Fabulares Animalia: Chapter 2


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Chapter 2 explores the genetic experiments of Starr.

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Fabulares Animalia: Chapter 2

  1. 1. A Round Robin Legacy FABULARES ANIMALIA
  2. 2. Welcome back. This chapter is dedicated to Starr and how she sees the result of the genetic experiment in the six kids she wants. Also I have to move in about two weeks to a new place and I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get the internet hooked up again at the new place so I wanted to get some chapters done for my stories and challenges.
  3. 3. Mission Log 2: A successful attempt at breeding was established within a reasonably quick amount of time. I am looking forward to documenting the experience as I develop. My report will include all my feelings, cravings and physiological changes as my pregnancy develops. Chester is thrilled as I would expect him to be.
  4. 4. He wishes to pamper me throughout, I am not sure if this is normal male behaviour or simply the result of bolts, I must make a note about which one is true. However, I do not mind his attention, it feels good to be waited on hand and foot.
  5. 5. Chester: Don’t you worry Starr, I will keep working hard to make sure our house is a great place to be for the kids once they come. Starr: Ah, yes a domicile upgrade; very important to have. Chester: I love it when you talk like that. Starr: I am sure you do.
  6. 6. I was not prepared for the pain that would accompany a birth, I was never present when our abductees were due. It is a pain unlike any I have ever experienced before and I was fortunate enough to have Chester home to document the occasion for my log. And he said he wanted to “remember the moment” or some such human sentimentality.
  7. 7. I soon found out that the pain was worth it when I held my daughter for the first time. She bore a resemblance to me in everything except my eyes, those were the eyes of her father looking up at me. I was overcome with a warm feeling of happiness as she looked at me. I decided to name the offspring after constellations with interesting human mythos attached to them. My first born shall be called Andromeda.
  8. 8. The baby stage was short as I noted and soon it was time for Andromeda to attain more mobility and freedom before education can officially begin. Chester expressed a desire to teach her all of the skills he thought she would need as she grew older. I had no such desires, at first. I was more interested in continuing the genetic experiments. I was soon carrying the next child, I could tell.
  9. 9. I noted that she took more after her father in facial structure but after me in colouring aside from the eyes. The result was exciting, and I looked forward to the next ones being even more so. Andromeda Reisenden Sagittarius 5/2/9/8/1
  10. 10. While I awaited the next birth, I decided to make a memoire that could be passed down through the generations with each heir adding their own experiences to it. I already had a digital copy saved on this primitive machine but there is something tangible about a physical record. Some human families keep these memoires as heirlooms, and I think that I would like to do the same.
  11. 11. I made time for my mate as well as my research. He had been working a lot to ensure that this domicile would be suitable for the growing family we were building. I was pleased with the result so far and am looking forward to future additions and renovations to this place. My income was helping to build into it as well, I was not aware of how well the human political system paid. I am currently sitting at level 8 in that career.
  12. 12. You would think that the pain would lessen the more times you experience it…but that is not the case. I knew had to do this at least once or twice more before I had the required amount of offspring to study. One could hope that it will get better…
  13. 13. The second result was not as exceptional as I wanted. I seemed to have fallen prey to what the human doctors called FBE or FBD. The First Born Effect/Defect; another daughter who resembled Andromeda in every way. Perhaps there is something amiss with the breeding process, I must make a note to investigate that for future offspring. I have named this daughter Ursa Major.
  14. 14. Upon further review, it was time to transition Andromeda into Stage 3 of her life cycle. Or childhood as the humans call it. I do not remember ever having a childhood myself, perhaps I was not one of the Pollination Technicians who requested that. Either way, a good scientist must observe all stages of life with the utmost dedication. And I plan to do so…
  15. 15. Chester informed me that it was customary to purchase “transition clothing” for a child. I had not been aware of such a custom but I did not argue. I went to the clothing dispensary to purchase some clothing for Andromeda and Ursa Major, as well as any future offspring. Andromeda preferred to play rather than study but I told her that she must use this time to educate herself before she can play.
  16. 16. In between the births I had time to return to work. I had reached level 9 before it became apparent that I would be off again rather soon. Chester had achieved his wish to become a Mad Scientist and now he only worked four hours a day, three days a week. It proved to be quite useful in assisting the butler with the children while he was off.
  17. 17. Ursa Major’s second transition had renewed my hope that she would have a distinct variation in her personality from her sister. Genetic clones aside, she may turn out to be quite different than Andromeda…
  18. 18. I decided to take charge of her education this time. She was quicker to pick up on my teaching and learned how to talk faster than her sister did. I think I may have gotten my wish that she would be different. Ursa Major Reisenden Taurus 7/10/8/3/9
  19. 19. Interaction between the sisters was essential to my educational plans for them. I want them to realize that genetic resemblance is not everything, that despite everything they can get along as siblings should. Andromeda is teaching her sister valuable social lessons, how to interact with others, and how to share. My hope is that she will have helped her sister to be ahead of the crowd once they both go to school together.
  20. 20. This birth felt different from the previous two; I found my energy and nutritional requirements were substantially quicker to decay throughout this pregnancy. I did not know the cause and hoped to have an answer after the birthing process was completed…
  21. 21. I was not pleased that Chester had decided to sit at the computer while I was in the middle of the birth…
  22. 22. I had birthed quadruplets; a rare fertility option in human society. Two boys and two girls. So now I had my answer as to why my motives were dropping faster during this pregnancy. I named them: Bootes, Castoria, Orion, and Polla.
  23. 23. I added to my memoire what it was like to give birth to quadruplets. I was not expecting it and it will make my genetic research more interesting. I intend to find out if there is a special connection between children born together and sharing a womb. I have never heard of such a thing happening with our abductees. Usually we implant only one child, multiple births are not part of our procedure for the pollinations. There is great interest in finding out how multiple births occur if it was not planned from the start.
  24. 24. When it was time we set up an assembly line type of cakes for the transitions of the youngest five. Andromeda patiently watched us as we brought them to the cakes two at a time. She was the oldest and it was part of her education in my opinion, to be there to observe the procedure.
  25. 25. Stage three was complete for Ursa Major. I had taken a moment to document it before getting the next child for the transition to stage two.
  26. 26. This is one of my sons, Orion. He takes after his father in features as well, only with my colouring and hair. Orion Reisenden Virgo 10/2/10/3/3
  27. 27. And these two are my daughter Castoria with my eye shape and facial structure but with her father’s eyes. And my second son Bootes who was the only one to inherit my black eyes and facial structure. Although I believe that is his father’s nose I see on him. Castoria Reisenden Aquarius 5/2/4/8/8 Bootes Reisenden Aries 10/10/3/2/3
  28. 28. And the last to transition to Stage 2 was Polla. Chester’s car pool had arrived by the time it was her turn so he missed it. I made sure to set up the camera to take the pictures of her transition for him. I am not sure if she is another genetic clone of her older sisters Andromeda and Ursa Major, it is hard to determine at this point. Polla Reisenden Pisces 8/6/8/3/10
  29. 29. Skill teaching for the quads will wait as Chester has gone to work and I am exhausted. I set them to the activity table so that they may learn to interact with one another first before teaching them their skills.
  30. 30. We were able to add the second storey to the house and have begun to prepare the rooms for the children. It is not finished yet and we were only able to afford to finish the older girls’ rooms for now. I am glad that the two are still interacting together, it will help them out as they take on the roles of oldest sisters to the younger quads. End Log.