sighs dreamily*
  45. 45. Kira: How exactly does father plan to do away with the king‟s sons? He has four of them. Shuuhei: No one said anything about „doing away‟ with the princes, we do not plan regicide brother. Kira: Sounds like it to me…Shuuhei: We will lie in wait; if Fate favours us, then Prince Derek will have no sons and the crown will revert to the husband of the oldest Royal Daughter, which will be me. Kira: Only if the other three princes have no sons, don‟t go planning your coronation just yet.
  46. 46. Shuuhei: Must you be so negative?Kira: Not negative; logical. King Henry has four sons, if Prince Derek has none, then it falls to Xander.Hinamori: Which would mean I would be bearing the next king, for I plan to be the one at Prince Xander‟s side. So we still win. Kira: It just sounds so…evil…I can‟t believe father wants to overthrow the Rothgate line.
  47. 47. Hinamori: *tsk* WE deserve to be the dominate Royal line!! WE‟RE the ones who have all the money!! We could easily out-maneuver the king with that alone, money buys a lot of friends and power dear little brother. Rangiku: I agree; why do you have to be the only one who wants to go against the plan? Why cause ripples? Kira: I—I just think it‟s wrong…that‟s all.
  48. 48. Rangiku: And don‟t think father has overlooked you and that Trace girl!! He‟ll NEVER letyou marry her, not with the scandal attached to them!! He‟d sooner disown you than allow that to happen. Kira: Rangiku!! How can you say such horrible things!! You‟re my twin!!Rangiku: Which is why I don‟t want you to disgrace us with your fraternizations with that less than desirable Trace girl.
  49. 49. Hinamori: Father will find someone more respectable for you, there is no doubt about that. He won‟t let you disgrace us and dash our family‟s ambitions against the rocks. Kira was shocked and hurt beyond words; his entire family was planning to bring down the Rothgatemonarchy. And he was the only one who didn’t agree with them; which in a family as powerful as his, thatmeant he would never have a bright future. He was becoming the Black Sheep of the family, and he had no idea how to stop it.
  50. 50. There was so much going on at the Kasumi house, the reason was the fact that Hyperia would soon haveits first elderly founders. Lord Erian and Lady Amaya had come into their golden years. It hardly seemed like it was time for them to age up, it felt like only yesterday they had settled in Hyperia…
  51. 51. Lord Erian retained much of his presence despite his new distinguished look, his lovely wife changed very little herself. She looked more matronly now; at least that’s how Erian saw her. A fitting companion for him in histwilight years. He was by no means a weak old man, much of his power he still had at his command. He would hold onto it as long as he could, at least until Shuuhei was ready to take the reigns of the Kasumi household from him.
  52. 52. Kira had grown to like Princess Serena, she was too sweet and kind to be used in such a way by his brother, even Prince Xander didn’t deserve that. If the Rothgates had any ideawhat his father was planning, they would sever ties with their family and black list them for generations to come. Because Kira was a Kasumi, if he did warn them he worried that it would cast him into a suspicious light as well. Essentially he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, he had no idea what to do… ******
  53. 53. Hyperia may have no idea what the Kasumi family had planned for the Rothgate monarchy, as far as thepeople were concerned, it was a booming kingdom and the place to go if you wished for a better life. Such was the case for Hyperia’s newest inhabitants; the Cooke family…
  54. 54. Nathaniel and Adelaide Cooke were a Merchant class family who had recently decided to settle inHyperia. Rumours had been circulating of the tremendous wealth and potential land in this growing kingdom for years, and Nathaniel wanted to claim his stake in it.
  55. 55. And as such, he wanted to lay down roots as soon as possible. His loving wife was more than eager to obligeher husband in that respect. They tried as often as they could in between Nathaniel’s work for the local police force, his one true dream was to become renowned as Hyperia’s first Captain Hero. His wife was more contented to just settle for having a wonderful Golden Anniversary one day, surrounded by children and grandchildren.
  56. 56. However, it would seem that Fate decided to be cruel to the young couple; the devastating news that Adelaide was barren and unable to bear children broke her heart and shattered he soul. Her husband, was besidehimself with grief for his wife; he knew she wanted nothing more than to hold their precious baby in her arms. He felt the same way; he was unable to accept the fact that he would never have an heir.
  57. 57. He was at a loss as to what he could say or do to console his wife’s agony. He needed a son to carry on his name but he did not want to take a mistress to accomplish that; there had to be another way…
  58. 58. Adelaide: You need a son, and I cannot provide…I am a failure as a wife and a woman. Nathaniel: No, Addie; you‟re not we‟ll find a way…I promise. Adelaide: Do not make promises you cannot keep husband. You…you have to take a mistress. There is no other way. Nathaniel: I don‟t want to!! I love you and I will find another way to have an heir.
  59. 59. Adelaide: But how??Nathaniel: I have a few sources I can tap for information; don‟t fret about that my love. Adelaide: You swear by them? Nathaniel: I do. Adelaide: Alright…
  60. 60. A few nights later… Nathaniel: I have come up with a plausible solution my love. Adelaide: Oh?Nathaniel: I know some people down at the local orphanage who were most kind in accelerating our offer to adopt. We will have our own child on the morrow. Adelaide: Truly?
  61. 61. Nathaniel: I swear by it. Adelaide: Do they tell you which gender the child will be? Nathaniel: No, that is part of the surprise. Adelaide: And if we get a girl? What then? You need a son.Nathaniel: If we get a girl, we shall adopt another, and another until I have the son I need.
  62. 62. Nathaniel: All will be well my love, do not worry. Adelaide: I believe you, and I know it will be.Nathaniel: Shall we retire to bed then? One of us should get the honour of meeting ourchild with a bright face and happy smiles, it would be most appropriate if that were you. Adelaide: Alright, I am pretty fatigued.
  63. 63. The next morning, their child arrived. She was a shy little girl, she looked rather nervous when she came up to the house. Adelaide’s heart went out to her immediately.Adelaide: I am truly sorry; I did not mean to burn the pie. I wanted everything to be perfect for you when you arrived. Alise: It‟s alright; I like pie.
  64. 64. Alise: Do I have to work to earn my keep around here? Adelaide: Goodness child, no. Whatever gave you that idea? Alise flushed; “ I‟m sorry…”Adelaide: No, we are fairly well off and do not have to earn our keep around here, we keepthe house neat and clean, entertain guests and prepare meals that is all we‟ll be asked to do. It‟s what your father asks of us.
  65. 65. Alise: Can you teach me how to cook? I don‟t know how to… Adelaide: Then we shall learn together; for I do not know how to cook that well either.The little girl smiled; it was the most beautiful thing Adelaide had ever seen. She wished to have at least one daughter during her marriage to Nathaniel and she got her wish.
  66. 66. Alise even cleaned up the plates without being asked to, Adelaide smiled fondly; she truly was a treasure.Adoption was a wonderful idea, she made sure to tell her husband how happy she was when he got home.
  67. 67. Alise: Are you my daddy? Nathaniel: Yes, I am. Do you like it here? Is the room alright? It‟s not too small is it? Alise: No, it‟s huge compared to what I had at St. Anne‟s, I still expect to have someone come and take it all away again… Nathaniel: That will not be happening; this is your home now sweet girl. No one will take anything away from you here.When Nathaniel came home, he came home with another Alise: Oh.promotion. He had advanced up the ranks to Lieutenant already, mainly because this kingdom had three Nathaniel: So…how was school?Criminals that needed to be kept in check and the police force was severely short-handed on experienced men. Ben: Nate, I‟m just going to go okay? You seem to Nathaniel’s prior experience as a merchant sailor gave have prior engagements. him a definitive edge that allowed him to climb ranks quickly. Nathaniel: Oh, yes, alright then. See you tomorrow Ben. He came home to see a precious little girl playing quietlyin her room. He wrung his hands nervously; what should Ben: Night. Night little girl. he say to her? Alise: Good night sir.
  68. 68. So ends Chapter 4A. Stats as follows: # of Households: 7 # of Playables: 40 # of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Owned Community Lots: 2 (Columbus, Kasumi) SM: (2x7; two generations in each household), SM=14 Population: 40x14=560 Careers Unlocked: Criminal, 3 of 5 filled (Columbus, Trace, Hood) Military: 1of 1 filled (Starr)Oceanography: 0 of 3 filled (Gold Fishing Badges for Kira, Shuuhei and Erian) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Law Enforcement: 1 of 2 filled (Cooke) Education: 0 of 2 filled (pop. 250x2) Intelligence: 0 of 2 filled Architecture: 0 of 1 filled (having 10 lots=1 opening)