Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 3B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 3B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Hyperia’s prosperity has attracted the legendary Robin Hood to itsborders. So far he has not made a move against the Noble houses of the kingdom because of his friendship with Lord Diamos. The time may yet come when he does make the first move, but for now life goes on for the citizens of Hyperia…
  3. 3. Hyperia is growing, its people are prospering and some of the wealthier citizens have begun to start up businesses, so far the selection is limited but there will be plenty of time to grow as the years go by.
  4. 4. The Kasumi heir and his twin are about to enter the age of majority in the kingdom. Young Hinamori willsoon be looking for a husband and her twin brother will begin learning his father’s business. Recently, Lord Erian had made it to the position of Mayor of Hyperia and secured himself in a rather cushy position to advise the king on matters of the state. It is a victory he lords over his rival Lord Diamos every chance he gets. If he can secure his son a place as the husband of Princess Serena, then all of his plans will be put into motion. He can use their marriage to his advantage, the only thing that remained to be done was convince King Henry to choose his son over one of Lord Diamos’s for her.
  5. 5. Shuuhei’s first lesson was learning the ancient Asian tradition of tending a Zen garden. It would center his thoughts and clearhis mind, making sure he approached decisions with a rational and clear head; very important for matters of Politics. If he is to become a duke then he must learn how to be diplomatic, raking a Zen garden will build those skills for him. Shuuhei Kasumi FO/K Scorpio 10/7/10/3/3 LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon (unlocked due to Shuuhei earning a Gold Fishing badge)
  6. 6. While Shuuhei learned the art of Zen gardening, Hinamori’s job was to get close to Prince Xander; next in line for the royal throne shouldsomething befall his brother, Prince Derek. Having his oldest children in such positions would greatly increasehis chances at the throne. However, Hinamori was not being very lady-like in cheating the prince at chess. Hinamori Kasumi PO/FA Scorpio 9/7/9/3/1 LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses (not possible since women cannot own a business)
  7. 7. His younger twins, Kira and Rangiku were also entering the age of majority. For Kira, he would be expected to open a business, while Rangiku would be expected to cement ties with another Noble family, since Lord Erian did not care much for the Starrs, that left the Trace line of Nobility. He knew from his dealings around the kingdom that Lord Thai had three daughters and two sons in need of spouses and a match arranged for Kira or Rangiku with one of them would also factor into his plans.
  8. 8. Kira Kasumi R/FA Gemini 4/8/8/3/3 LTW: Be Visionary(with no Uni, he won’t be getting that either) Rangiku Kasumi R/PO Scorpio 5/4/10/4/3 LTW: Be Cult Leader (again, not happening)
  9. 9. As with the Kasumi children, Lord Thai also was about have teenage children running around his house.
  10. 10. But his youngest set of twins, Aliya and Shawn were about to have their toddler birthdays. Shawn was his second son and Aliya was his third daughter, he was done having kids by this point. Despite his wife’s pleadings for another baby, he refused. He had his two sons and he was satisfied.
  11. 11. Aliya Trace Capricorn10/3/3/10/8Shawn Trace Capricorn 9/3/5/9/8
  12. 12. Aliya and Shawn were close twins, the two were always hugging and playing together in their nursery. Maiawas thrilled to make sure she never missed a moment of their babyhoods since she knew she was not having anymore after them.
  13. 13. It was soon time for his oldest daughter Kindle to enter the age of majority. She never forgot her childhoodcrush, only later did she find out that it was Kira and not his brother Shuuhei like she had wrongly assumed hewas. The two brothers looked so similar; she still laughed about that little mix-up now. But her feelings for him never died, they only got stronger; she prayed that her father would allow her to marry Kira.
  14. 14. Kindle Trace K/PO Virgo 10/1/9/5/9 LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon(she shares the same LTW as Shuuhei)
  15. 15. Lord Thai continued his conquest for 20 Lovers with Lovers # 13,14,15, and 16
  16. 16. As well as Lovers 17 and 18. His conquests have never been discovered by his wife or his children and that made him extremely proud. He was the Ultimate Lover and no one was the wiser.
  17. 17. When the final Lover came, he held onto the doubloon for a while; pouring all his hope and energy into this last toss. One more time and he would have all that desired in this life.
  18. 18. He knew that white was definitely his colour. ******Lord Thai has no shame…just like real Thai ;) (JK Thai, I love you <3)
  19. 19. At the house of Columbus, the kingdom’s young people were joined by Christopher’s oldest daughters Ruby and Garnet. Ruby Columbus (yellow) FA/R Aries 10/10/9/3/1 LTW: Marry Off 6 Kids Garnet Columbus (pants) PO/K Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3 LTW: Be Mad Scientist
  20. 20. As well as his younger twins, Saphira and Kieran. Saphira Columbus FO/PO Virgo 9/3/1/2/10 LTW: Be The Law (sorry my girl…no Uni)Kieran Columbus K/R Cancer 5/3/8/8/10LTW: Be Prestidigitator(may be possible soon)
  21. 21. Ruby’s wish to find a worthy boy to bestow her affections upon gave her Tyler Starr. However since she wasof the Merchant class and he was the heir to the Starr fortune, a teen romance was about as far as she could expect to go with him. Her sisters knew that well as she did, Merchant children and children of Nobility could never be allowed to marry…it was sad for the one who would be denied their true love due to class restrictions.
  22. 22. Tyler: I am so sorry Ruby my dear…Ruby: I know, but it’s the way it has to be. At least…at least for now I can enjoy being with you. Tyler: Me as well; I will not forget you. Saphira: Poor Ruby… Garnet: I know baby sister…I know.
  23. 23. Christopher: I know you’re cheating somehow…I just can’t put my finger on it.
  24. 24. Pao: Oh please…I do not cheat friends. You’re just bad at this Chris.Christopher: And for that I will not have your head, actually I had another idea in mind foryou old friend. Ruby, my eldest daughter will be in need of a husband soon and I wanted to ask you to be him. Pao: Marry your daughter? Why? Christopher: I trust you the most Pao.
  25. 25. Christopher: Because I will not be around forever and I need ensure my empire will remain in hands I trust. And giving you my daughter is going to seal that trust. Pao: Of course, I understand and I accept, providing she will have me of course. Christopher: She will, I know she will.
  26. 26. Christopher: Perhaps it will be one of my children, preferably Kieran, who will elevate thisfamily to the heights of Nobility. It would be my dream to see all our hard work and struggle pay off in the end… Pao: A lovely dream; I am sure it will happen one day. Christopher: Hmm, yes. I shall bequeath my import shop, Columbus Curios, to Kieran in hopes he can use it to build off of.
  27. 27. Pao stared at his tiles, a recent import they had procured into Hyperia. It was highly addictive and fun and ifhe could convince Christopher to sell it in his shop, then the profits would soar. Or he could use Ruby’s dowry to open a Games shop to sell it himself; he had amassed a small fortune, saving it for such an occasion. Hyperia was an untapped market with plenty of steady population growth, more than enough to establish a profitable shop in the kingdom. Pao began to go over plans for the Games shop in his head as he played his tiles; it would be glorious… And what a shop it would be once it’s operational. ******
  28. 28. Stats as of Week 3 End: # of Households: 6 # of Playables: 37 # of NPC Community Lots: 1# of Owned Community Lots: 1 (have to change Starr on next rotation) SM: (2x6 two generations in each Household), SM = 12 Population: 37x12 = 444Careers Unlocked: Criminal 3 of 4 spots filled. (Columbus, Trace, Hood) Military: 1 of 1 spots filled (Starr) Politics: 1 of 1 spots filled (Kasumi) Law Enforcement: 0 of 1 spots filled Oceanography: 0 of 1 filled Education: 0 of 1 spots filled Intelligence: 0 of 2 spots filled