Butterfly Free OWBC: Chapter 2


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The kids grow up and head to college.

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Butterfly Free OWBC: Chapter 2

  1. 1. I’ve tried and I tried, I searched way deep inside but I can’t seem to write anything without plot. Also I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the kids growing up so it jumps a bit. I would like to start running the heir poll after this since it’s about time the kids head off to college.
  2. 2. Julian: It seems to be our birthday sister twin, how time flies. Jubilee: It does indeed brother twin, now we can look forward to adventure of college! Julian Butterfly FA/K Virgo 10/0/8/0/10 LTW: Have 6 Grandkids Jubilee Butterfly FA/PO Aries 9/8/4/7/6 LTW: Be Captain Hero
  3. 3. And as for the youngest of the Butterfly kids, Swallowtail is chained to the table. And I forget she’s there until the birthday pop up appears. Swallowtail: It’s okay, more time to—zzzz. Right. *pokes*. Up!
  4. 4. Swallowtail: I’m up, I’m up…geeze. Good, now go change. Swallowtail: Then I can go back to sleep? Sure…whatever.
  5. 5. Julian: So little sibs, the most important thing is skilling. You have to be smart and cool like me and sister twin. Got that? Hello? Swallowtail: How many times do they smash up the town with that giant robot? Blue: Too many times, at least once or twice a show. Kinda boring actually.
  6. 6. Julian: Young people these days, no respect for their elders. You’re hardly an elder…you’re what? Fourteen? Julian: I am older in wisdom. Right…
  7. 7. Not again…damn you Tricou boy. I am NOT aging you up again. Jubilee: But what if I’m heir? Are you going to deny me my one true love? There are plenty of fish in the sea, whose faces don’t explode upon entering college. Jubilee: But I LOVE him!! You don’t understand me!! No one does!!
  8. 8. Jubilee: And the Voice won’t age him up with us brother twin!! How cruel is that? Julian: Perhaps she’s right sister twin, you may find someone you love better in college. Jubilee: Are you siding with the Voice?
  9. 9. Julian: I am siding with what is most logical sister twin. Shop around, there may be a better guy out there waiting for you. Jubilee: And you’re alright with never seeing your girlfriend again either? Julian: She had to go back to Three Lakes. I respect that.
  10. 10. Swallowtail: I’m going to sail the seven seas when I grow up!! Blue: Not if I sail them first!! Swallowtail: You’re cursed remember? You’d probably sink. Blue: What? You don’t know that for sure I hope…
  11. 11. Blue: I will not sink…right? I’m sure she was just messing with you Blue honey. Blue: But what if she’s right? I am cursed… Only if you believe you are. Belief is a powerful thing kid…
  12. 12. Blue: I changed my mind, I’ll just make a game about sailing the seven seas instead. That should prevent me from sinking right? Hawaiian Blue Butterfly PL/R Sagittarius 5/4/9/10/7 LTW: Be Game Designer
  13. 13. Julian: See anything sister twin? Jubilee: No, you see anything brother twin? Julian: No, I sure would like to though sister twin. Jubilee: You’re weird brother twin.
  14. 14. Monarch: *sigh* My little caterpillars are growing up so fast. I think I’ll make them each a couple of presents. Ooh, snapdragons. Good idea. Monarch: I thought so, butterflies love flowers don’t they?
  15. 15. Blue: Maybe she can break my curse…*sigh* Love can conquer all right? I had this conversation with your sister… Blue: True love… He’s ignoring me… >_<
  16. 16. Random Townie: Ooh what a hot little elf boy…*swoon* Blue: Elf? I thought I was a butterfly. Trust me, elf is better. Blue: Is it?
  17. 17. The flamingo army, it grows under the charge of Sir Gnomenstein the Third. Then I realized I can’t count and had to add Swallowtail’s flamingoes. He was later kidnapped three different times by Sophie Miguel, Ricky Cormier, and Alvin Futa. Blue ventured back into the barren wasteland of Townie Land where he swore to never return to and rescued Sir Gnomenstein the Third…how long will the flamingoes have their general for after he leaves? No one knows for sure…
  18. 18. Swallowtail: *slouch* Man, I didn’t want to get up Burning Chef was on. It’s time for the last one to teen, then college!! Woo…*waves finger* Swallowtail: *slouch* This is tiring…
  19. 19. Swallowtail: Is everyone watching? Lemme check…
  20. 20. Yeah…they sure are. Ron: Face time!! Finally!! Ricky: I know right? We Townies live for this kinda thing. Blue: Fascinating, this Rubik’s Sphere is remarkable.
  21. 21. Swallowtail: I’m so glad my family cares about me. Swallowtail Butterfly K/FO Capricorn 9/0/1/8/8 LTW: Max 7 Skills
  22. 22. Jubilee: Yeah, hello college? I’m rich and ready for higher learning. One cab please. And the first little butterfly flies the nest…*sniff* Jubilee: Also make it quick, Voice is crying and I suspect it will rain soon.
  23. 23. Julian: Wait sister twin!! If I don’t go too we won’t be twins anymore!! Monarch: Aww, my first little caterpillar is leaving. Be sure to make that cocoon extra tight! Julian: Uhh, right mom. Sure thing…
  24. 24. Blue: Yeah my idiot siblings can’t take care of themselves out there alone so send another cab please. You’re such a good little brother Blue… Blue: If I’m not the heir will I still have to hear you? Do you want to? Blue: Not sure.
  25. 25. Swallowtail: You have guaranteed nap times in your schedules right? I don’t think so… Swallowtail: That’s ridiculous!! I need my nap times! *sigh* >_<
  26. 26. Ron: Love you honey, make sure your siblings all graduate to make daddy forever happy okay? Monarch: Be careful baby-pillar. Mommy loves you. Swallowtail: Moomm…I’m not a kid anymore.
  27. 27. Monarch: You know what this means right? Ron: More babies? I have this want that just won’t go away… HAHAHA!! No. Monarch: Voice says no. You want a baby, go get probed.
  28. 28. Monarch: We’re officially Empty Nesters! Ron: OH…oh, wait that sounds depressing. Can’t we call Swallowtail back? I only need three of them to graduate, she can stay here right? Monarch: She won’t be happy with that, she’s Knowledge remember? Ron: Oh yeah…
  29. 29. Jubilee: Ah, college this is the life. Heir Poll time! Will it be Jubilee? Jubilee FA/PO Aries LTW: Be Captain Hero
  30. 30. Julian: Indeed sister twin, freedom here we come. Or Julian? Julian FA/K Virgo LTW: Have 6 Grandkids
  31. 31. Blue: ARR!! Let’s see Swallowtail sail the seven seas now. The SS Tubb is out to sea. Or Hawaiian Blue? Hawaiian Blue PL/R Sagittarius LTW: Be Game Designer
  32. 32. Swallowtail: He thinks he can best me does he? Blue there’s a whale off your port bow, it’s the cursed white whale of Ahab!! Blue: AHH!! Where? Where? The curse is real!! Swallowtail K/FO Capricorn LTW: Max 7 Skills
  33. 33. So there you have it, the first heir poll is officially on. Vote and choose who will head the second generation of Butterflies. See you on Boolprop. Vote well, and vote wise. Genetically all the kids are the same so no fair choosing the prettiest one. Julian is the only one without the elf ears so I guess that’s not ENTIRELY true…