Gaia’s Roots: Chapter 3


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Gaia’s Roots: Chapter 3

  1. 1. We are now entering the realm of second generation heiress, Avoine who doesn’t care much for the grass roots farming of her fatherChris. She is more concerned with the big world of business and cold, hard cash. The garden will no longer flourish as it did when she was a child. And it’s likely that there will only be one more crop before the next season. Will it turn out for the best? Or will Avoine make things worse? Time will tell.
  2. 2. Chapter 3:Getting Downto Business Hey, Well the house and the family money are now mine. I graduated from college Summa Cum Laude, as I expected I would. I married an international businessman named Stephan Go and he and I have the same goal; to make as much money as possible. I told dad that now that I was in charge, there will be no more money spent on farming. The crop that’s growing now will be the last one, so I hope he enjoys it. The family money will be better spent on acquiring businesses with the goal of being the Top Ranked in the city.
  3. 3. My brothers Kale and Ash both got married to their respective sweethearts, and moved out of our friend’s place to start their ownlives. I will probably update them as I add my entries to the family log because it will make mom happy.
  4. 4. My half siblings, Magnolia, Will,and Cypress also got married asper mom’s wish. So she’s happyas a clam now. Dad got his wish when the three of us graduated from college so I don’t have toworry too much about them now.
  5. 5. Oh and I suppose I should also mention the other half siblings,the results of dad’s affair with the Sim Self, also got married. Mom may have forgiven dad forcheating on her with that woman but I am not so sure I should. Of course we spent some time together in college with one another, it helped keep dad happy and paid the bills there. Don’t expect a lot of pictures of them in here, because honestly I never knew they even existeduntil college, so it’s not like we all grew up together…
  6. 6. But affair children aside, I topped my career in Architecture andimmediately took the opportunity that presented when a space for aCEO opened up in Business. Naturally, I topped that too. It was also time for my parents to enter their golden years. Mom could retire and be with dad like she wanted to.
  7. 7. Dad and mom grew up well and I made sure that they had somedecent clothing to wear once they grew up. I can’t have my parents looking poor now can I? The family reputation is on the line, myreputation is on the line. Stephan is working his way up the Medical ladder and will soon become Pleasantview’s Chief of Staff. A very prestigious position worthy of the Gaia name if I do say so myself. Our children will want for nothing once they arrive.
  8. 8. Speaking of children, I was still doing my duty as heiress even though it meant taking the time off work. Which wasn’t so nice, I was bored out of my mind being stuck around the house.
  9. 9. Imagine my surprise when I had twins, a boy named Mason and a girlnamed Marge. This is Marge, my daughter. She has father’s eyes and her daddy’s hair.
  10. 10. I decided that my son Mason will be my heir. He has a bright future in the world of business because his mother is so successful in it. This was a nice shot of my parents with their grandson, it was definitely worthy of being added to the family journal.
  11. 11. Soon enough it was time for their birthdays. I wanted to give my son the boost into toddlerhood while mom wanted to see Marge into it. I had no objections to that of course. I hope my son takes after hismother and has the right instincts for business.
  12. 12. Marge Gaia Scorpio10/3/9/9/1Mason Gaia Cancer6/3/6/4/6
  13. 13. I wanted to teach Mason how to walk, while mom wanted to teach Marge to talk. Stephan was more contented to teach them a nursery rhyme rather than their practical skills which is odd since he is moreFamily oriented than I am. He wants another child but I have said that two is enough. We don’t need another.
  14. 14. However, I think that mom is finding that little Marge is ratherstubborn and does not want to repeat what she’s trying to be taught.I remember Cypress was like that so mom must know some tricks to get them to learn.
  15. 15. Dad knows I don’t approve of his continued relationship with that woman, but he still goes out to see her. Is it wrong to want my father to stay with his own family? His legitimate family? Am Ibeing selfish? Sometimes it feels like I do have three kids, my dad doesn’t listen to me. He knows I don’t like her…
  16. 16. Or is it the fact that she seems ageless and is still the same as theday he met her? Is he really still after a younger woman even now? He is a man after all. But if Stephan ever thinks he’ll be chasing a younger woman when he’s old he has another thing coming!
  17. 17. Kyle, my other half brother, still lives there with her. Why is he still living in his mother’s house as an adult? He’s not an heir or anything…and last I heard he wasn’t married or even engaged to anyone.
  18. 18. Maybe dad just misses having a son around, I don’t know. And asmuch as he is aware of how much it bothers me, I doubt he’ll stop seeing her or his kids with her any time soon.
  19. 19. Maybe I’m just jealous that Kyle has his own very successful pottery store, called Angelic Pottery, and I have yet to secure a land deal from the city for a business of my own. Last I read, his pottery store was a Rank 10 and pulling down a pretty tidy profit margin. I went in there one day, it is a pretty nicestore and he has a lot of beautiful work in there, pricey just as great art should be. I plan to buy stock in his company if and when he takes it public. ****** To be continued…