Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 3


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 3

  1. 1. Day 3 begins with everyone sitting at the table with Virgil, suddenly the ladies seem totake notice of the real reason why they’re here, the heir. Today we have hot tubbing asper usual and the first real test of how well the girls can cope with my mean heir; the chess games. Should be fun, let’s see:
  2. 2. Aphrodite: I predict a big win for me. No one out cheats this girl. Virgil: A challenge? I like it. You’re on. Miranda: No one likes a bragger. Aphrodite: Says you, I heard no complaints.
  3. 3. Miranda: We’ll see about that.Virgil: Why Miranda, are you actually competing now?Miranda: What else have I been doing this whole time?Virgil: I’ll take a cat fight; sure would liven up the day. Miranda: I am not fighting her over words.
  4. 4. The three fastest into the tub today were Polly, Miranda and Aphrodite, leaving the other three to their own devices. Perhaps not a good thing…
  5. 5. Polly: So what can we expect if we win this? Virgil: What do you mean? Polly: I mean small house, limited funds, that sort of thing.Virgil: You do know I’m an eighth gen heir right? We’re loaded by this point. Polly: Oh…how interesting.
  6. 6. Aphrodite: Do you have a lot of graves? Virgil: Why? Aphrodite: I just thought being eighth generation and all, Knowledge here remember? Virgil: Uhh, no not really.What else could he say? “Sorry, my ancestors were all wiped out by an evil demon hell-bent on killing his whole family line off?” Surely not on Day 3 that’s for sure…
  7. 7. Virgil: I am getting all pruney so I’m going to get changed and wait by the chess tables downstairs. Aphrodite: Aww, already? Miranda: I am too actually. Polly: Suck-ups…
  8. 8. And so Chess Date 1 is Aphrodite. Aphrodite: HEY!! Virgil: What? I warned you.Aphrodite: Yeah, but I didn’t actually think you were serious!! Virgil: I want to win too.
  9. 9. Aphrodite: No more alright? Let’s be good sports. Virgil: Sure. No problem. Aphrodite: Good.
  10. 10. Virgil: Hey look!! Is that Hex? Aphrodite: What? Where? Virgil: Sucker…
  11. 11. Chess Date 2: MirandaVirgil: You’ve been practicing haven’t you? Miranda: Knowledge. Virgil: Right, that explains it.
  12. 12. Virgil: Look!! A walking plant!! Miranda: Huh? Where? Virgil: Too easy.
  13. 13. Miranda: I must have missed it…Virgil: Aww too bad. Oops, look at the time. Time to change. Miranda: Already?
  14. 14. Chess Date 3: Jezabel Jezabel: There’s no harpy there…what are you talking about? Virgil: They’re tricky; you gotta look real close… Jezabel: Are you sure?Virgil: Hidden City darling; the Greek monsters are everywhere.
  15. 15. Virgil: For reals this time!! Jezabel: I don’t know… Virgil: Trust me.
  16. 16. Jezabel: What do they look—HEY!! Virgil: Told you they were quick. Jezabel: Of all the nerve…Virgil: Take it or leave it honey, this is me.
  17. 17. Chess Date 4: PollyPolly: I warn you; I have a photographic memory, I’ll KNOW if you cheat… Virgil: Really huh? We’ll test that theory right now won’t we?
  18. 18. Polly: Game on. Virgil: Your move.Polly didn’t catch him once, and I forgot to take the third picture…
  19. 19. Chess Date 5: IsabellaIsabella: My Lord, it is well past 5 pm, was there not supposed to be an elimination two hours ago?Virgil: Yes, well Biro and Jezabel kept blocking me from sitting down with you girls so it’ll be a late elimination this time. Isabella: I do so hope it is not I, my Lord, who leave this evening.
  20. 20. Virgil: Look!! It’s a peacock!!Isabella: Where? I have never seen one…I hear they are most majestic looking. Virgil: It’s there, keep looking…
  21. 21. Isabella: My Lord!! For shame; cheating a lady… Virgil: What?Isabella: It is not becoming of a prince to cheat. Virgil: I’m not a prince. I’m an heir.
  22. 22. Chess Date 6: Biro Virgil: We haven’t really talked much have we? Biro: I was around; all you had to do was ask.Virgil: Around in here you mean. You spend a lot of time in here. Biro: I like the room.
  23. 23. Virgil: This is supposed be about me. Biro: I know; I’m sorry. I don’t know what it is honestly.Virgil: Might want to think on it; or you could be leaving next. Biro: I will.
  24. 24. So finally, at 9 pm that day, we have the eliminee. Stats as follows: 1. Aphrodite: 76 Someone’s really stepping up their game. 2. Isabella: 50 Oh so close… 3. Polly: 50 OMG a tie? What is the world coming to? 4. Miranda: 46 She’s moved up a lot. 5. Biro: 18  Barely hanging on…which means… 6. Jezabel: 12  Big fall from the top.
  25. 25. Cupid: What happened?Jezabel: I bombed; that’s what. I just couldn’t take his chess cheating. Cupid: And no one has even entered the friend zone yet? Jezabel: Not that I know of. He’s just so…difficult… Cupid: I know what you mean.
  26. 26. Hokey: Welcome back Jazz. Jezabel: Thanks…what do we do here? Hokey: Well Cupid and Aphrodite told us that we have a choice; either stay playable or be setloose in Townie Land for a chance at a Well Drop or Matchmaker date down the line. Not that there’s much of a line left…but hey spares and secondaries will have kids who’ll need dates right? I think I might take the T0wnie Land option. How about you? Jezabel: I don’t know right now.
  27. 27. Jezabel: So we’re staying here until the end? Cupid: That’s right. It won’t be too long, don’t worry.Jezabel: I’m not, I’m just wondering about what there is to do, I doubt you have a TV or computer here. Cupid: No, we don’t but we got lots of books. Jezabel: Bette than nothing I suppose.
  28. 28. Aphrodite: It’ll be fun, we can hang out, play games, do girly stuff; it’s going to be like a slumber party!! Jezabel: Sounds great Aphrodite. Aphrodite: I’m glad!!
  29. 29. So ends Day 3. With five girls left, will anyone breach the “Friend Zone” with Virgil once Day 4’s romantic interactions begin? Will there be slap-fests and cat fights galore? Who knows? You’ll have to see once I get it going. Until then!!