Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 6


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The Final Three, who wins and who goes home?

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 6

  1. 1. It’s down to the Final Three, Day 6 is upon us. Someone will be coming up just short of the grand prize, some will go on. Who will it be? Which girl will be the one for Loki? And which girl will be breaking the Jedi’s vows of no love? Come and see, and just so there’s no anticipation this is Part One of Two. I will be posting the final two days together. So look for them at a Boolprop thread near you this summer!!
  2. 2. Day Six begins, each girl will get three flirts before noon. And after the remaining two each get a “make out” one on one date… Loki: I’m so nervous, I’ve never been good at make outs. Aphrodite: It’s really nothing to be scared of. Ella: We can lead if you like.
  3. 3. Aphrodite: Just tell me you don’t get sweaty palms. There’s nothing worse than a guy with hands as slick and wet as oil…gross. Ella: Did you really just take a shot at Loki’s love of Environmental interests… Camilla: I concur…you are treading in dangerous waters woman… Aphrodite: What? I said I wasn’t settling for second place again. I’m going to win this time.
  4. 4. Loki: Oh I don’t know it was a pretty good comparison… Aphrodite: Eww, Ella do you even taste your food or just inhale it? Ella: *snarfle* *gobble* *smack* Camilla: Ughh, now I need a shower I’m wearing spit-covered food…
  5. 5. Ella: Sorry, did you say something? *BRAPP!!* Camilla: *urk* Loki: Well we should head into the flirting…*sigh* I hate this part. Aphrodite: Fine with me I just lost my appetite.
  6. 6. Three flirts: Sweet Talk, Suggestion and Caress. Who will accept all three? Loki: *whisper whisper* Camilla: Oh rly? Tell me more… Sweet Talk. Check.
  7. 7. Suggestion. Check. Camilla: Mmm, aspiration points. Loki: That’s so cute. Camilla: Really?
  8. 8. Caress. Che—oh. *sad face* Camilla: Sorry, no touchy. Loki: Aspiration hit, not cool. Ouch. Oh dear. The infamous rejected Caress, the death of many a candidate…is it so for Camilla?
  9. 9. Ella’s three flirts were different, there was no Suggestion option but there was a Goose and Serenade.. But let’s try Sweet Talk first. Loki: I’m glad you’re here Ella. It means a lot to me. Ella: I was happy to visit. Star Babies represent. Loki: Indeed.
  10. 10. Loki: I’m not good at the Goose… *blushes* Ella: Oh I don’t know that was pretty good. Loki: You mean that? Ella: Of course.
  11. 11. Caress. Check. Loki: I much prefer this to a Goose. Ella: Me too…*sighs dreamily* Loki: *grins*
  12. 12. Aphrodite: This is nice. Loki: Your cheek is so soft…but what’s with the pajamas? Aphrodite: I needed a nap, but I can stay awake for you a bit longer. Loki: I would like that.
  13. 13. Goose. Enthusiastically accepted. Aphrodite: I have green smilie faces don’t I? Loki: You do. Who knew a Goose could do that? Aphrodite: The Goose is a mysterious thing, it is.
  14. 14. Serenade was the next one, also check. Aphrodite: Oh I do love a man who can sing!! Loki: I am so glad…this is the first chance I’ve had. Aphrodite: It was really good for a first try.
  15. 15. But who gets to visit the Computer of Shame today? Let’s see, you have two guesses… Guessed yet?
  16. 16. Camilla: Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have rejected that Caress… So true. Camilla: Oh well, at least now I don’t have to be zombied…do I? I could…if you choose to be playable. But I am willing to give you an alternate universe pass and let you stay alive…tell me later when Cupid sees you. Good Journey Camilla…good journey. Camilla: Thanks. I’ll do that.
  17. 17. Day 6 Ending Stats: Aphrodite: 160, Crush, Two Bolts Ella: 151, Crush, Two Bolts Camilla: 137, Crush, Three Bolts. That rejected caress cost her second place and opened the door for Ella to move up. So it seems bolts don’t matter as much as I thought if two three bolters can leave after one rejected flirt. But, things go as they do for a reason. Sorry Miri, I had hoped it would be enough but it wasn’t. Now, let’s see how the rest of Day 6 went for the remaining two.
  18. 18. Ella: Well that’s one less cloud in the way of my shining sun… you Loki. Loki: That’s kinda weird…I’m the sun? Ella: Of course you are. Aphrodite: Suck up.
  19. 19. Aphrodite: Well if that means you’re a snow cloud then don’t be thinking I’ll let you get away with freezing me out of my shining Loki sun… Loki: You too? Ella: That was my metaphor…you can’t steal it, I copyrighted it.
  20. 20. Ella: Copyright is perfectly legal term created to protect my intellectual property. You must pay me royalties to use my Cloud Metaphor. Aphrodite: I’m not paying you a dime. Loki: Umm… Ella: Shh, sweetie. This is important. You owe me money woman!! Pay up.
  21. 21. Aphrodite: *death glare of death* Ella: *is smug* Loki: *shifts uncomfortably* 0_0?
  22. 22. Loki: Can’t we all just get along? Be best friends? Ella and Aphrodite: *stares* Loki: Maybe? I mean…if you want to of course…*sweat drop* Poor Loki… *pets*
  23. 23. Moving swiftly on…one on one date. Make-outs. Loki: Thank you Voice. No problem honey. Ella: Kissies!! YAY!!
  24. 24. Ella: Points? Loki: Points. Ella: Excellent. Loki: Yes, I suppose so.
  25. 25. Aphrodite: *sigh* Now I can go to bed happy. Loki: Mmm. Glad to help. Aphrodite: Shh, more kissies. Loki: Yes ma ’me.
  26. 26. We have a kiss-dip. Win. Aphrodite: Head…wall…hurt. Loki: Oh gosh!! I’m sorry!! Are you alright? Aphrodite: Yes…I am.
  27. 27. Cupid: Aww, another triple bolter sent home? What gives? Camilla: Rejected a Caress… Cupid: Ouch. That’s gotta suck. Camilla: Obviously.
  28. 28. Cupid: Well anyway, Ani-Mei told me what she offered you. What is your decision? Camilla: I don’t blame daddy for not knowing how to resurrect me safely, I forgave him. But she did make me a great offer, I think I’ll take that alternate universe pass and be a Townie, a living Townie. I am Family after all. I would love to see who I fall in love with…since it’s obviously not going to be Loki. *sniff*
  29. 29. Cupid: That’s great, I’m glad. Camilla: Will—will I forget? Cupid: Umm…it’s possible I mean Townies do get that First Kiss memory wipe but I don’t know if that included everything else too. Camilla: Oh…I see.
  30. 30. Cupid: I’m sorry Camilla. Camilla: It’s alright, I’ll still see him around and I’ll be alive too. So I guess it’s worth it. Cupid: At least you’ll remember everyone else, they all chose to be Townies so far. You remember friendships, which is good.
  31. 31. So there you have it, Day 6 is over. But fear not, there’s more to come…head on over to Day 7, the thrilling conclusion.